Sickening and Still Senile: Biden Attacks In Pennsylvania

Sickening and Still Senile: Biden Attacks In Pennsylvania

Sickening and Still Senile: Biden Attacks In Pennsylvania

Joe Biden took to a little road trip to Wilkes-Barre to discuss the “sickening” new attacks on the FBI. Joe Biden also condemned the “threatening” of the lives of law enforcement agents who raided Mar-a-Lago.

You see, it’s all the “Trump Republicans'” fault that we can’t have nice things in this country. I mean, Biden got flat-out aggressive in pointing his finger yesterday. Here’s what he had to say:

It’s sickening to see the new attacks on the FBI, threatening the lives of law enforcement agents and their families for simply carrying out the law and doing their job.

Look, I want to say this clear as I can: There’s no place in this country, no place, for endangering the lives of law enforcement. No place. None, never, period. I’m opposed to defunding the police. I’m also opposed to defunding the FBI.”-Joe Biden

Really?! Yeppers. Our dumbass president went there.

Sickening. Honestly, we don’t know who let crazy Joe out of his room but he was out, in full-force yesterday.

Let me say this to my MAGA Republican friends in Congress: Don’t tell me you support law enforcement if you won’t condemn what happened on (January 6). Don’t tell me. Can’t do it. For God’s sake, whose side are you on? You can’t be pro-law enforcement and pro-insurrection. You can’t be a party of law and order and call the people who attacked the police on January 6 patriots. You can’t do it.”-Joe Biden

So sickening. Joe, here’s a newsflash: you don’t have any MAGA Republican friends in Congress. They all think you are a senile nincompoop. And, the word nincompoop is me being very generous here.

I know statists are going to be statists. Ol’ creepy Joe is reading from a script that has been written and designed for him to deflect any wrongdoing away from his party of fascists. It just so happens that this decrepit old fool believes the lies coming out of his mouth. Attacking the FBI is sickening. Attacking law enforcement is sickening. What else is sickening here?

Thought you’d never ask, Joe.

Since we’re on the subject of law enforcement, let’s start with Democrats calling for defunding the police in 2020. Burning police cars, hurling insults, spit and other bodily fluids at law enforcement officers? Threatening violence against the police, damaging property and looting businesses? Turning urban centers of activity and culture into what look to be war-torn countries? What did you do about this, Mr. President? You sat in your damn basement.

There’s a word for that. Yep, I think sickening is a good one.

Here’s another one:withdrawing from a war-torn country and treating the sacrifices of our military forces over the course of 20 years as if they did not matter at all. Leaving a war-torn country back at the mercy of the Taliban. Leaving Americans for dead in said country.

I’d say that’s beyond sickening.

Canceling Operation Legend-an initiative started by the Trump Justice department to catch criminals-amidst breaking homicide records in 12 U.S. Cities. Making our cities, in general, more dangerous and less livable. Homeless encampments, drugs and crime have Americans in larger cities on edge and fearful for their safety and the safety of their loved ones.

Kids stepping on heroin needles? Dirt, firth? Watching people who need help roam the streets freely because Democrat mayors of these cities wanted to either defund law enforcement completely or tie their hands to prevent officers from actually doing something about this problem?

What’s a good, descriptive word here? Oh, I know. It’s sickening.

Pushing vaccine mandates during COVID. Driving Americans out of the labor force and forcing them to be unable to pay their pay their bills and simply live. Draconian lockdowns that left elderly citizens alone and isolated in their golden years and in fear. A virus that has divided and polarized Americans and, in some cases, torn apart the closest of families.

Post-COVID sickening.

Keeping school-aged kids on lockdowns. A generation of kids who are academically inferior. A generation of kids who are too afraid to rip off their masks but not afraid to cut off biological body parts with schools and the government playing a large part in this fear and utter confusion. And, when parents want to question the motivations of public school districts in public forums at school board meetings, your administration, Joe, added insult upon injury by sending in the freaking FBI.

So sickening, I could vomit right now.

A border crisis you’ve tasked your Vice President to handle (she did nothing, by the way) that involved seizures of deadly fentanyl more than doubled in 2021, largely responsible for a surge in overdose deaths-including the deaths of innocent children.

Hold up…I’m looking for a word, here. BAM! I got it. Sickening.

The fact that “American Rescue” did quite the opposite to the American Dream and to American Families.

Yes, there’s that, too. The sickening is thick.

Gas Prices. Sniffing little girls’ hair with reckless abandon. The fact that individuals in our society, Democrats and liberals alike, approved of by Joe and Jill, are now grooming children. Increased mental illness across the board. There’s Hunter and all of his dysfunction and his shady dealings with his pops prior to the presidency. Enough said there. There’s Jill in her dizzying dress patterns, parading Joe’s dementia on display for the world to see in a shameless show of elder abuse. There’s inflation, a weak economy, weak educational systems, a weakening infrastructure, weak ideas and a bunch of hyper-offended weaklings who make up Biden’s voter base who legitimately think that things have actually ended up better since “Orange Man” is no longer in office.

It’s all pretty…what’s the word I’m searching for?

Sickening, isn’t it?

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  • Cameron says:

    For God’s sake, whose side are you on?

    1. My country.
    2. The Constitution.
    3. The individuals who stubbornly refuse to give up their rights.

  • Lloyd says:

    To Cameron, Biden answers….”None of the above!”

  • NTSOG says:

    I must ask where I can purchase one of the super powerful AR-15 rifles described recently by dopey Joe thus: “Do you realize the bullet out of an AR-15 travels 5 times as rapidly as a bullet shot out of any other gun.”

    The fastest calibre of which I know shoots at 4,560 fps. Multiply that by 5 means the muzzle velocity of the bullet would be 22,800 fps or 4.3 miles per second! Imagine what it would do to a rabbit at 100 yards! Mind you it would wake the neighbours with a sonic boom of which Chuck Yeager would have been proud.

    Dopey Joe should should not be allowed out without his teddy bear and his nurse.

  • Lloyd says:

    Sadly, many who heard that bold-faced lie…will believe it !!

    • Cameron says:

      Or they don’t care because gun control advocates won’t stop until private ownership of firearms is abolished. And if that bullshit statement helps their cause, they are on board with it.

  • […] Unity his-creepy-self had his go-go meds upped enough to sneer loudly that Republicans are sickening for daring to question the FBI […]

  • Mike-SMO says:

    “Doing their job”. Like, “Ve vas onlee followink orders”. As I recall, that gets you single accommodation in a concrete box with all the English and Russian chow that you can handle.

  • Boobah says:

    Setting aside the idea that we had some idea of what ‘victory’ in Afghanistan even looked like, much less a practical plan to get there, what really offends is the idea that the solution to having spent lives uselessly is to throw yet more lives onto the pyre.

    The retreat from Afghanistan was almost fractally botched, but that doesn’t mean leaving was a mistake. We’d achieved our ostensible war aims a decade ago.

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