Senator Goes Nuclear on DiFi over Kavanaugh

Senator Goes Nuclear on DiFi over Kavanaugh

Senator Goes Nuclear on DiFi over Kavanaugh

Senator Dianne Feinstein is in possession of a letter that purportedly accuses SCOTUS nominee Brett Kavanaugh of maybe doing something to some girl when he was in high school. Nina wrote about that mess and you can read it here. The swirling cauldron of ugly emotions is leading the Democrats down a dangerous path. Into the fray steps an unlikely hero: one Orrin Hatch.

I have long been a fan of Hatch’s ability to put a shirt and tie together. Other than that, he has been too much of a squish for me.

As late as August 2, Orrin Hatch was still being courtly in his treatment of the Democrats. This is short:

Today, the old amateur boxer dropped a nuclear bomb on his colleague, Feinstein. The bomb was in the form of a letter defending Brett Kavanaugh. It seems Senator Hatch has finally had enough of his friends on the left. If our “journalists” can stop covering Florence long enough, they might be able to hear the collateral explosions on the left.

Our friends at “” have the whole letter, which you can read here. I would just like to point out a few key moments from the letter:

Judge Kavanaugh has had his words distorted and manipulated. He has been accused of having gambling problems, having financial problems, being hostile towards groups that he has actively fought for, and having bad taste in food. And he has answered questions fully and professionally, in a confirmation timeframe well within the norm for Supreme Court nominations.

The dude likes basketball and ketchup on his spaghetti. Well, all right, that is weird; the ketchup on the spaghetti, that is. The way Kavanaugh was treated in his hearings was un-American. I would have gone Hulk on those guys. Actually, Marta wrote about that. You can read that here.

More from Senator Hatch:

I do not intend to allow Judge Kavanaugh’s confirmation to be stalled because of an 11th hour accusation that Democrats did not see fit to raise for over a month. The Senator in the best position to determine the credibility of these accusations made the conscious decision not to take action on them, and the authorities to whom the accusations have been referred have decided not to take action either. Judge Kavanaugh has denied these accusations categorically, the only other potential witness has no recollection of the alleged event, and now 65 women who knew Brett in high school have come forward as witnesses of his strong character.

Yes, about that letter from the 65 women who knew him in high school: Virginia Hume of “The Weekly Standard” wrote an explanation of the letter and how it came about. Too many Dems saw “black helicopters” in this. From Miss Hume’s article:

On Friday, a group of women who knew Brett in high school sent a letter in support of him to Senators Grassley and Feinstein. I am one of those 65 women. Having seen some of the reaction to the letter, I’d like to clear up a few things:

The letter was conceived and drafted by friends of Brett’s, and it was drafted after allegations came out on Thursday. I learned about the letter from a friend and fellow signatory. Others learned about it the same way. Those surprised at the speed with which it came together should see it as yet another testament to Brett’s excellent reputation.

To those who responded to my tweet saying “I knew Brett in high school” by asking if I had gender reassignment surgery: I went to an all-girls school in Bethesda. He went to an all-boys school in Bethesda. We were permitted upon occasion to speak to people of the opposite sex.

To those hearing the thwap thwap thwap of black helicopters because my father is a journalist or because I worked in politics: In a group of 65 graduates of D.C. area schools, it would be odd not to find someone related to or working as a journalist or politician. It is entirely unremarkable. This is a company town. (That said, it might explain why people happened to see my tweets on the subject).

Back to good old Senator Hatch:

Every accuser deserves to be heard. But a process of verification is also necessary. In this case, the accusations were made in a private letter, which has been misrepresented in a number of media stories, from an accuser who has declined to go public and has asked for privacy. The letter sent to investigators has had her name redacted, meaning no further investigation could take place. The claims are wholly unverifiable, and come at the tail-end of a process that was already marred by ugly innuendo, dishonesty, and the nastiest form of our politics. The American people deserve much better from the Senate as an institution.”

The “accuser deserves to be heard” is odd. The letter that Senator Feinstein received has been around since July. Judge Kavanaugh deserved to be heard at his confirmation hearings. Instead, those hearings were one big, ugly, temper tantrum. “Ugly” is mild.

It’s a pity that it took the Democrats this long to wake up Orrin Hatch. They have been showing their backsides for far too long. Hatch could go nuclear on them every day and that would make me smile.

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Orrin Hatch photo: Reuters/Joshua Roberts

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  • deimos says:

    Let me guess, the event in question happened in the high school parking lot at the big Enchantment Under the Sea dance and the FBI is searching for a 1982 DeLorean and some missing plutonium.

  • Gretz says:

    Amazing how much breathless speculation and glee concerning this unverifiable and “Al Capone’s Vault” grade built up letter that the press has engaged in, and yet, finds nothing newsworthy, at all, in the verifiable fact that DiFi had a Chinese intelligence agent as her driver for 20 years.

    Tells you everything you need to know about Dems, (politicians and voters) and the press.

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  • ScienceABC123 says:

    Let’s see… An unnamed accuser who doesn’t want to be interviewed by the authorities, wants everyone to believe her without any offer of evidence to support her accusation against Brett Kavanaugh. Yeah, I’m calling this story for what it is – excrement of a male bovine.

  • MDL says:

    Similar to Harry Reid’s baloney during the 2012 campaign about Mitt Romney not paying taxes. No proof only talk.

  • Stephen Ippolito says:

    Excellent piece, VG’s.

    Like a lot of lawyers I was influenced at a young age towards that vocation by the towering character of Atticus Finch in Harper Lee’s masterpiece, To Kill A Mockingbird.

    Atticus is, for all thinking people, an exemplary model of probity, good sense and integrity.

    After 30 years of practice standing up before magistrates and judges on behalf of some pretty unprepossessing characters, (whom I nevertheless believed to be innocent), I can attest that Atticus nailed it when he described our ultimate protection from the mob, the presumption of innocence, as being for him, no mere theory “but a living working reality”.

    Everybody must be allowed to confront an accuser and put them to proof. Finger-pointing from behind the coward’s castle of anonymity is simply contemptible and doesn’t cut it for me. Nor should it for anyone else who values their good name, reputation and liberty.

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