Senator Diane Feinstein’s “Bad Cold” Excuse Regarding Fusion GPS Transcript Release [VIDEO]

Senator Diane Feinstein’s “Bad Cold” Excuse Regarding Fusion GPS Transcript Release [VIDEO]

Senator Diane Feinstein’s “Bad Cold” Excuse Regarding Fusion GPS Transcript Release [VIDEO]

Senator Diane Feinstein (D-CA) turned everything upside down yesterday when she arbitrarily released the transcript of Fusion GPS founder Glenn Simpson’s closed door testimony. The revelations from that testimony basically make everyone but President Trump look bad. What’s even worse is that Diane Feinstein is now offering multiple excuses as to why she pulled such an idiotic move. 

Ummmmm….OK? First of all, the transcript release, as I noted earlier today, didn’t do Glen Simpson NOR Diane Feinstein any favors. Secondly, what was it supposed to accomplish other than spiking the ball and basically completely shafting a much needed investigation into Simpson, Fusion GPS, Hillary Clinton, and the DNC?

Here’s the thing. The transcript truly showcases that Glenn Simpson is a putz and he is slimy. Not only that…but his attorney’s statement regarding the fact that someone or possibly several have been killed because of the dossier is something that should be treated very seriously.

However, that bit of information either wasn’t heard by Feinstein, she ignored it, or something else and threw the testimony transcript to the public. And now she is furiously backpedalling. The excuse that Feinstein offered wasn’t the first excuse regarding her release. It was essentially the THIRD or maybe the FOURTH excuse.

Take One:

Take Two:

Take Three:

In between Take Two and Take Three was the fact that her office released a statement that said Feinstein WASN’T pressured to release the transcript. So …that was a Take Two and a Half?

Here’s the thing. The second statement is disturbing on a variety of levels.

Well, ok. Let’s examine her mental state, but in fact, let’s keep in mind what Fusion GPS is all about. They are a strong arm firm. Not a measly oppo research firm. They use information as a weapon. So for Senator Diane Feinstein to throw a major investigation into the ditch and then say she was pressured but all of a sudden turn that pressure into a bad head cold?

The thing is, she shouldn’t have done what she did. The investigation is on-going. Yes, President Trump called the move ‘sneaky.’ However, was it or was it just wrong? Will it cause problems for the investigation?

Not only that, but Feinstein’s transcript release uncovers this regarding Bruce and Nellie Ohr.

Simpson acknowledged in a Nov. 14 interview with the House Intelligence Committee that he had met with Bruce Ohr. Ohr was demoted from his DOJ position weeks later. Fox News reported that DOJ officials were not aware of his contacts with Steele and Simpson.

Lots to ponder here. But the biggest thing to go back to and consider is Feinstein’s statement about being  pressured.

Given what Fusion GPS does and is still continuing to do, the fact that Senator Diane Feinstein says she was pressured is cause for concern. Pressured by whom? Pressured because of what? Something about the Fusion GPS testimony and it’s public release smells and the stench is getting worse by the minute.

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  • GWB says:

    maybe that slowed down my mental facilities a little bit
    I’m not sure how much slower than “glacial” you can get without it being a complete stop.

  • parker says:

    Ah, poor demented DF, Bad cold, presure from unknown soures, or just plain hatred of a republic, who cares? No matter which you choose, she is evil and againsr live liberry and a republice if you can keep it. No mercy from me the pain howver you die. Cry me a river to water my garden.

  • harleycowboy says:

    That’s the longest lasting cold I’ve ever seen. How long’s it been going on now? 40 years?

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