Senate Reacts To Kavanaugh Allegation [VIDEO]

Senate Reacts To Kavanaugh Allegation [VIDEO]

Senate Reacts To Kavanaugh Allegation [VIDEO]

The honest truth is that whatever is said by pundits, or lawyers, or whomever else, really has no bearing on what happens next to Judge Brett Kavanaugh. The only people who matter are those one hundred who currently hold the title of “Senator.” And those in the Senate are having both partisan and measured reactions to the interview published by the Washington Post yesterday.

Despite their grandstanding and faked concern, the majority of Democrats were never going to vote for Kavanaugh in the first place. Therefore, their protestations and comments are meaningless. The only Democrats who actually matter in this case are the few who were actually willing to consider Kavanaugh in the first place. This small number includes Joe Manchin of West Virginia, Heidi Heitkamp of North Dakota, and Jon Tester of Montana. All three are from states who voted for Trump, and they know that they have constituents to placate. So far, none of them has made an official statement on their official Twitter feeds, their campaign Twitter feeds, or their websites. Clearly, all three are in a bind. Democrats in the Senate, even marching in lockstep, do not have the numbers to block Kavanaugh’s confirmation. But this 11th hour smearing of Judge Kavanaugh is perfect red meat fodder to drive GOP turnout for the midterm elections. And if that happens, all three senators may find themselves in a lot of trouble in their red states.

Two Republicans in particular are being singled out by the rabid Twitter left’s ringleader of the “Stop Kavanaugh” movement, Alyssa Milano.

Now, neither Susan Collins or Lisa Murkowski is up for reelection this year (Collins will be facing reelection in 2020, Murkowski in 2022), but they are being singled out because of their insistence that Al Franken should resign from the Senate.

Senator Collins, during an interview yesterday evening, did say that she will be talking to her Senate colleagues, but that she doesn’t “know enough to make a judgment at this point.”

CNN asked her about the accusations on Sunday while Collins was at the airport.

“Well, I obviously was very surprised and it’s an issue that I brought up with him last Friday and he denied as he did in his written statement,” she said, adding that is all she really had to say at this point.

She was then asked if the committee should vote this week on Kavanaugh given the turn of events.

“I’m going to be talking with my colleagues, but I really don’t have anything to add at this point, as I said. I did ask — I did read the letter last week and — and asked the judge in a telephone conversation on Friday about it, and he was very emphatic in his denial.”

Finally, when asked if she believes the accuser, she said, “I don’t know enough to make a judgment at this point.”

That seems to be the default position of most Republicans at this point – there just isn’t enough hard proof to make a judgement, but they would be willing to hear out Christine Blasey Ford’s allegation.

And for what it’s worth, Ford is going to be heard, if not seen, by the Senate Judiciary Committee.

But that’s not what Democrats want. They want the full Anita Hill experience, circa 2018.

But at this point, the vote is scheduled to go forward within the Senate Judiciary Committee on Thursday.

What should the Senate do if this is it? If Ford has given all the evidence she has, and no one else emerges to back her claim, does the Senate move forward?

Yes, it should, and put us all out of our misery.

I truly believe that most sane Americans are as sick of this spectacle as I am. After Ford’s claim is weighed for its actual evidence and pattern of behavior, and if nothing more comes up, what more is left to do? If the Senate sticks to a party-line vote, Kavanaugh will be confirmed, notwithstanding any Democrats having another “Spartacus” moment. Just let it all end. Please. We’re all so very, very tired of it all.

Featured image: United States Capitol Building (via Pixabay)

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  • GWB says:

    abuse of power
    Hah! They were teenagers.

    And Franken is on camera doing the stuff he was accused of, multiple times. This is a claim without any evidence from 35 years ago.

    I still say we need to nominate hardline Constitutional originalists that are young enough not to have any long-buried skeletons in their closets.
    Kaitlin Bennett to replace RBG!

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