Secretary of State Watch: Donald Trump and Mitt Romney Go on Second Date

Secretary of State Watch: Donald Trump and Mitt Romney Go on Second Date

Secretary of State Watch: Donald Trump and Mitt Romney Go on Second Date
Photo Credit: Wall Street Journal
Trump and Romney: Faux Bro-Mance? (Photo Credit: Wall Street Journal)

While scam-artist failed Green Party presidential candidate Jill Stein is busy missing recount deadlines and filing meaningless lawsuits in “blue” states where she likely cost Hillary Clinton the election, President Elect Donald Trump and former Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney are going on a second date today. The subject du jour: who will fill the Secretary of State seat for the incoming Trump Administration?

And here’s a fine suggestion for the improbable couple:

What’s a little rat poison detection between frenemies?

Meanwhile, the Trump Transition Team is reportedly heavily split on whom they support for Secretary of State, with the majority of Trump loyalists vehemently opposing Mitt Romney, citing his vicious personal attacks on Trump amid the primaries earlier this year.

So why the public criticism of a potential Trump pick for State? Well, it’s theorized that no one does anything without Trump’s approval, or at the very least his knowledge, so this second date could very well turn into a Dear John Letter for Governor Romney.

What Ben said.

Perhaps. Or maybe Romney really is a serious contender.

So we’re on SecState Watch. And at least two of the potentials have substantial baggage: Romney with his public tongue-lashing of Trump earlier this year, and rumored candidate General David Petraeus’ own guilty plea for doing a fraction of what the last Secretary of State did and remains unpunished for, which could make for a difficult Senate confirmation as a consequence. With a frothing media, and an electorate, scouring everything this President-Elect does with the proverbial fine-toothed comb, it’ll be a tough go for Petraeus, even though he’s likely the most-qualified for the position. And if Trump’s loyalists have their way, Romney is toast, he just doesn’t know it yet:

So who then, will fill the most prestigious as-yet-unfilled slot in the Trump administration? Will it be one of those already mentioned for the post, or will a dark horse emerge and surprise us all? If we know anything about President Elect Trump, it’s that he’s highly unpredictable and thinks outside the box, which could potentially give us a SecState that no one’s even thought of yet. My only prediction: It won’t be Governor Romney.

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  • Joe Miller says:

    I think failed candidates should just shut up. Although I didn’t support Trump, I lost respect for Romney when he went off on Trump. Why can’t politicians–any politicians–exercise some control over their comments? You don’t need to comment on every damned thing! Sheesh.

    • Jodi says:

      Agreed, Joe. I don’t see how he can be trusted. Backing a different horse and criticizing Trump’s resume is one thing; but publicly trashing him personally is another. I like Romney; but that would be a deal-breaker for me. Petraeus would be my pick, but he’s got that darned classified info issue hanging around his neck.

  • Bud says:

    I agree, I think if Trump truly wants to drain the swamp he absolutely cannot allow Romney the highest position on his team, would guarantee defeat of his campaign promises. Trump definitely would be letting the rhinos right back in if he has any dealings with Romney. It may take civil war as the demo machine is not going to stop, is actually an extension of the republican party minus a small handful of conservative constitutionalists, McConnell you know did not know he was being overheard, especially recorded too, when he said Trump doesn’t know it but he may get a 20% victory on some of his promises, if he gets inaugurated. And is it true McConnells wife was selected Transportation Secretary yesterday or today, or did I read that wrong. I am pretty much focusing on myself now, and turning the tv and internet pretty much off for awhile.

  • OC says:

    Not just no to Romney, but HELL NO!!!

    Same for that treasonous adulterer David Betrayus!!!!

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