Sean Hannity Loses Cool with Ted Cruz: I’m Sick of the Question-Dodging! [AUDIO]

Sean Hannity Loses Cool with Ted Cruz: I’m Sick of the Question-Dodging! [AUDIO]

Sean Hannity Loses Cool with Ted Cruz: I’m Sick of the Question-Dodging! [AUDIO]

Anyone who’s watched Hannity on Fox News for more than a millisecond knows that his nightly show has become little more than an hour-long Trumpfomerical night after night after night. Now detractors will shout, “But he has Cruz and Kasich on, too!” Yes, that’s true, but even though Hannity insists otherwise, for regular viewers like myself it seems a fraction of the face-time he’s given Trump and, more specifically, his surrogates. Network-wide, Fox itself has allotted free airtime to Trump far exceeding any of the other candidates. From the past four weeks:

Photo Credit: Right Scoop
Photo Credit: Right Scoop

Yea, that looks fair and balanced.

But back to Sean Hannity. If we’re to be intellectually honest, the truth is that Mr. Hannity is so far in the tank for Mr. Trump that he can no longer see the scummy rim. Everyone knows it. Except, perhaps, for Mr. Hannity, who’s conservative creds have made him one of the most well-known voices in the Right-o-Sphere. So yesterday afternoon, Mr. Hannity, in between boot-licks with his Chosen One, interviewed Ted Cruz on his radio show. And, let’s just say, the knives came out. No, not the FX foam ones he’s armed with when interviewing Donald Trump, but the sharp, pointy ones he uses for everyone else. Take a listen:

And not to be outdone by the King of Twitter, Mr. Hannity embarked on his own Twitter-tirade following the interview, parroting the erroneous Trump “stolen delegates” narrative:

He’s following the rules as set by each state’s GOP, Mr. Hannity. It’s called understanding the process, and taking full advantage of it.

So why, according to Hannity, is the electorate obsessing about how presidential nominees are chosen, and concluding that the process is “rigged?” Well, it might have something to do with a 24/7 demagogue-ing bitchfest by his favorite opportunistic candidate from New York, with his complicity:

No pushback. No, Mr. Trump, why didn’t you surround yourself with experienced, competent people who understand the process and prep for the primary battle…like Ted Cruz has? The very questions he should be asking, so that his viewers, just as he asserted on Twitter, can see clearly that Mr. Trump has failed to implement even the most rudimentary of tasks necessary for earning the highest office in the land. Heck, Anderson Cooper over at CNN gives a tougher interview.

The issue is not with Sean Hannity pushing back against Ted Cruz. That’s his job as interviewer, to get the candidate to answer the tough questions, even if said candidate deems them unfair. We want our candidates vetted. So, in that same vein, a similar argument could be made for Trump dodging difficult questions, Mr. Hannity. That is, if you ever asked him any. While Cruz is willing to answer tough questions and accepts your invitations for interviews, Trump typically swings only at your minor-league softballs with repeats of empty “Make America Great Again” platitudes. Here’s a typical Sean Hannity interview with Trump, just for comparison:

So there you have it. Not exactly a slug-fest. Sean Hannity, hand-in-hand with the guy who’s victim-game is nothing more than an obvious ploy to gain sympathy and votes from an electorate as ignorant about how the electoral college works as Trump would like us to think he is, has jumped onto the Blame Cruz bandwagon. And here I thought conservatives stood for personal responsibility, and working hard to earn the end reward, not projecting our shortcomings and incompetence onto our opponents like the current White House occupant has so artfully mastered.

If Mr. Hannity, in the past several weeks, has given Mr. Trump a tough interview, I haven’t seen it. Why? Because I no longer can stomach his show. He’s become the very thing he’s spent the last seven-plus years criticizing: A cheerleader, and bar bouncer, for his chosen candidate. So from this point on, the conservative creds of Mr. Hannity are forever in question. Rather than lending support to the candidate who most closely matches his professed worldview, who polls far better with the women and youth vote than either of the two front-runners, he’s chosen to hitch his wagon to a guy who, for decades, supported the very politicians that worked to undermine every principle of conservatism imaginable, and cannot even articulate its bedrocks. And should we elect the first woman felon ever to hold the office of the presidency, it will be Hannity, and all of the other so-called conservative voices wielding giant, influential microphones who’ve thrown their support behind a New York liberal, who I’ll hold at least partially responsible. Sean Hannity et al have done the electorate a huge disservice by not thoroughly vetting Mr. Trump and his less-than-stellar history. But you can bet that the Hillary camp has. Only it won’t be viewers he’ll lose, it’ll be our nation.

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  • GWB says:

    Hannity has never been a good spokesperson for conservatism. His answers when progs toss out their BS are usually the *wrong* answer to the matter at hand. He’s a doctrinaire parrot, and his doctrine is shallow and poorly supported.

    I regularly found myself, when listening to his show, saying “What? Why did you go there, Sean? Why didn’t you answer with one these three principles, instead, since they actually undermine the core of the argument being pushed?”

    Perhaps his conservaLIVism explains his love of Trump?

    • Jodi Giddings says:

      Meanwhile, he makes a poor attempt at asserting he’s “neutral” in the GOP race. The only one who can’t see his bias is Hannity. My question is: How much money has he raked in during this election season? *spit*

  • Susan Syl says:

    Look no further than Hannity’s second Tweet: “. . . spent 15 minutes badgering @tedcruz about stealing delegates from Trump while Cruz has tried to talk about jobs. Pathetic.”

    Seriously? It’s pathetic if the candidate wants to talk about the issues instead of boosting ratings for the radio host? How absurd. I stopped watching Hannity a while ago, and have stopped watching Fox altogether now.

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