Scumbag Brock Turner Loses Appeal, Still A Scumbag [VIDEO]

Scumbag Brock Turner Loses Appeal, Still A Scumbag [VIDEO]

Scumbag Brock Turner Loses Appeal, Still A Scumbag [VIDEO]

Convicted rapist Brock Turner, despite his lawyer’s best efforts, is still a convicted rapist. The only people who are sorry about that is Brock Turner and his family. (The lawyer is most likely not sorry; he gets paid either way.)

If you have forgotten the story, Brock Turner was a Stanford student who was caught raping a woman in an alley, and was convicted of felony sexual assault. The case became notorious when Brock’s father whined to the judge about the sex offender status his precious baby was getting…

… and when the judge gave him SIX MONTHS in county jail, which led to and outcry and the judge actually being recalled.

After all of that, you’d think that Brock Turner and his family would have the common decency to slink away and not draw any more attention to themselves.

You would be wrong.

Never doubt what money and arrogance can produce in a court of law. In July, Turner’s lawyer appealed his conviction to California’s 6th District Court of Appeal, on the basis… that it wasn’t “rape-rape,” apparently.

An attorney for Brock Turner said before a three-judge panel on Tuesday that in 2015, the then 19-year-old college freshman had his clothes on when he was discovered with the victim outside of a fraternity party near Stanford.

When Turner was found on top of the woman, who was also unconscious and half-naked, he was fully clothed and did not have his genitals exposed. Attorney Eric Multhaup argued that Turner was engaged in “sexual outercourse” and did not demonstrate that he intended to rape the victim, according to NBC Bay Area.

Multhaup described “outercourse” as an activity that does not involve vaginal sex and as a “version of safe sex.”

Got to give lawyers credit. They love inventing new words to describe reasons why their clients should walk. “Outercourse.” “Affluenza.”

And really, trying to describe what Brock Turner did as a “version of safe sex” is just repulsively offensive. When you read the victim’s impact statement, “safe sex” is not what comes to mind.

Fortunately, the court told Brock Turner to forget it.

Turner’s attorney, Attorney Eric Multhaup, argued last month that his client did not intend to rape his victim because they were engaged in sexual “outercourse.”

Multhaup argued that Turner was not naked and his genitals were concealed when student witnesses said they saw “aggressive thrusting” at a fraternity party near Stanford in January 2015. The lawyer then argued that there was not enough evidence to support Turner’s sexual assault conviction.

However, the Appeals Court found there to be “substantial evidence” that Turner was aware his victim was unconscious when he sexually assaulted her and pointed out that Turner fled the scene the same night and lied during subsequent police questioning, according to the local NBC affiliate.

Kudos to the Appeals Court for upholding the conviction without subjecting the victim to a new trial. Now, can Brock Turner finally just go hide in a hole in Ohio somewhere to try and rehabilitate himself before he subjects the rest of us to his smug brand of entitlement again?

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