Sawant: Teen Dead Because “Capitialism’s Brutality”

Sawant: Teen Dead Because “Capitialism’s Brutality”

Sawant: Teen Dead Because “Capitialism’s Brutality”

A 16-year-old boy was killed and a 14-year-old boy was critically wounded in a shooting near Seattle’s CHOP area early yesterday morning and city council member Kshama Sawant had something to say.

Dispatchers received multiple 911 calls after gunfire erupted just after 3 a.m. near 12th Avenue and Pike Street, according to Seattle Police. Witnesses reported several unidentified people had fired shots into an SUV.”-KOMO News, Seattle

No longer the Summer of Love in the CHOP? Say it isn’t so! Enter Seattle City Council Member, Kshama Sawant:


Sawant, who led the march to City Hall calling for Seattle Mayor, Jenny Durkan resign is blaming Capitalism’s brutality and endemic violence as she (and her fellow Socialist comrades) await the details of this tragic killing. But she knows for sure, this is the result of Capitalism! Random shootings in un-policed areas just don’t happen in Marxist, utopian societies, now do they?

Yes, the medics are providing aid faster than the police can respond because, if we all remember correctly, the occupants of the CHOP did not want the police there! Now, they are blaming the police for not arriving in a timely fashion? Regardless of the valiant efforts of CHOP volunteers and medics, a 16 year-old is still dead and a 14 year-old is fighting for his life. Kshama Sawant incited this protest at City Hall, which, in turn, encouraged protestors to set up the CHAZ (now the CHOP). Sawant was instrumental in this lapse of law and order in a city that was already suffering from the policies of far-left moonbats. Now, a 16 year-old young man is dead and she wants to pin it on Amazon? Honestly, it’s like Kshama Sawant took a quote straight out of the Ocasio-Cortez playbook. Is she stealing AOC’s Twitter writers? Her word salads are enough to make anyone wonder.

Let us take a wild guess at what Sawant is getting at. CHOP isn’t really an attempt at a Socialist utopia. It’s fake Socialism that is still Capitalism and this is why there are shootings. If only everything was truly Socialist in Seattle, then there will never be any more violence or shootings. Easy to say as she tweets from the deck of her $900,000 home. Then there’s this:

Sawant gives $13,800 to Socialist Alternative, and Socialist Alternative pays for her and her husband to fly all around the country, and they give a salary between $10,000 and $25,000 to her husband.

So the money Kshama Sawant “gives” to Socialist Alternative comes right back to Kshama Sawant. That’s a pretty handy little relationship there.”-Dori Monson, KIRO Radio

Sawant’s husband, Calvin Priest, is a “political organizer” and has an “an undefined relationship” with an organization called 15 Now — an organization dedicated to raising the minimum wage to $15 per hour. This organization is not registered with the FEC or IRS as a political group, so there’s no paper trail, conveniently. Sounds as if Sawant is using the good ol’ Capitalist system to live the good life, I’d say.

Capitalism is a system where it’s extremely productive, and productivity rates are at an all-time high, but the gains of the productivity are delivered almost exclusively to a very tiny elite at the top …”-Kshama Sawant, Salon, Josh Eidelson, Nov. 2013

And in Socialism…the wealth gets distributed evenly? Based on what? Everybody gets their fair share in Socialism. Does that mean that I, too, can live in a $900,000 home like Kshama Sawant?

Yes, yes we do. As details have yet to unfold, I am sure a 16 year-old kid who died (despite any mischievous intent doing donuts in a nearby field) deserved better. The 14 year-old who is now in the hospital deserved better. The people of Seattle and the people of our country deserve better. The endemic violence that we are seeing is not a direct result of Amazon or Boeing or Capitalism as Kshama puts it. You did not do this by flying on a Boeing jet. (My 737 pilot thanks you, by the way.) You did not do this because you ordered from Amazon just the other day. Kshama Sawant created this monster. This is a direct result of scumbag socialists like Sawant turning cities like Seattle into festering sores. They are the ones who will stop at nothing-even if it means cutting short a young life. All means to their end. All casualties of their war. They will offer their “condolences” and express their “sadness” and blame others for their mess before they put their heads on their pillows at night. How’s that for brutality?

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  • GWB says:

    Honestly, it’s like Kshama Sawant took a quote straight out of the Ocasio-Cortez Marx playbook.
    They’re all just regurgitating the pablum they were taught by their marxist masters.

    Does that mean that I, too, can live in a $900,000 home like Kshama Sawant?
    Go move in. When she demands you leave, insist that true socialism embodies the sharing of all goods, and that she wouldn’t want to put up a wall around her home, would she?

    (despite any mischievous intent)
    I don’t think we know that. I don’t necessarily believe the accusations that the teens started firing first, but let’s see if anymore info comes out before declaring the teens innocent.

  • mort main says:

    I think she means socialist/welfare state. Socialism creates no wealth. Capitalism produces taxpayers who must support socialists.

  • Gabby says:

    Oh well…

  • aelfheld says:

    Would someone please direct me to the mass graves resulting from “capitalism’s brutality & endemic violence”.

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