Sarah Palin, Kamala Harris And Swagger

Sarah Palin, Kamala Harris And Swagger

Sarah Palin, Kamala Harris And Swagger

I had a PTSD flashback of epic proportions this morning. I read two articles that mentioned Biden’s Veep pick, Kamala Harris. The first one was, “The Ghost Of Sarah Palin Will Haunt The Media This Election Cycle“. The second one was, “Kamala Harris Showed Swagger, and It Will Drive Republican Men Nuts“. If you are under the age of 40, you have no idea how awful the Sarah Palin stramash was, or the hypocritical the kid glove treatment Kamala Harris will get truly is. I will try to give you young’uns a taste of the horror.

In 2008, the Republican Party elites decreed that the late Senator John McCain would be our nominee for the Presidential Election, much like they tried to foist former Governor Jeb! Bush on us in 2016. John McCain was distasteful to everyday Republicans. It wasn’t his 70 years. It was his nasty attitude. To combat our reluctance to embrace him, McCain cast his net far to find a vice-presidential nominee that would counteract Barack Obama’s minority status and offer a plum to Conservatives.

McCain’s pick was Alaska Governor Sarah Palin. From The Ghost of Sarah Palin article:

This was big news for Alaska. Nearly everyone we knew was thrilled, even people who weren’t huge Palin fans. At the time, Palin was a popular governor who’d made a name for herself fighting a corrupt good ol’ boys system that had prevailed for too long in state politics. She was a Republican, but seen as a moderate who was willing to work with Democrats and take on powerful special interests, including the oil companies that held sway in the state capitol. People liked her, even if they didn’t always agree with her politics.

Finally, some of us thought, we have a reason to vote for John McCain. McCain promptly let us down again when the attacks on Sarah Palin began. He did nothing to discourage the vicious attacks on Sarah Palin. Governor Palin was attacked by the Left and by the Country Club Republicans, because she was NOKD (Not our kind, Dear.).

Sarah Palin participated in beauty pageants. Oh, how low class! Sarah Palin graduated from a state university. Gasp! Sarah married her high school sweetheart and worked in his commercial fishing business. Pearl clutching! Sarah Palin had five children and didn’t abort her down syndrome baby, Trig. Reach for the smelling salts! Was Trig Sarah Palin’s baby or her daughter Bristol’s? And, then we find out that Bristol is pregnant by her high school boyfriend Levi. The entire ruling class swoons onto their collective fainting couch. I am not kidding you.

To counter Sarah Palin’s track suit, hockey mom image. The Republican National Committee spent $150,000 to make Sarah look presentable to the elite. That backfired big time. The Country Club Republicans needed fall women for that and found them:

New York Times columnist Maureen Dowd got the ball rolling Sunday when she wrote that “dunderheaded aides, led by the former Bushies Nicolle Wallace and Tracey Schmitt (Palin’s traveling press secretary), costumed their Eliza Doolittle for a ball when she should have been dressing for a bailout.

Nicolle Wallace has been getting even with Sarah Palin and the Republicans on MSNBC ever since. Below are just a few of the slurs used against Sarah Palin by the mainstream media and its fellow travelers:

She has been called a ‘freak show,’ a ‘joke,’ an ‘extreme liability,’ a ‘turncoat b*tch,’ an ‘insult,’ a ‘fire-breather,’ ‘xenophobic,’ a ‘sitcom of a vice-presidential choice,’ a ‘disaster movie,’ a ‘shallow’ person, ‘chirpy,’ a ‘provincial,’ a ‘disgrace to women’ who was ‘as fake as they come,’ a ‘nauseating,’ ‘cocky wacko,’ a ‘jack in the box,’ ‘Napoleon in bunny boots,’ ‘extreme,’ ‘radical,’ a ‘vessel,’ a ‘farce,’ ‘Bush in drag,’ ‘not very bright,’ ‘utterly unqualified,’ a ‘bimbo,’ ‘Danielle Quayle,’ the ‘new spokesperson for bellicosity and confrontation,’ a ‘fatal cancer,’ ‘like a really bad Disney movie,’ ‘laughable,’ an ‘odd combination of Chauncey Gardiner from Being There and Marge from Fargo,’ ‘dangerous,’ a ‘bully,’ the ‘biggest demagogue in America,’ the ‘Paleolithic Princess of Parsimonious Patriotism,’ the ‘anti-Wonder Woman,’ ‘judgmental’… ‘dictatorial’ with a ‘superior religious self-righteousness,’ a ‘racist’ who was ‘absurd,’ ‘scary,’ and a ‘token,’ a ‘bantamweight cheerleader,’ an ‘airhead,’ an ‘idiot,’ a ‘librarian in a porn film,’ a ‘Jesus freak,’ a ‘man with a vagina’… a ‘Drama Queen,’ a ‘Republican blow-up doll’ who ‘ideologically’ is ‘their hardcore pornographic centerfold spread,’ an ‘opportunistic anti-female,’ a ‘true Stepford candidate, a cyborg,’ a ‘quitter,’ and—this list is by no means exhaustive—a ‘bonbon.’

Sarah Palin was lampooned on Saturday Night Live for something she never said. Sarah never said that she could see Russia from her home, although the Tina Fey sketch is still funny. The elitist attitude towards Governor Palin and Alaska is captured in this Katie Couric interview.

The assumption that Alaska is backwards and Sarah can’t read is offensive. Hey, Katie, the internet was a thing back in 2008 and the Governor of any state gets all kinds of white papers. Elitist!

What really frosted the Liberals and Republican elitists was Sarah Palin’s swagger. She was Sarah “Barracuda”. She didn’t need them or care what they thought. Speaking of swagger, according to the Daily Beast, Kamala Harris’s swagger will drive Republican men nuts. Bwa ha ha ha ha!

Kamala Harris has swagger. That’s going to drive right-wing men nuts. They’re just not going to know what to do about that. She was so confident in her first remarks as the Democratic Party’s vice presidential candidate. The delivery, the timing. The body language: She bounced from foot to foot, raised her index finger every couple minutes, looked this way, looked that way, smiled here, furrowed her brow there. She was mesmerizing to watch.

Wishful thinking, nimrods. Conservative men, in my humble experience, love women with swagger. Hence, their love affair with Sarah Palin. Kamala Harris does not have swagger. She is a middle school mean girl whose only goal is calculating how to get more power. Her record is proof. Another woman with swagger, Congresswoman Tulsi Gabbard, took Kamala’s inventory in the Democrat debate. I disagree Tulsi Gabbard on most issues, but she is a bad ass, authentic person.

And, Sarah Palin, great broad that she is, sent warm thoughts to Kamala Harris regarding her Veep announcement.

We must remember to keep our judgments on Kamala Harris on her atrocious record and changing positions. Don’t do to Kamala what the Left and the elites did to Sarah Palin.

Featured Image: Tom LeGro, NewsHour/ Commons Attribution-NonCommercial 2.0 Generic (CC BY-NC 2.0)

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  • Paladin says:

    I remember well. But my sympathies to Kama-Chameleon are extremely limited. Marquise of Queensbury rules of engagement have only resulted in conservatives, and anyone to the right of National Socialist Marxists being cancelled and ruined and a meat fork in the groin. Right now, I’m for open season and all’s fair game. The good thing about us conservatives is, we don’t have to make stuff up.

  • Erik Ohlson says:

    Every conservative I know voted for the McCain – PALIN ticket, but none actually voted for McCain. I have NO idea how my liberal friends voted: liberal are such that if you oppose them, you are ostracized, or worse. Most of the people I know here in California, I have no idea how they vote – politics are just not mentioned, such is the divide.

    • Yep. I voted for it, with the fervent hope for a fatal stroke on January 21, 2008.

      I still think it was too bad that it didn’t happen anyway. If we couldn’t have President Palin, it would have been half a loaf to get rid of Senator McCain.

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  • Lemuel Vargas says:

    Think Kamala Harris would not follow Sarah Palin’s advice because…gaspppp….Sarah Palin and….double gaspppp….a Republican and…triple gaspppp…A Tea Party Republican.

  • DC says:

    Tulsi Gabbard was the adult in the room during the Dem-debate-clown-show. And I think you’re dead-on: she’s genuine and bad ass.
    If I were her I’d be po’d enough withe DNC to consider giving a reprise of her KH takedown for the RNC.
    Long live Sarah….and what might have been.

  • mtnforge says:

    Beauty is skin deep, ugly is to the bone.
    As a Man of The Legion of Men of The West, that ugly is about dishonesty, as in dishonest nature, ulterior motive driven, it is written all over her, any sane man would avoid engaging such a character, personally I would not touch Harris with a ten feet pole. In another time she would be called a hoochy mama, a s&$t stirring biatchz.

    It needs to be stated, A woman who uses sex as a tool for advancement in a field that demands trust and fealty to something larger, as in representative government, yeah I know, something that has not existed for a long time, an ex AG who is obviously a minion of George Soros’s States AG Project, a race card/gender/baiting victim status con artist, is untrustworthy, as in once a traitor all=ways a traitor, she sold her soul to Faust, long ago.
    And it all shows.
    Clear as the sun in the sky.
    The epitome of corruption and special interest.
    Insult to Liberty and the great codes of our Christian Greco/Roman culture and civilization, but furthermore, never mind us Men, It’s to you as Woman of The West, Harris must embody everything anathema to the Matriarchy.
    Such a vile scalawag she

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