Taxpayers Foot 3-Day Anti-White Male Seminar

Taxpayers Foot 3-Day Anti-White Male Seminar

Taxpayers Foot 3-Day Anti-White Male Seminar

There is no cowardice like CEO’s scrambling to virtue-signal their submission to the race-grifters like Robin DiAngelo. While they’re choosing to spend company money to have Maoists With Whiteboards come in to browbeat the working-while-white employees, it looks like it’s the taxpayers are on the hook for this struggle session.

As David Thompson observes:

“A can-do attitude,” “striving toward success,” being “results oriented,” and “operating from principles and conscience.” At first glance, these sound like the kinds of qualities one might appreciate among employees – say, among employees at a nuclear research and development lab.

But no, dear reader. How foolish you’ve been.

Apparently, these things constitute, not a basis for workplace success, but merely of “success in white male terms.” Which, we’re told, not only “limits white males’ ability to hear and understand others” and “dampens their curiosity,” but is also “devastating” to “people of colour, gays/lesbians, women, and non-Christians.” You see, expectations of competence, “hard work” – and a concern for whether actions actually produce the desired result – these things are problematic and to be viewed with suspicion, and ultimately undermined. On grounds that they cause “people of colour” to “feel they are living out of context with who they really are.”

Show of hands? How many people feel comfortable with nuclear facilities dedicated to wiping out “being results oriented” and replacing it with aiming for mediocrity? Last I looked this was satire:


I realize we’ve been here before — grifters gonna grift, from DiAngelo’s latest $20,000 gig to anti-Western screed hosted by taxpayer-supported Smithsonian. It’s frustrating, exhausting and I certainly don’t blame people for tossing their hands in the air and hoping it’s just another HR fad to endure.

Except people are being demoted, disciplined or fired for not toeing the line.

A professor at the University of Pittsburgh has been removed from his position directing a fellowship program associated with the school’s hospital system amid backlash to a white paper he authored critiquing affirmative action policies in the medical field. …

In the paper, Wang criticized the notion that affirmative action in medicine necessarily leads to better outcomes for minority patients and asserted that merit should be the primary measure considered in medical school admissions.

Wang wrote: “There exists no empirical evidence by accepted standards for causal inference to support the mantra that ‘diversity saves lives.'” He also wrote that “ultimately, all who aspire to a profession in medicine and cardiology must be assessed as individuals on the basis of their personal merits, not their racial and ethnic identities.”

I sure would like a list of all the doctors who have called for Wang’s head like this lovely …

… because I would reject her and every other doctor who doesn’t value merit before melanin. I would never put my health at their mediocre mercy. Or drive over a bridge built by engineers who feel that 2+2=5 because there are other ways of knowing and rejecting White Supremacist Math.

The self-diddling in Anger Studies is no longer a joke. It has invaded STEM and isn’t even confined to universities any more.

Last month, Suparna Dutta spent countless hours researching how her son could safely return to school this fall as a rising sophomore at Thomas Jefferson High School for Science and Technology, a sprawling campus of classrooms, laboratories and open spaces with names like “Gandhi Commons” and “Einstein Commons,” outside the nation’s capital here off Braddock Road. Little did she know that a secretive “task force” assembled by orders of Virginia Gov. Ralph Northam was quietly meeting to discuss legislating radical changes to the school that would threaten the very future of the school. …

Ranked America’s No. 1 public high school earlier this year by US News and World Report, TJ, as students affectionately call their school, had come in the crosshairs of a newly-emboldened army of educational activists who spew the cult of “critical race theory” propaganda, viewing the school’s low percentage of Black, Hispanic and low-income students as evidence of “systemic racism” in the school’s admissions process. They set their sights on the school’s mostly Asian and mostly immigrant student body and vowed to change the demographics of the school.

The campaign against TJ is a cautionary tale about the Woke Army’s wider war on meritocracy.

How much of our society is to bow to the neo-feudalist Woke before the harm is both unescapable and impossible to reverse?

People of pallor? Will you tell HR “no” when they demand you write apologies for your particular shade of beige? People of melanin? Will you oppose the cult thinking that treats you as permanently retarded children?

Taxpayers? Had enough yet?

What say you all?

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  • Rick Caird says:

    We have always known that “diversity costs”. But, we could always hide it in the numbers and in a culture that rewards hard work, performance, excellence, and basic intelligence. Those are the characteristics that have put men on the moon, created engineering excellence, and promoted scientific advancement. But, when we subsume these characteristics and a strong work ethic in the mantel of diversity, we all lose. It is no longer “compete and win”. It is “claim your slot in the diversity lottery” regardless of merit.

  • Churchsox says:

    So, let’s see: This program contends that qualities like “can-do attitude,” “striving toward success,” and being “results oriented” are qualities present mostly in men, preferably white ones. If that’s true, it would certainly explain a pay differential between men and women. I appreciate these silly people for clearing that up.

  • GWB says:

    for “white males,”
    And that right there is racist and sexist. According to the law, it certainly creates a “hostile workplace” on the basis of sex/gender and race. I would feel a lawsuit coming on about 10 seconds after I got my meeting request for this in my email (or it was announced in a meeting).

    “A can-do attitude,” “striving toward success,” being “results oriented,” and “operating from principles and conscience.”
    So, that means I can demand a raise after failing to accomplish my goals (actually, even setting goals would be racist!), sitting on my heinie all day, stealing from the office, and showing up late or not at all? I’ll have to check on my next job interview whether the company or gov’t office does this sort of stuff. It could lead to a much less stressful interview.

    And that’s what it’s really about. Destroying Christian Western Civilization is the goal, so they can institute something with fewer restrictions on their self-centered lives. If they destroy Christianity, they can make themselves gods.

    on the basis of their personal merits
    Like the color of their skin! Duh!

    educational activists
    Racist revolutionaries and totalitarians.

    Will you tell HR “no” when they demand you write apologies for your particular shade of beige?
    Absolutely. Actually, I’ll tell them I’m going to sue them if they pursue it. And if they force others to do it, leaving me alone, I’ll sue for a “hostile work environment.”

    People of melanin? Will you oppose the cult thinking that treats you as permanently retarded children?
    My son certainly will. And my wife. Others I know.

    What say you all?
    Tar and feathers at a minimum. That’s what I say.

  • Stan says:

    That’s so Last Week. 2+2 does NOT equal 5. 2+2=3 this week, but this week is just about over. keep up, OK?

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