Samantha Bee: Smug Liberal in Denial

Samantha Bee: Smug Liberal in Denial

Samantha Bee: Smug Liberal in Denial

Samantha Bee wants you to know that the result of Election 2016 is not her fault and that she is not a “smug liberal”, folks. See? She even went on CNN’s “State of the Union” yesterday to let every one know.

Bee was responding to a column written by New York Times journalist, Ross Douthat in which he calls on Bee in particular:

But the Democratic Party’s problem in the age of Trump isn’t really Jimmy Fallon. Its problem is Samantha Bee.

Not Bee alone, of course, but the entire phenomenon that she embodies: the rapid colonization of new cultural territory by an ascendant social liberalism. –Ross Douthat, The New York Times

She’s not a smug liberal, all. She’s just a comedienne doing the show “for herself and people like her” and making fun of people who are clearly NOT like her:

Because everywhere else, it’s called an “undercut”. But at CPAC, according to Samantha “I’m not smug, I’m virtuous” Bee, the look takes on a whole new definition as “Nazi Hair”.

I think Ms. Bee needs to examine the definition of the word “smug” in detail. Take some synonyms, for instance. Pompous. Egotistical. Vainglorious. Self-Contented. Self-Satisfied. Conceited. Egoistic.

Says the woman who made the Time 100 list in Time magazine of influential people:

“I make the show for me, for people like me.”-Samantha Bee

Sounds a bit egoistic to me.

You, too, may be a smug liberal if you change the name of certain fashion trends or make fun of someone’s intellect when you find a person’s known political party affiliation does not line up with your own. You may be a smug liberal if think you are a funny woman by throwing around a bunch of f-bombs and talking about your private parts. You may be a smug liberal if you talk about “making shows” (let’s of course, not credit any of your staff) for you and for people who think just like you. You may be a smug liberal if you take no accountability or blame on the results of an event that turned out less favorably for your camp. Carry on, Samantha. You’re not a smug liberal at all. Put your head on your pillow at night and rest easy but before you do, make sure you continue to pray the NRA get plagued with boils.

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  • Joe says:

    Of course it isn’t her fault.
    She’s Canadian and can’t vote in an American election. Unless she did.

  • parker says:

    All ‘progressives’ are smug idiots, divorced from reality, in denial. Give them a flashlight and a mirror and they could not find where the sun don’t shine.

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