Salon: Joe Biden, Like America’s Founding Fathers

Salon: Joe Biden, Like America’s Founding Fathers

Salon: Joe Biden, Like America’s Founding Fathers

Salon reaches far and wide with their titles and this is yet another example of one of them by Matthew Rozsa. After all, it is Independence Day weekend and we must nod to our founding fathers…one of them being Joe Biden!

Rozsa’s not kidding. He says so himself: “How Joe Biden is like America’s founding fathers — and no, I’m not kidding” justifies his argument that Joe Biden, like our founding fathers, has some great ideas but cannot implement them because of “political stalemate”.

First off, I would suggest that most of these ideas are NOT Joe Biden’s ideas but those of his puppet masters but, we move along. Rozsa defends his argument by citing a dissertation written by Frank Bourgoin from the University of Chicago, arguing that our founding fathers such as George Washington and Thomas Jefferson have “taken economic positions that, by modern standards, were highly progressive.” And here comes the parallel:

If Joe Biden’s presidency continues on its current track, he’ll be remembered in a similar way — as a visionary, at least on certain domestic policy issues, who was largely ignored by his peers.”-Matthew Rozsa, Salon

A visionary? Are you for real, dude? You must be kidding. But alas, Matthew Rozsa is not.

I’m not claiming that the founding fathers were ignored in some larger sense; if that were true, the United States would not exist today. But as much as we’d like to imagine that Americans always rallied behind the ideas of a complicated genius like Thomas Jefferson, author of the Declaration of Independence, it simply wasn’t so.”-Matthew Rozsa, Salon

Complicated genius? Is that what this is? Asking for a friend:

Rozsa continues to reach to draw the similarities between Biden and Thomas Jefferson in a desperate attempt:

Some conservatives bravely try to claim Jefferson as one of their own, but he spent much of his presidency trying to use the powers of the brand new government to enrich the economic and intellectual lives of the American people. After creating a budget surplus, for instance, Jefferson proposed subsidies in scientific innovation, transportation infrastructure and public education. He even tried to enshrine the government’s ability to spend money on internal improvements and education into the Constitution, an idea meant to help define his second term as president.”-Matthew Rozsa, Salon

A recession and inflation, Mr. Rozsa? Gas prices? Food shortages? And what about science? Transportation and infrastructure? And…this is a laugh…public education? We’ll get to all of this later. Nope, Rozsa is still not kidding. He’s as serious as a heart attack.

To this point, the political fates have cursed Joe Biden with the same bad luck that afflicted Washington, Jefferson, Hamilton and other founding fathers at their most ambitious but least effective — but without granting him anything close to their storied accomplishments or historical legacy. Is that just an ironic coincidence, a minor plot twist in the American story, or a telling symbol of the ultimate failure of the American experiment and the corruption of both our political parties? History will have to answer that question.”-Matthew Rozsa, Salon

Many Americans would argue that Joe Biden is not a visionary. He is far from a “complicated genius”. Some may even argue that Joe Biden is a total nincompoop. He is, indeed, a career politician who has grifted his way to the highest office in the land. Hell, even the visionary, oh-so-inspirational, Barack Obama, told the American people to never underestimate Joe’s abilities…to totally eff things up! In fact, Biden’s American report card doesn’t indicate that he is the visionary that progressives at Salon think he is. Even those who vote blue down ballot want him O-U-T in 2024, according to this.

Seven in 10 Americans say they do not want President Biden to run for a second term, according to a new poll that comes as Biden’s approval numbers remain low and his party braces for losses this November.”-Ed Morrissey, Hot Air

So, clearly, unlike Salon who think Biden is a visionary, 7 out of 10 Americans are not likening Joe Biden to Thomas Jefferson, George Washington or James Madison. What, exactly, was visionary about Build Back Better, Salon? Build Back Better and leave our children with a legacy of crushing debt that they will never be able to crawl out from under? Let us guess that this type of debt was nothing like our founding fathers envisioned.

We’re serious, too, Matthew. In the past two years, where is America under the “complicated genius” of Joe Biden? Our gas prices are higher-a direct impact on our transportation and our infrastructure. Our weekly trips to the grocery store cost more-providing we can find whatever it is we need on the shelves. Our supply chain is wrecked. And, thanks to almost a whole year of COVID lockdowns in some states, our kids are behind the educational curve. And while they were left, at home to their own devices with sub-par online learning because educators wanted to follow the false “science” that was spewed by Democrat cronies and stay the hell home, public school administrators and directors attempted to implement a thing called “Social Emotional Learning” for the return back into the classroom because, by golly, this was deemed more useful than reading and writing and arithmetic. Pile onto that kids are returning to school hallways claiming to be the opposite gender under their brainwashed, masked faces. These students are flailing and struggling with social skills and academics, and needing therapy and mental health counseling, which the school now conveniently provides after they’ve done effed things up royally.

I think this is what infuriates me the most about our current state of affairs in our country: The fact that our children have been impacted by this “vision”, this “complicated genius” of experimentation from other figures pulling the strings of a senile, old man who just happens to be sitting in The White House grinds my gears to no end. So, forgive us if we’re not buying what you are selling, Salon. Joe Biden is not at all like one of our founding fathers. Not even close. Dumbass, or, (borrowing from his own choice of words) a stupid SOB, yes-he fits those descriptors. Visionary or complicated genius? Nope. Like one of the founding fathers? Please. The guy can’t even find his seat without a cue card.

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  • Scott says:

    The only thing Sniffy Joe MIGHT have in common with the Founding Fathers is being from the same generation..

    Then again, thinking on it more, I would say that biden is definitely on an intellectual par with our Founding Fathers… (As they are now, in the grave for 200 years, not as they were in their prime)

  • J. Paul says:

    The writers at Salon (sounds gay) are a collection of Stalinists, anachists, nose ringed freaks, and I wouldn’t be surprised if some of them wore the black antifa mask during their time off.

  • David Longfellow says:

    Salon’s always good for a laugh.

  • AF JAG (Ret.) says:

    Historically illiterate as usual. Jefferson and his party opposed federal spending for internal improvements and wanted to discourage banking and domestic manufacturing to keep the USA an agrarian society of small farmers. (Jefferson and Madison softened on this when in office when they learned how unreliable foreign imports could be during the Napoleonic Wars), Washington was one of the few Virginia founders who understood the market economy. He got out of tobacco farming as soon as he could and died rich, which allowed him to free the slaves he owned in his will. (He not only freed them he provided support for those too young or old to support themselves, and training in a trade for the young freedmen). Jefferson died deeply in debt, which is why he could free only a few of his slaves under Virginia law.

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