Roundup Time: Democrat SOTU Hangover

Roundup Time: Democrat SOTU Hangover

Roundup Time: Democrat SOTU Hangover

Boy howdy, ladies and gentlemen, President Trump’s State of the Union address last night wasn’t just his best one yet, but completely broke the sour-faced Democrats in the room. The hangover this morning continues with whines, lies and fake bravado.

Let’s start with this bon mot from CNN’s Brian Stelter. “Who?” you may ask. One of the soulless talking heads on the failing “news” network most known for being mistaken as a parody site.

Shorter Sir Brian of Irony: Trump’s playbook is bad but Nancy’s use of it was better.

I give another shout out to CNN’s 24/7 TDS with this headslapper that ran just after SOTU

The Left: Republicans are RAAAACIST because they never do what’s right by black folk!

Also the Left: Republicans are RAAAACIST because when they do right by black folk they’re doing it for RAAAAACIST reasons.

One of the Douchiest Democrats is our fave plastic doll AOC, who, not getting all the attention she wanted by publicly claiming she wouldn’t attend SOTU, watched it just the same. Sitting on her kitchen floor with a bottle of vodka she filmed this bit of vileness.

I hope she woke up this morning with a raging hangover and there’s not one bit of aspirin or ibuprophen in her apartment.

One of AOC’s Squad members, the execrable anti-Semite Rashida Tlaib, decided to attend just so she could plan her walkout with the claim of being triggered

Rep. Rashida Tlaib said she walked out of President Trump’s State of the Union address Tuesday night because she was triggered by the mere mention of Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh. …

“I think, you know, even the mention of Brett Kavanaugh for me is a trigger,” the Michigan Democrat told MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow. “Just as a woman in America, the fact that he, you know, rightfully was accused and having an incredibly strong woman come before the public and the world and tell her story of sexual assault by this person that was appointed to the Supreme Court is just — I couldn’t stand still and not do anything about it, and I needed to walk away from that.”

Rather than sitting on her kitchen floor, Tlaib got some face time with Madcow to spread more slander about a sitting SCOTUS justice! How special.

Hangover tomorrow?

It’s all rather pathetic. While the anti-American Left hated every uplifting, pro-American fact and sentiment expressed by President Trump last night, independent voters got a real hard look at how Nancy, et al, really feel about them. And after today’s vote to put the Impeachment Dog & Pony show to rest, there will be lots of boxed wine and tequila hangovers tomorrow at Camp Pelosi.

Gotta end up on an up note, as this is one of the best responses to SanFranNan’s toddler tantrum

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  • Scott says:

    The entire “squad” is an embarrassment to the US, as are all the racist, low info voters that voted for them. All of them should be thrown out of Congress for violating their oaths (and Omar should be booted from the country for immigration fraud)

  • talgus says:

    I though destruction of Government property was a crime. Guess not for stunts.

  • George V says:

    Rashida Tlaib needs to remember she is the representative of Michigan’s 13th Congressional district, not the representative from Palestine. She (and Omar) did not stand for the introduction of General McGee, the Tuskegee Airman at the SOTU. General McGee (honorary promotion from Colonel in 2019) served for over 30 years, in WWII, Korea and Vietnam, flying 409 combat missions.

    Why is this important? Because the Michigan 13th was the district of John Conyers. I hope the people of Detroit and western Wayne County are letting their representative know they don’t appreciate a decorated veteran who overcame the race policies of the past being disrespected failing to stand for his introduction.

  • GWB says:

    rightfully was accused
    There is no such thing. Unless you mean he was actually guilty of that of which he was accused. In which case, you need this thing called evidence to prove it. Which, ironically, you didn’t have for Trump, either.
    I’m beginning to suspect you might not have a meaningful relationship with the truth……..
    (Nah, I have known for some time that was the case.)

    how Nancy, et al, really feel about them
    Yep. As the one meme says, they don’t hate Trump. They hate you and me – he’s just in the way.
    If you look at everything they have done, are doing, and promise to do, as if they are trying to achieve absolute power and build what they perceive to be a utopia for all the little serfs, with their own utopia over top of it, everything suddenly falls into place.

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