Red House, Squatters And Another Autonomous Zone In Portland

Red House, Squatters And Another Autonomous Zone In Portland

Red House, Squatters And Another Autonomous Zone In Portland

If you’ve ever needed affirmation that Ted Wheeler’s Portland, Oregon has become a first-rate hellhole, look no further. Merry Christmas. Squatters have taken up residency near the Red House on Mississippi Street and created another autonomous zone in the city.

A little about The Red House On Mississsippi. The house was owned by an African-American family. The Kinney family saw gentrification in the way of retail businesses and condos built all around them. Their family home was paid for and in the clear, until members of the Kinney family took out a second mortgage on the Red House due to family legal issues and a mortgage scam.

In the 1950s, William and Pauline Kinney, an African-American couple, moved to Portland from Little Rock, Arkansas to escape deep South oppression. Like other Black families, they were redlined out of getting loans in North Portland and bought the home outright with cash in 1955. The Kinneys made the Red House their family home. After foreclosure of the home, the property was purchased by Urban Housing Development, LLC. In February of this year, possession of the Kinneys’ home was awarded to Urban Housing Development. In March, Oregon declared a state of emergency due to COVID-19, issuing a statewide eviction moratorium on April 1st. A federal eviction moratorium followed on September 1st. Moratoriums at both state and federal levels should have halted the eviction. Multnomah County initiated a new 30-day writ of execution to re-evict the family from the Red House on Mississippi.

A GoFundMe account has been set up for the Kinney family. And while nobody wants to see a family get evicted from their home of give or take 65 year, this story is not just about the Kinneys. This story is the tragic tale of gentrification of inner-city progressives, squatters and rioters. This is the story of the The Red House Autonomous Zone (RHAZ). Perhaps they should think of something more original. Like Totally Urban Resistance Democrats (TURD). Or City Of Mostly Moronic Independent Exiles (COMMIES). Or Locally Organized System Excluding Republicans (LOSER). Or another (I’m on a roll here) District of Bolsheviks Anarchists Gangbangers and Shmucks (D-BAGS).

Love what you guys have done with the place. Looks faaabulous. Mad Max $hit, they say. This is different than the CHOP, they say. Until someone gets shot, that is. They are protecting an BIPOC family, they say.

The other side of the story of The Red House on Mississippi is that “protestors” have been camping out near the property for months. Police put up a fence around the property after they have received at least 81 calls about the property, with complaints ranging from reports of fights, gunshots fired, thefts, vandalism, noise violations, trespassing, among other claims. All in the name of “protecting an indigenous family”? They also have discovered firearms at the property. It is amazing how much liberals support firearms when fighting for their causes, isn’t it? “Protestors” then took down the fence put up by the police and built a “fortification system” around the house and the immediate neighborhood to keep law enforcement out. Thus, the RHAZ was born.

And it looks as if now, Mayor Ted Wheeler actually is not silent on the matter:

Uh-perhaps he’s a few months too late? Bets he doesn’t do anything of any significance. Tweeting up a storm is not going to save face, Ted.

Jim Middaugh, a spokesman for Mayor Wheeler, said his office is “actively talking with the Portland Police Bureau about the best way to respond to the situation.”

Anybody else with me here when I say that the “best way” to respond was the response we saw back in July?

The sentiment of people rallying together to make sure a family does not get evicted from their home in the dead of winter is one thing. While I do not know the whole story behind the Kinney family’s eviction, I feel for them. But the stories shared by the mainstream blatantly ignore the fact that Antifa is behind this movement and most of the people who are out there in the streets near The Red House on Mississippi are not individuals of financial means trying to help out the family. The Red House on Mississippi has become less about the family who lived there and more about the Antifa agenda. These people are the squatters, the drifters, who thrive on chaos, lawlessness, destruction and almost any opportunity to clash with law enforcement. Here they are. Mostly white and jobless with no financial means to help this indigenous family but think coming into their neighborhood, putting up tent communities, trashing it and making it look like a third-world $hithole is really going to give them the justice they need. They are so out-of-touch with reality. Busting out windows, vandalism, loud music, chalk drawings and cussing out cops will for sure get the Kinney Family back into The Red House, right? The neighborhood will be completely trashed by then but the Antifa crowd will move their sorry, miserable asses and be on the road to the next episode. Unless Joe Biden is named number 46. Then they’ll fade into the woodwork, retreat back into their parents’ basements and wait for their freebies.

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  • GWB says:

    Moratoriums at both state and federal levels should have halted the eviction.
    How so? From February to 1 April is at least 30 days. It seems the eviction should have been finalized before the moratorium. (The cops busted in back in September, so it’s a little murky as to when the eviction was actually ordered.)
    (This is on top of the fact that the state – and especially the federal – government has no authority to break contracts. As a matter of fact, it’s specifically prohibited by the Constitution.)

    the illegal occupation on North Mississippi Avenue
    Does he mean around the house? Or of the house?

    hold those violating our community’s laws accountable
    After the last 10 months that’s pretty laughable!

    make sure a family does not get evicted from their home in the dead of winter
    Since the eviction was originally back in February, they could have moved out in the warmth of summer if they were really interested in taking care of that. I’m going to guess that, instead, they spent those months simply coasting, not having to pay anything, maybe even hoping that AOC’s “Nobody should have to pay for nothin’, no how (except my expensive campaign swag)” policy would forever obliterate their need to pay their way.

    From the one link:
    the attack on their family as beginning in 2002
    William III was taken to prison at the young age of 17 for an automobile accident
    Ummm, bullsh*t. It wasn’t an attack on their family, and I guarantee the son was not taken to prison for an “automobile accident.” I can just about guarantee he was high or drunk or grotesquely negligent. And it wasn’t “DWIB” either.
    William III was taken to prison for two 5-year sentences, totaling 10 years.
    Ahhhhh. So, they took out a mortgage “to fight the system” and they LOST. (Probably because it was a bad fight to have in the first place.) Then the mother lost her job as an activist. Yet, somehow, in all of this, it’s soneone else’s fault:
    the tragedy of losing their home to criminal banking practices and a horrifying illegal eviction

    The other article says it was “a sophisticated mortgage scam, an alleged fraud and deceit case“.

    Funny, but I wonder where all these activists were back when the family needed to pay the mortgage, before the foreclosure and threatened eviction?
    Because they’re sure not helping their cause now.

    • GWB says:

      BTW, I can understand the problem they had with their mortgage being acquired by another company (then another). There’s always the matter of “when is the last payment to the old company?” But the family sent a letter. I picked up the phone. If there had been any ambiguity, I would have picked up the phone and informed them I was recording the call, then asked them. Only if I was getting the run-around would I have written a letter – and that letter would have been very aggressively and precisely worded.

      Of course, I don’t assume the mortgage company is trying to screw me. (I do assume they will happily take more money than necessary if I screw it up, though.) So, I call and ask good faith questions, with the letters from the companies in front of me.

      Ironic that the woman worked at a “non-profit” that helped people with housing, and nobody there could give her the proper help with this.

    • GWB says:

      Aha! And here’s that “accident”, from the appeal of the sentencing:
      defendant, on November 8, 2002, had been convicted for assault with a motor vehicle and failure to perform the duties of a driver (emphasis added)
      Yeah, so not just an “accident”.

  • Sgt Grumble says:

    They’ll burn it down resolving the issue.

  • Pete says:

    One suspects that the house will be unfit for human occupation once the squatters finish with it.

  • GWB says:

    BTW, the family that was evicted?
    They’re actually living in another house in Portland, which they own.
    Yeah, they have another house they bought in the 1950s. And evidently don’t have a mortgage there, either.
    h/t PJMedia’s Rick Moran

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