Quote of the Day: Donald Trump Lies Again

Quote of the Day: Donald Trump Lies Again

Donald Trump has spent this election lying about everything. He lies about his religion, claiming to be Christian one minute and the next saying he doesn’t answer to God for anything. He lies about his money, his success (or lack thereof), his political positions, hiring illegal immigrants — everything. He lies, lies, lies, and his followers eat it up like candy. Even when presented with evidence that he’s lying, they’ll still defend it. But we still have an obligation to point out the truth about Trump, because there are at least some people who care about things like the truth. And Trump’s latest lie is about, as usual, his “stellar” experience as a businessman, bragging about how many people he employed at his hotel in Hawaii. Or did he?

The lies started with this tweet from Trump:

Or not:

There’s one problem here: Trump does not own the Trump International Hotel Waikiki Beach Walk. The Trump company is not involved in any way in selling or developing the property. Here’s the disclaimer at bottom of the hotel’s website:

“Trump International Hotel & Tower® Waikiki Beach Walk® is not owned, developed or sold by Donald J. Trump, the Trump Organization or any of their affiliates. Irongate Azrep BW LLC, the owner and developer of the property, uses the “Trump” name and mark under license from Trump Marks Waikiki LLC, which license may be terminated or revoked according to its terms.”

Well, isn’t that rich. Trump is running entirely on his supposed acumen as a brilliant businessman. He’s telling everyone that he is the man to fix the broken economy because he is such a good executive and is so good with money. The reality is that it’s not even remotely true. His experience actually shows that he’s a horrible businessman (you can see examples here, here, here, and , for starters). His experience also shows that he’s a blatant con artist (see Trump University and The Trump Network for just two examples.)

So when a Trump hotel is actually successful, it’s when Trump has nothing to do with the business whatsoever. He didn’t manage that hotel anymore than Paris Hilton personally designed her perfumes or Marie Osmond lost weight eating Nutrisystem. He’s a celebrity name, he knows it, and he capitalized on it. There’s also nothing wrong with that… until he starts lying about his involvement in order to swindle people into voting for him.


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  • OC says:

    Cassy, I think by now you know I’m not a Trump guy, (go Ted), but making money from licensing your name sounds like a pretty sound business deal, notwithstanding his other junk deals.

    • Cassy Fiano says:

      It is a good business deal, and I said exactly that in my post. What IS a problem is that he is pretending that he was responsible for bringing all of these jobs to Hawaii when in actuality, he had nothing to do with it at all. He is lying about his involvement in the hotel. He isn’t saying hey, I made this great decision to license my name to a hotel; he’s saying hey, I gave all these people jobs because I’m such a good businessman!

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