“Sh*thole” He Said. The Media Are Not Amused

“Sh*thole” He Said. The Media Are Not Amused

“Sh*thole” He Said. The Media Are Not Amused

Just when you think the media have won every medal in the “Hysteria Olympics”, our filterless President says something and the media sprint off in search of the elusive purple rage while crying medal. And, our President’s use of the word “shithole” has done it. Just like his use of the word “p*ssy” a year and a half ago sent them spinning in circles, but we have seen this act and it is tired. The media are not amused and we are over them. If you don’t know about the “sh*thole” competition, read Nina’s post from earlier.

Quite frankly, the media are a bunch of fusty, old blue-noses. Check out this video. True, they are not all media critters, but Time.com put it together.

Oh my gravy. President Donald J. Trump is a racist. It is a proven fact, according to the media. Listen to the following video. After Trump signs the Martin Luther King Day Proclamation, some female reporter asks, “Mr. President, are you a racist?” She asks more than once, like that’s going to get him to answer. Right. My favorite part is the guy who says, “Oh boy.”

Holy guacamole. Some of the countries are shitholes. Some countries where black people live, some where white people live, some where Asians live, some where Indians live, some where Hispanics live. If the countries weren’t shitholes, you flaming idiots, the people wouldn’t be crying to come here.

President Donald Trump is a builder, who was born in Queens. As a builder, he knows shitholes. He has been sneered at his entire life. He was successful in spite of you people. I have wanted a truth telling President for years. I am tired of Presidents who couch things in pretty words. And, I am tired as Hades of Presidents who don’t know what the meaning of “is” is.

I am speaking to Democrats, media types, and “Never Trumpers” here: Please stop. We are begging you in the name of all that is good and true and right in this world. We don’t hate you because of Donald Trump. We hate you because you are lying sacks of bovine excrement.

So, take your unamused carcasses somewhere else. Your act is old and tired. And, we know how you talk. Your mouths are foul. Truth.

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