Preachy ESPN Says Tiger Woods “Not Black” Because He Won’t Bash Trump [VIDEO]

Preachy ESPN Says Tiger Woods “Not Black” Because He Won’t Bash Trump [VIDEO]

Preachy ESPN Says Tiger Woods “Not Black” Because He Won’t Bash Trump [VIDEO]

You may have heard the BREAKING NEWS! that pro golfer and sometimes-golf pal of President Trump, Tiger Woods, refused to take the bait a liberal reporter tried force-feeding him:

And he’s right. So, good for Tiger for 1) refusing to bite and 2) for not feeding the liberal trolls exactly what they wanted: Trump’s head on a platter.

But wait, there’s more. MUCH more. And it comes in the form of the Trump Haters over at ESPN—who ironically just parted ways with perhaps the most rabid of said Exclusive Club—who are “disgusted” with Mr. Woods. Behold the outrage at Tiger for, you know, sticking to doing what he does, playing golf:

Aw, punkin’. To the video:

Ooooh, I SEE, Max Kellerman and Stephen A. Smith: the office holder should respect the OFFICE. And Tiger isn’t “black.” What a couple of self-righteous, bigoted jackwagons.

So—while reminding them of the fact that the former POTUS is, in fact, “not black,” either, given their liberal logic—let’s take a quick trip on the WayBack Machine, shall we?

Dear ESPN: Then-President Obama really liked resting his loafers atop our Resolute Desk. (Photo Credit: IJ Review)

Also: There’s a subtle reference to Monica Lewinsky’s infamous blue dress in WJC’s official White House portrait. You must have missed it. (Photo Credit: The Atlantic)

And let’s not forget JFK, perhaps the most prolific defiler of our White House in U.S. history.

President Trump spends a lot of time on his White House phone making deals benefiting all Americans. How disrespectful! (Photo Credit:NPR)

Looks like Trump respects the office just fine from where I’m sitting. And Mr. Woods perfectly understands the difference between OFFICE, and office HOLDER, the latter being a long-time friend. And I suspect he won’t be caving to ESPN’s two-man inquisition team anytime soon.

Friends don’t throw friends under the liberal bus, ESPN. (Photo Credit: Golf Channel)

No, EPSN talking heads, methinks it’s the pair of you that are 1) projectionists in the category of Disrespect for the Office, 2) fatally history-challenged, and 3) big fat bigots who believe black Americans are a giant group-thinking bloc owned exclusively by the Democrats. Perhaps read a history book or two, because the pair of you sound just like these people.

Oh, but wait just a darned second…could this be the real reason the ESPN McCarthyists are so verklempt?

Ruh roh. Looks like your blue wall is cracking! Gotta get those plantation-jumpers back into the liberal line, right, boys?

Now, need I remind you that ANYTIME someone with more melanin in their skin than mine dares step foot off the Democrat plantation, they are at once verbally lynched from the highest tree the Fascistic Left can find. Some recent examples:

Gosh, who wouldn’t want to jump right on board that Tolerant Train?

There’s a reason people are walking away from the Democrat Party, and why ESPN’s viewership is in free fall…

…and we need look no further than the public shaming of a sports legend doing nothing but swinging his golf clubs, and—gasp!—respecting the office of the presidency, ma’am. The Taliban throws rocks; ESPN throws bigotry.


And this, folks, is why I shun the CNN of sports, ESPN, like a fuzzy, week-old pizza relegated to the back of the fridge. Perhaps ESPN should stick to, you know, SPORTS.

Hey, a girl can dream.

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