No Manners Necessary: 5th Grader In North Carolina Punished By Teacher For Calling Her Ma’am [VIDEO]

No Manners Necessary: 5th Grader In North Carolina Punished By Teacher For Calling Her Ma’am [VIDEO]

No Manners Necessary: 5th Grader In North Carolina Punished By Teacher For Calling Her Ma’am [VIDEO]

This morning I read that a teacher punished a 10 year old 5th grader in North Carolina because he called her ma’am. Evidently the teacher had insisted to the class that manners weren’t necessary. 

Student Tamarion Wilson, 10, was made to write out the word ‘ma’am’ repeatedly during class on Tuesday at North East Carolina Preparatory School in Tarboro, North Carolina.

His mother Teretha Wilson was shocked when he returned home from the public charter school with the sheet of paper, for her to sign in order to complete the punishment.

I beg your pardon?? At first when I saw the headlines I thought I was reading The Onion. But no, this genuinely happened.

I can completely understand the shock and WTH? reaction from Tamarion’s parents. Understandably they went to the school principal and asked for clarification.

First of all, for a teacher to insist that her students not be polite to her? That’s the start of letting kids get away with all sorts of rudeness, which as any parent knows, can escalate into worse behaviors. But to also say she was going to throw something at him and then insist to the parents and the principal that she was JOKING? Wow.

Understandably, Tamarion’s parents were not amused by what the teacher did and said. The following is from Teretha’s Facebook post on the matter.

Facebook what is the definition of ma’am? My child was punished for addressing his teacher as ma’am. Mrs.Williams 5th grade teacher of North East Carolina Preparatory School made my child do write offs MA’AM and told him if she had some to throw she would because he kept calling her ma’am
We had a meeting today with her and the principal for her to say she will not answer him if she continue to call her ma’am and that she did say she would throw something at him. I can’t say what won’t said and have never seen anything like this before. With everything going on in the world when did it become a issue for a child to respect their elders.


She asks a very important question. When DID it become ok for children to be disrespectful? I’m sure there will be multitudes of people providing all sorts of answers as to the root causes of disrespect. However, the important thing here is two-fold.

A TEACHER didn’t want her students to be respectful.

A student’s PARENTS expect him to be respectful at all times.

Tamarion was doing as his parents taught him. I applaud them. I was raised much the same way and have worked to raise my daughter, now in college, that way as well.

This morning I observed how two families are raising their children. One family let all three kids (from about 5-12 yrs old) run wild, talk rudely to their parents and the servers. Another family with two kids was quite the contrast. Both children were admonished when they didn’t say ‘no sir,’ and ‘yes please’ when interacting with the server.

Given that observation, to find that a teacher didn’t care about manners is quite troubling. I found the response by Tamarion’s parents to be quite measured and in fact, very respectful given the situation.

Yes, I’d say that response made quite an impact. Tamarion’s parents are going to take this matter to the school board tomorrow. Given the type of environment the school promotes… 

North East Carolina Prep School creates an educational environment where students are inspired to academic discovery and excellence through an emphasis on experiential learning.  The approach is designed to honor individuality and diversity, nurture respect for self, others, and the environment, and to foster a lifelong love of learning.  Small classes, strong parental support, and innovative teaching methods are hallmarks of our school. [Emphasis Added]

I know quite a number of teachers and I’d be willing to bet that, if asked, they’d be absolutely thrilled to have students in their class with such good manners as Tamarion has.

Here is a young man adhering to his parents’ teachings AND following the school guidelines concerning respect for others. He should’ve been applauded by that teacher, not punished.

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  • scott says:

    “Teacher” should be memorizing the phrase “would you like fries with that”.. Jackass has no business at all being around children, let alone having the responsibility to teach them anything

  • Jim says:

    ”… an educational environment where students are inspired to academic discovery and excellence through an emphasis on experiential learning.”

    As a retired teacher any time I read ”experiential learning” I wonder if the classroom is operating with little structure like the so-called ‘open’ classrooms that come and go as fashion dictates with the children supposed to know what they don’t know and integrate information upon which they have stumbled [in the absence of adult direction and guidance] into the body of knowledge that represents the various disciplines and subject areas. Lastly children such as this polite lad need and want structure. They know they need adults to be adult and keep them safe.

  • Marina says:

    Wow. I am absolutely thrilled when a student calls me “Ma’am” or “Miss”, with a “Thank-you” or “Please” thrown in. This “teacher” needs to find a different career; she is NOT what we want our students to emulate; she’s grooming the next set of spoiled brats/antifa/blm/occupy this-or-that/thugs.

  • Kristian Holvoet says:

    From the story, I think the Kid is in a good family. They have standards, the kid follows them, and the parents back him up. This isn’t the parent whining about needing an A+ so the GPA is good enough. It is that the child is allowed to be mannerly. Bloody HELL! Parents are having to fight to let their kids speak respectfully? WTEveryLovingF?

  • Chris in N.Va says:

    Reminds me of Senator Box-of-rocks-for-brains Boxer who, in recent history, in a fit of pique rebuked a U.S. Army Brigadier General for daring — daring, I say! — to address her as “Ma’am” in a committee meeting and demanding she be henceforth addressed as “Senator.”

    What a sorry excuse for a public servant, this pompous gas-bag consuming valuable oxygen.

    This USAF vet and USN vet wife were aghast at the Liberal carbon-based-life-form’s total ignorance of the protocol and manners drilled into military members to address a person in a superior position as “Sir” or “Ma’am”.

    I could imagine the august General biting his tongue, stifling the temptation to reply, “Well, ‘Senator’, normally the term ‘Ma’am’ would be used as a sign of respect, but, since you don’t appear to want or think you deserve any, none will be further offered.”

    Well, a guy can dream, can’t he?

  • Rachel says:

    President Trump needs to expose and humiliate this teacher PUBLICLY, i hope she loses her job !! Way to go mom for raising a decent child. Hey teacher? Would it be better if this kid made school threats? Like many do. Im in major SHOCK that a decent kid is pubished!! Teacher u are a piece of ….

    • Moni(this is only my nickname) says:

      well actually she did get fired,but it wasn’t just for that reason.Thankfully i wasn’t in her class anymore so i didn’t have to worry about it.

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