French People Open Doors to Strangers After Attack

French People Open Doors to Strangers After Attack

French People Open Doors to Strangers After Attack

#PortOuverte is the French hashtag for “Open Door” and Parisians are using it to let strangers know that their house is a safe place to stay. Due to the terrorist attacks tonight in Paris, the borders are closed and some subway lines have been shut down, according to the website Mashable. Mashable is also reporting that taxi cab drivers have shut off their meters to help Parisians and tourists to get around. is also reporting about #PortOuverte:

Amidst these tragedies, some twitter uses in the city began using the hashtag #PortOuverte, which means “open door” on Twitter, offering up their homes as shelter for those seeking shelter on the streets of Paris. Users are tweeting things like, “Hey tourists in #Paris if you need help or some place to sleep around Jussieu 5th arrondissement, my door is open. #PorteOuverte #OpenDoor.” Or, “You’re welcome to our home if you’re afraid of going home through Paris and are near La Vilette #porteouverte.” Many users utilizing the hashtag and telling tweeters to DM them for their home address.

Also, Facebook is helping Parisians and families of tourists know their loved ones are safe, according to Business Insider:

Paris Terror Attacks
Paris Terror Attacks

With Parisians and the world not yet grasping the true horror of what has happened, it is comforting that Social Media is helping people in many ways.

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  • Appalled By The World says:

    France’s 9/11. This makes us all French now. They will get through it though just as we did in 2001 and hopefully they will learn the hard lesson that appeasing evil does not work. It didn’t in 1938 with Nazism and it doesn’t today with Islamania. Such evils only understand one thing-an iron fist.

    Perhaps Marine Le Pen will end up being the PM after this atrocity. She looks like someone who will actually address the painful issue of having a violent 7th century philosophy existing in a civilized 21st century nation.

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