Ocasio-Cortez Repeats Anti-Israel Script, Knows Nothing [VIDEO]

Ocasio-Cortez Repeats Anti-Israel Script, Knows Nothing [VIDEO]

Ocasio-Cortez Repeats Anti-Israel Script, Knows Nothing [VIDEO]

If Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is the “future of the Democratic party,” as DNC chair Tom Perez claimed, then the party is in trouble. This millennial is not ready for prime time.

And yet, every time she trips over her own feet, it makes for highly entertaining video.

This is a self-own on Ocasio-Cortez’s part. During an interview with Margaret Hoover on “Firing Line,” she stumbles over a generic question about geopolitics. And then she opens her mouth to do a little Israel bashing, before admitting that hey, this is just socialist word salad and she has zero clue what she is saying.

While some took Margaret Hoover to task for her “softball” approach to the interview, she clearly let Ocasio-Cortez twist in the wind on this one.

That seems to be the most common point of comparison.

I wonder if Bernie will be giving her any pointers while they raise money in Kansas together.

The pair will start off in Wichita, Kan., on July 20 to campaign for James Thompson in the state’s 4th District. From there they’ll head to the Kansas City, Kan., suburbs to support former Sanders delegate Brent Welder, who is running for the Democratic nomination in the 3rd Congressional District.

Sanders told the Post that he and Ocasio-Cortez, a self-identified democratic socialist, organized the trip after realizing they both wanted to go to Kansas.

“All over this country, you have people who understand that we need to [change] the minimum wage to a living wage; that health care is a right; that we need to rebuild our infrastructure,” the progressive senator told the newspaper.

“Those are popular issues in the Bronx. These are popular issues in Vermont. In Kansas, they’ve gone through the [former Gov. Sam] Brownback [R] agenda, and they do not believe you should give tax breaks to the rich and cut Social Security.”

Ocasio-Cortez previously worked as an organizer for Sanders’s presidential campaign.

Yes, because socialists from New York and Vermont totally want to go to Kansas for fun and stuff. The truth is that Bernie is laying the groundwork for his 2020 run, and the time with Ocasio-Cortez helps him look “youthful,” while she taps into all of Bernie’s connections and hustles a little cash for her campaign coffers.

Congratulations, NY-14, she’s all yours! Have fun!

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  • Scott says:

    That little twatwaffle (thanks Marta) doesn’t have clue one about anything, other than how stupid and gullible demonrat voters (lets not forget greedy, most everyone in her district has their hands out to the govt.), and anyone who ever thought otherwise is just as vapid… And while i’d like to agree that her being a rising star with the dims means that their party is in trouble, sadly, after decades of pubic school indoctrination, I’m worried that there are enough idiots in this country (see Barry Sowtero being elected twice), that this could be wehere the country is headed… The Trump victory gives me hope, but it’s not over by a long shot…. and if we go down that road… well, it’s either a second civil war, or see the post about Venezuela…

  • Bill Cook says:

    The transcript of that clip doesn’t do justice to just how awful, uninformed and ill prepared she is. A full blown debate without prior knowledge of challenging questions would be a hoot to watch.

  • Skid Marx says:

    DOH! Watch out for that rake there comrade Cortez. She may have won her district but some in other NYC districts may not be too fond of these Israel comments and if she should run for higher office they will keep this in mind.

  • Elvis McDougall says:

    About Kansas and the Heartland:

    The stale moldy fairy tales from a 19th century German rat bum won’t gain any traction outside of Lawrence.
    A farmer out in the breadbasket of Kansas will have nothing but tobacco spit for some Bolshevik agitprop.
    The socialist comrades can report to the farm at 5AM and learn about Animal Farm. I sometimes wonder if mankind is a learning species since we are still grappling with the EPIC FAIL known as Marxism.

    To hell with the naysayers Kansas rocks! The second half of driving across Kansas on I-70 west is some of the best driving in America. From Fort Riley to Kanarado is gorgeous complete with tumbleweeds blowing across the interstate. The Smoky Hills windmill project is also an awesome feature of this drive. Put it on your bucket list if you enjoy seeing the most beautiful parts of America.

    • Scott says:

      Well said on most of that Elvis, though i will admit, i think you may be the first person EVER to say that a windmill project (Eagle choppers) is an “awesome feature”….

  • Jeff H says:

    At least the baby won’t be born ’til after she’s sworn in for the 116th session of Congress.

  • JeffH says:

    ADDTIONALLY: If your response to a question about something you just said less than a minute ago, begins with “I think what I meant”…

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  • Traveller not a Tourist says:

    I will give her credit for being easy on the eyes but as you know that is something you are born with not an accomplishment. Might want to brush up on geopolitics and interviewing. Whoops don’t give them any ideas. What if she isn’t far left enough? Bwahaha!

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