Obama Spends $70K on PSAs Apologizing to Pakistan

Obama Spends $70K on PSAs Apologizing to Pakistan

As the rioting and violence continues to increase in the Middle East, our fearless president has come up with a surefire way to get control of the situation. Since Muslims clearly haven’t gotten the hint yet, Obama is very, very sorry that an American dared to exercise his right to free speech and make a video they didn’t like… and he’s spending $70,000 on PSAs that will air in Pakistan saying so.

Yep. That’s right. Our president, along with Hillary Clinton, our Secretary of State, actually made a PSA to be aired in a country which very likely finances the very terrorists attacking us. Apparently, he’s under the impression that the media there will kiss his ass just as much as the media here does.

In response to a threat, Obama’s first response is to apologize and then beg for mercy. Add in the fact that all of the rioting and attacks and violence had nothing to do with a movie — and Obama knows it — and it makes him look even more stupid and incompetent than usual.

He’s now officially surpassed Jimmy Carter as the most ineffective president ever. You might not think it possible that a president could bungle a situation worse than the Iran Hostage Crisis, but there you go.

Let’s be realistic here: no enemy is going to respect us, either, when we’re constantly bowing down to them and apologizing every time we do something that offends them. The only thing that they will respond to is strength… and we have a president who is weakening our country more by the day.

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