NY Times Editors Quit Journalism In Favor Of Blatant Political Activism [VIDEO]

NY Times Editors Quit Journalism In Favor Of Blatant Political Activism [VIDEO]

NY Times Editors Quit Journalism In Favor Of Blatant Political Activism [VIDEO]

There are quite a few folks out there who do not like the tax bill that passed the House and is making it’s way through the Senate. Marta wrote about Ted Cruz mopping the floor with Bernie Sanders here. Today the NY Times Editorial board threw all journalistic objectivity out the window in their all out push to halt this bill in its tracks. 

Such a cute hashtag isn’t it? The NY Times has been tweeting all morning. Below are just a few examples of their “advocacy.”

And this:

I would venture to say that they aren’t done yet. However, there are some significant problems with their advocacy.

A. The NY Times is a news organization

B. The NY times is also a corporation

So therefore, by doing this, the Gray Lady has blatantly thrown all objectivity out the window and put their bias against tax reform, Republicans, and President Trump on full gloriously crappy display.


It is bizarre. But is it really surprising? No. Then again, it is funny when you consider that the Times published an “apology” letter to their subscribers a week after last year’s Presidential Election.

The newspaper’s executive editor and publisher famously penned a post-election letter to their readers on Nov. 11 that promised to “rededicate ourselves” to good journalism — while insisting the Times “reported on both candidates fairly during the presidential campaign.”

The “fairly” line stood out because many readers felt news stories in the newspaper run by Executive Editor Dean Baquet and Publisher Arthur “Pinch” Sulzberger Jr. were decidedly favorable to Hillary Clinton and biased against Donald Trump.

Both Baquet and Sulzberger took heat for that line.

Needless to say, they couldn’t handle the heat in the kitchen, and as the NY Post points out, quietly edited that line and ONLY that line out of the apology letter in an effort to not seem “defensive.”

I’d say their “apology” and their effort to rededicate themselves to “good journalism” has been blown to smithereens.

Exactly! In fact, when you read their tweets above you’ll see that the editors are still firmly in the tank for Obamacare and in fact wouldn’t want to be reminded that EVERYONE’S premiums have gone up every single year since that debacle was shoved down our throats!

So what to do about the NY Times entry into full on political advocacy? Laugh? Yes, that’s one idea. Here’s another:

Well, since they are already functioning as an unregulated PAC, they might as well make it official as it’s highly evident that they abandoned anything resembling journalism a very long time ago.

Walter Duranty would be so proud.


This explanation excuse from the NY Times is epically laughable.

Yeah. No. That wasn’t opinion nor was it editorializing. It was outright advocacy on behalf of the Democrats. Its time, past time for the New York Times to just call it a day.

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  • bobby b says:

    “That wasn’t advocacy nor was it editorializing. It was outright advocacy . . . ”


  • It’s hard to name a Legacy Media outlet that practices “reporting the news” rather than “ranting about it.” In that regard, the Times is merely the most prominent example of press degeneration: sad, to be sure, but unexceptional.

  • Scott says:

    Honestly I don’t have a problem with the “opinion” section doing this… I disagree with them completely, and I think it definitely shows their stripes, and the NYT cannot implode soon enough for me…. BUT, in this digital age, I see this as just one more way to express opinion… IMO, we have to be careful to not to do like the left, and attack things just because we disagree, lest that approach be given validity, for when the left uses it against us. YMMV

    • Nina says:

      Hi Scott! The problem is, the editorial board took over the opinion twitter feed for one purpose only. That purpose was not to offer their opinions as to why the tax bill was bad. Instead they engaged in direct grass roots lobbying.

      They posted commentary and phone numbers and directly urged their readers to call those Senators up to tell them to vote NO on the tax bill.

      Again, that’s not journalism via opinion or editorializing. That is blatant grass roots lobbying and advocacy.

      NY Times has been in the tank for the Democrats for decades. However, yesterday instead of hiding behind the curtain, they ripped the curtain down and shoved their bias down our throats.

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