Tis the Season to Bash Christians, Fa La La La La [VIDEO]

Tis the Season to Bash Christians, Fa La La La La [VIDEO]

Tis the Season to Bash Christians, Fa La La La La [VIDEO]

We’re entering the Christmas season, and you know what that means for Christians, don’t you?

It’s time for the annual Christian Bash, courtesy of of the Gay Mafia, Hollywood and Christian haters on social media.

For example, check out this image of two gay Josephs in a nativity scene:


Another woman added her contribution to “gaytivity”  She created a nativity with two lesbian Marys, complete with Baby Jesus in rainbow-hued swaddling clothes.

But perhaps the most egregious mocking of Christianity comes via Showtime. The network has a new ‘edgy’ series called SMILF — an acronym for “Single Mom I’d Like to F***.”

Wouldn’t you like to explain that to your elderly grandmother?

Here’s a trailer:

The series is about a young single mother living in Boston named Bridgette. She loves basketball, and even named her young son after Larry Bird. But while Bridgette loves basketball, she hates religion. She catches her baby daddy trying to say a bedtime prayer with Larry, and tells him to ‘knock it off.’ She also mangles the words of the Lord’s Prayer during a support group meeting, praying “our mother who art in heaven.” She finishes with “a-woman,” rather than ‘amen.’

Now, because it’s Christmas time, SMILF mocks the Nativity, and the Virgin Mary in particular.

In SMILF’s most recent episode, Bridgette is shopping with her mother Tutu, played by the execrable Rosie O’Donnell. Bridgette tells Tutu and her friend how the apostles Matthew and Luke “raped” Mary and forced her to give birth to Jesus:

Bridgette: Mothers cannot be virgins.
Woman: Well, Mary can–she was blessed by the Holy Spirit.
Bridgette: Mary was forced to have that baby.
Tutu: Bridgette!
Bridgette: I’m sorry, but Matthew and Luke and whoever did some stuff to her…
Tutu: I don’t wanna hear it, Bridgette.
Bridgette: And then called it an angel baby.
Tutu: Okay, listen to me. That is the mother of God you’re talking’ about.
Bridgette: Now we’re all stuck praying to this “Angel baby.”

And, of course, SMILF will return for a second season, according to Showtime, which just announced its renewal. Who cares if the anti-Christian theme offends a large swath of Americans?

Hollywood has long held an open season on Christians, who in their minds are backwards and repressive. Moreover, the Left can scorn them without fear of repercussion, with part of the reason being that they’re not afraid of Christians chopping anyone’s head off. Try making a character in a cutting-edge TV series calling Mohammed a pedophile for consummating his marriage with his child bride Aisha and watch the reaction.

Yes, according to Hollywood, Christianity is for knuckle-dragging rubes. But when its moral codes are absent, guess what happens?

To borrow a quote from the classic movie Casablanca:

And just like Captain Renault, we’re shocked! shocked! to find out that sexual abuse is now rampant in Hollywood, too.

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Kim is a pint-sized patriot who packs some big contradictions. She is a Baby Boomer who never became a hippie, an active Republican who first registered as a Democrat (okay, it was to help a sorority sister's father in his run for sheriff), and a devout Lutheran who practices yoga. Growing up in small-town Indiana, now living in the Kansas City metro, Kim is a conservative Midwestern gal whose heart is also in the Seattle area, where her eldest daughter, son-in-law, and grandson live. Kim is a working speech pathologist who left school system employment behind to subcontract to an agency, and has never looked back. She describes her conservatism as falling in the mold of Russell Kirk's Ten Conservative Principles. Don't know what they are? Google them!

  • Skillyboo says:

    I remember when Friday primetime TV used be filled with family themed shows and all that has been replaced with witches, zombies, alternative lifestyles and other excrement meant to shatter the outdated (in Lala land) image of what a family is comprised of and replace it with their perversions as the new normal.

  • GWB says:

    two gay Josephs
    two lesbian Marys, complete with Baby Jesus in rainbow-hued swaddling clothes
    That’s not how this works. That’s not how any of this works……….

    And, yeah, I saw the ad for SMILF on Hulu the other day. My first reaction was “You people actually made a show with a title that is an acronym with the F-word in it?!?!? WTF?!?” *smh*
    (And the character’s mother is named “Tutu”? Oh yeah, that family is bound to be f-ed up. Guaranteed.)

    Christians … are backwards and repressive
    Yeah, right. *looks around* Who are the ones being complained about right now? Yeah, all those ‘feminists’. You know, the ones who threw out all those morals that said “men should be chivalrous” and “save sex for that one person”. How’s that working out for you, bub?

    (Oh, and leftists, don’t even think about putting Keillor over on our slate. He hasn’t been a Christian or Lutheran – by the doctrinal and scriptural definition – in a very long time. You own him.)

  • MikeE says:

    Increasingly, we live in a culture that finds transgressiveness not only acceptable, but laudable. Respect for law diminishes accordingly.

  • C.Nelson says:

    I love by accident I found your sight and love this blog about religion. Girl, you are like me
    although I ended up in Hawaii trying to stay conservative too with a middle attitude.

  • Steve S. says:

    From Slate magazine:

    “On July 14, 1956, Picturegoer, a British fan magazine, published the first chapter of an explosive four-part exposé about the casting couch that is simultaneously revelatory and depressing. It reveals that Weinstein’s playbook for allegedly abusing women would have been right at home in the 1950s.”


    While such things went on in other industries, it was shameful and hidden. Nowhere besides Hollywood was it ever celebrated so widely. And now Hollywood and the media are “shocked”? Spare me.

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