Nurse Sacked after Accusing Grandfather of Rape

Nurse Sacked after Accusing Grandfather of Rape

From across the Pond in the MailOnline we get this charming little tale of how a 25-year-old British woman accused her grandfather of raping her when she was a child. The reason? Natalie Mortimer figured if dear old Grandpa was convicted of rape and imprisoned she could get her grubby little hands on her inheritance money early. Fortunately her own mother grew suspicious of her claims, and dear Natalie finally confessed to the lies, but not before her grandfather spent time languishing in a jail cell, and the British police wasted some 175 hours investigating the case.  She was sentenced in January to 22 months in prison, and today we find that she was fired from her nursing job at the Aberdeen Royal Infirmary. (The MailOnline writes that she was “struck off” from her position. Don’t you just love British colloquialisms?)

Here’s dutiful granddaughter Natalie in cuffs outside the courthouse in January. Doesn’t she look remorseful?


So why should this curious little story matter to us here?

Earlier this month Wendy ‘Abortion Barbie’ Davis — you know, the Texas gubernatorial candidate who never met an abortion she didn’t like — called for dropping the statute of limitations on rape.  Because, she says, “My opponent, Greg Abbott, has ruled against sexual assault survivors time and again.” And because, according to feminists, women hardly ever lie about rape. And because. . . rape culture.

Sure. Ask Natalie Mortimer’s dear old grandfather. And ask Brian Banks of Long Beach, California. Or the Lacrosse players of Duke University in that famous scandal.  Or any of the multiple men listed by law professor Jonathan Turley in his article discussing disturbing cases of false rape accusations. Where do these men go to get their good names back?

Oh, but not to worry, good men of Texas. Because I have an idea.

Just like feminists believe they can teach men to not rape, we can teach women to not lie! That’s it! Texas men won’t have to worry about the spurned ex-girlfriend with the crazy eyes, or the bitter and vengeful ex-wife, or wicked connivers like Natalie Mortimer. Sociopathic liars can learn to refrain from lying, like sociopathic rapists (and sadists, and murderers) can learn to not rape, or torture, or murder.

Sisters, can I get an Amen?

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  • GWB says:

    And because, according to feminists, women hardly ever lie about rape.

    You could have linked to Vic’s response to y’all’s nail polish post, too. It’s statistical and stuff.

    • GWB says:

      Oh, and the only reason this went as long as it did is because it doesn’t take any proof or real evidence to accuse a man of rape (or sexual assault or child molestation) and ruin his life. It might still be required to convict him (in this country, for now), but not to accuse him.

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