Poll: ISIS is More Popular in France Than Gaza

Poll: ISIS is More Popular in France Than Gaza

As if it wasn’t disturbing enough that ISIS is highly supported in the Middle East, where they’re beheading their way across the land, now a poll in France shows that one in six people in France support the Islamic Caliphate that ISIS says it is bringing to the world.

Sixteen percent of French residents said that they would support the establishment of an Islamic “caliphate” in Iraq and Syria, and perhaps beyond.

French residents expressed the highest percentage of support for the Islamist group among residents of the three European countries polled on the issue – and in fact, more French residents as a percentage of the population support ISIS than do residents of Gaza, where only 13% of the population said they would be happy to see an Islamist state in the Middle East.

Considering France has the largest Muslim population in Western Europe, this should concern you—roughly about 10% of the country.  In addition, the majority of Muslims in France are Sunni…the exact same kind as ISIS.

Reaction from the White House?  One word: FORE!


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