North And South Korea: The Handshake That Rocked The World [VIDEO]

North And South Korea: The Handshake That Rocked The World [VIDEO]

North And South Korea: The Handshake That Rocked The World [VIDEO]

The world looks a bit different this morning and more than a few folks (mostly on the liberal side of the aisle) don’t quite know what to say or how to act. Why? An unprecedented handshake between two sworn enemies.

Keep in mind, the Korean War ended 65 years ago. However, no peace treaty was ever signed and tensions have remained extremely high all these years.

The stories that have emerged from that regime are horrific. One of the most recent stories was showcased by President Donald Trump at his State of the Union address in January. Ji Seong-ho’s story is one of exception courage and bravery under one of the harshest regimes in the world.

So, for this to happen within the last 24 hours is indeed a seismic shift.

As Austin Bay points out here, President Trump has said since 1999 that North Korea must be dealt with decisively.

Trump says, “First I’d negotiate and be sure I could get the best deal possible… These people in three or four years are going to have nuclear weapons… The biggest problem this world has is nuclear proliferation. And we have a country out there in North Korea which is sort of whacko, which is not a bunch of dummies and they are developing nuclear weapons… If that negotiation doesn’t work then better solve the problem now than solve it later.”

But no one in the American government listened. And of course, Obama was busy ignoring the horrific story regarding Otto Warmbier in favor of sending pallets of cash to Iran and throwing Gumby style red lines down in Syria.

Once President Trump was elected, he made it very clear that North Korea needs to be stopped. Kim Jong Un didn’t believe him and tested some more nuclear missiles. Trump retaliated on numerous fronts including using psychological pressure.

“Trump’s nicknames, like Crooked Hillary and Rocket Man, are such damningly effective political caricatures they become psychological weapons.

Insulting a dictator’s ‘dignity’ is a potentially valuable psychological weapon. Dictators demonstrate invulnerability by silencing and suppressing dissent and opposition using physical intimidation and coercion, to include mass murder.

Kim’s inability to stop Trump’s taunts or top his taunts demonstrate a kind of vulnerability on Kim’s part. I repeat, a kind of vulnerability. But vulnerable dictators don’t remain in power, not for long. If there is a time to rattle Kim Jong Un, it’s now, before he gets nukes and ICBMs that can incinerate Los Angeles.”

A combination of diplomacy, threats, coercion, psychological intimidation and other methods factored in to what we are seeing today.

Does this mean that we should relax our vigilance regarding North Korea? No

North Korea has nuclear capability that much is certain. How MUCH capability is the great unknown. In order for this first step to be successful, we must get North Korea to agree to have inspectors crawl over EVERY SINGLE nook and cranny in that country unimpeded.

Will that be agreed to? I am skeptical at this juncture. Keep in mind, North Korea is one of the most secretive regimes this world has ever seen. It’s going to take far more than a handshake and stepping across the border into South Korea for this to be a complete success.

That said, President Trump and his Administration have gotten this far with North Korea in a very short period of time. I commend him for that but also urge caution and continued vigilance.

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