The Harsh Truth About North Korea [VIDEO]

The Harsh Truth About North Korea [VIDEO]

The Harsh Truth About North Korea [VIDEO]

While the American media continues to absolutely beclown themselves over their new Gulag Queen, it would be a good idea for everyone to take a look at these images and remember just how evil, depraved, and horrific the regime in North Korea really is.

These are drawings made by former North Korean prisoners.

Get a good look at these. THIS is where Kim Yo Jong goes to work.

And even Jake Tapper is now fed up with the media coverage that has spent its credibility kissing up to North Korea.

From the Amnesty International informational overview regarding “Freedom of expression” in North Korea for journalists:

The authorities continued to impose severe restrictions on the right to freedom of expression, including the right to seek, receive and impart information regardless of national borders. The government persisted in restricting access to outside sources of information; there were no national independent newspapers, media or civil society organizations.

The professional activities of the very few international journalists allowed into the country remained severely restricted. BBC journalists visiting North Korea ahead of the Korean Workers’ Party Congress in May were briefly detained incommunicado, interrogated and expelled from the country because the government found the stories they produced highlighting aspects of everyday life in Pyongyang to be ‘disrespectful’. Agence France-Presse became one of the very few foreign media companies to operate in North Korea when it opened a Pyongyang office in September.

Almost everyone was denied internet and international mobile phone services. North Koreans who lived close to the Chinese border took significant risks in using smuggled mobile phones connected to Chinese networks in order to make contact with individuals abroad. People who did not own such phones had to pay exorbitant fees to brokers in order to make international calls. The use of smuggled mobile phones to connect to Chinese mobile networks exposed everyone involved to increased surveillance, as well as the risk of arrest and detention on various charges, including espionage.3

The existing computer network remained available to a very limited number of people, providing access to domestic websites and email services only. In September, the misconfiguration of a server in North Korea revealed to the world that the network contained only 28 websites, all controlled by official bodies or state-owned enterprises.

Don’t look at the responses to Tapper’s tweet. They are full of willfully blind and ignorant apologists who missed the entire point of Tapper’s post and are crying “BUT BUT BUT THE UNITED STATES.” These people need help.

North Korea has been, under the Kim family rule, a place of tyrannical human rights abuses. We should not be playing fake-nice with this trash.

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  • parker says:

    These young men experienced horrors and depravity similar to victioms of the Holocaust. The difference is this has be going on NK for almost 7 decades. Moonbat lefties should be given all expenses paid opportunities to defect to this commie sh÷thole. They are just brainwashed as those living in the hell of life in NK.

  • GWB says:

    I have a hard time believing the “rats eating the bodies”. Because I was pretty confident I heard there are no rats left in NK – they’ve been eaten by the populace.

    Yeah, competing horrors is pretty much the definition of NK.

    They didn’t illegally execute Julius and Ethel Rosenberg for all the Americans killed in the Korean War.
    WTF? This demonstrates a total lack of knowledge and comprehension.
    This sort of stupid is why we can’t have nice things government.

  • David says:

    Who gave the MSM their marching orders to push this new narrative?
    Who coordinates?

    We know.

    Why now?
    What’s the purpose?

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