No MSNBC, ‘Top Gun: Maverick’ Isn’t A Sick Insidious Movie

No MSNBC, ‘Top Gun: Maverick’ Isn’t A Sick Insidious Movie

No MSNBC, ‘Top Gun: Maverick’ Isn’t A Sick Insidious Movie

According to MSNBC editor, Zeeshan Aleem, “Top Gun: Maverick” is a slick but very sick movie promoting insidious propaganda.

While Aleem seemingly enjoyed the flight scenes, it was all the rest that was so problematic because of the overt and covert propaganda in the film. I mean, how DARE we enjoy a movie that highlights and yes celebrates both our military and the ethos within??!!

But “Top Gun” is as insidious as it is entertaining. It does not merely revive a forgotten human-centered spectacle; it also beckons for a return to accepting the American war machine as a beacon of virtue and excitement. It’s a poisonous kind of nostalgia, one that smuggles love of endless war into a celebration of live action. 

Oh, so this one movie is going to have every 18 year old running to the recruiters to sign up to be a naval aviator? Wow, that’s a lot of influence! And really, having the Department of Defense have a say in the movie? That’s truly beyond the pale, so let’s clutch pearls. 

“Top Gun” is literal propaganda: In exchange for access to military aircraft, the producers of the movie agreed to allow the Defense Department to include its own “key talking points” in the script. Perhaps equally important, the script had to be written in a manner that flatters the military in order to secure the buy-in of the Pentagon. (Even then, defense officials requested “revisions” to the characters and their actions.) This collaboration in jingoism is evident throughout the script.

Every good military movie worth its salt has ALWAYS had the DoD involved to try and get things correct. From the military uniforms to the medals on the uniforms, the equipment, the armament, saluting…to be done correctly, why yes it’s a damn good idea to have the DoD involved. 

But for all those who went to see Top Gun: Maverick, some more than once including me and most of my family, what we were supposedly unaware of is that we were being “primed for warfare.” 

He returned to a general critique of the film, saying, “War is portrayed purely as a source of glory and camaraderie for Maverick and his colleagues, who are all attractive people and manage to pull off their daring mission with zero casualties. Their training involves speed, sport and glamour.”

He added, “Much of the movie has the feel of a racing or sports movie, gamifying the use of lethal technology and geopolitical intervention as a contest of precise oneupmanship.”

First of all, the original Top Gun and now Maverick are, in my opinion, widely popular for a couple of reasons. One, neither movie catered to woke agendas. They both told a story plus a story within the story. And, quite honestly, the flight scenes were amazing!!

Secondly, Maverick came at the right time for many. 

We were just months out from the horror, pain, and outrage over the Afghanistan withdrawal that left many abandoned, billions in arms and equipment left behind, and thirteen American soldiers dead along with many more gravely injured. 

‘Top Gun: Maverick’ helped us remember to take pride in our military (NOT the woke crappy generals), and to remember and realize once again that this Republic is great and worth celebrating for a multitude of reasons. 

But nooooo, we watched a film and because we enjoyed it, AND it didn’t have any America hatred in it, we are the baddies. 

Far left media outlets and writers have become conditioned to view entertainment as a venue to promote progressive ideology.

Instead of movies being, you know, a product, which people should generally enjoy, they want each story to advance liberal ideals.

America is bad being one of them.

“Top Gun” was a slap in the face, partially because it was so successful.

Aleem fails to realize that woke propaganda such as what Disney has been peddling, has led to Disney’s box office demise. 

What the success of ‘Top Gun: Maverick’ shows is that Americans don’t want liberal ideology shoved down our throats. What we want is a movie that entertains. A movie that makes us laugh, makes us cry, has us at the edge of our seats, and ultimately has us wanting to watch it again and again. And yes, I needed a LOT of Kleenex for the scene with Iceman.

‘Top Gun: Maverick’ did all of that and more. Which is a bad thing according to Zeeshan Aleem of MSNBC. 

Aleem doesn’t want movies that are pro-America. That much is very clear. The great thing about this Republic is that he has every right to offer up his opinion, and call anyone who disagrees with him a Nazi.

And we have every right to tell him he’s full of crap. If Maverick wins even just ONE of the awards the movie is nominated for tonight, wanna bet Aleem will run another opinion piece about how the Oscar voters bought into the Maverick propaganda narrative? 

As for me, I’ll take a movie like ‘Top Gun: Maverick’ over woke ideology crap any day of the week and twice on Sundays! 

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Feature Photo Credit: Fa-18 Super Hornets in flight via Pixabay, cropped and modified

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  • Liz says:

    Well said!
    Per those “18 year olds”….in truth, I know many many officers who were inspired to sign on by the first Top Gun.
    Not just the Navy, USAF was just as popular or more so.
    Not just pilots, but folks who wanted to be pilots and were disqualified for whatever reason but then decided to stay in.

  • Liz says:

    Side note: In order to film on military bases and use military aircraft, it isn’t exactly a tall order to reflect favorably on the folks you’re depending on. Especially since the air bosses (military pilots) can often collaborate schedules and make the scenes part of a training exercise. Which means the use of aircraft is free.

  • Reed Thompson says:

    This movie was horrible… The CGI aviation scenes were cool, but the movie, plot, story, writing, acting were all terrible,,, It was basically a remake of the first movie with the ‘mission’ this time being a Star Wars Death Star trench run… Dumb.

    • Liz says:

      That is not a popular opinion.

    • Darleen Click says:

      Um … there was very little CGI in the film. That ‘trench’ is an actual training course for pilots and military pilots flew those sequences (they were in the front seat, cameras on the actors in the back seat so you are seeing the pull of actual g-forces on them).

      Because it was real, it added to a huge amount of thrill in watching. I personally loved the film, not just for that but because Cruise never hid the wrinkles on his face and his character rekindles a romance with a mature woman (we see her wrinkles, too). Refreshing.

  • Liz says:

    For folks who might not know, terrain masking is a real thing (not some copy of a scene from star wars, cool though that was).

  • Michael Rittenhouse says:

    To the left, it appears, everything has to be political. Entertainment, included.

    Remember when Steve Martin, fresh on the stand-up scene in the early 1970s, was criticized for peddling “junk comedy” — because he didn’t target conservatives with his jokes?

  • Ralph Gizzip says:

    Opinions are like anuses and that seems to be where Mr. Aleem obtained his.
    What really upset him about the movie was because, in his opinion, the good guys lost.

  • GWB says:

    What Zee fails to note (as do ALL Progressives) is that it’s not about it being propaganda – it’s about it being the wrong kind of propaganda.

    I also wonder if Zee is an American.

    • Scott says:

      Good question GWB.. I’d also wonder how much he donates to al qaeda, hamas, muslim brotherhood, etc… Not to mention antifa and burn, loot, murder…

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