Afghanistan Fallout: One Year Later

Afghanistan Fallout: One Year Later

Afghanistan Fallout: One Year Later

It has been a full year since we all saw with our own eyes Afghanistan falling to pieces as the Taliban swept across the country in less than a week.

Today marks the anniversary of the collapse of the American-backed Afghan government, with then-President Ashraf Ghani hopping a plane and deserting the country. Today is the day, one year ago, that the American flag came down over our embassy in Kabul. One year ago, Joe Biden and his advisory team’s sheer incompetence and arrogance ensured our defeat at the hands of the Taliban, costing the lives of thirteen American servicemembers, and the lives of thousands of Afghan civilians.

One year after this absolute debacle, Joe Biden sits on a beach in South Carolina, hoping that the American public has forgotten about Afghanistan.

However, there are plenty of people who have not forgotten about what happened a year ago in Afghanistan. The families of the 13 servicemen and women have not forgotten. They had to deal with the sheer disrespect by President Check My Watch as their loved ones came home in flag-draped caskets. They have struggled through their first Memorial Day as Gold Star Families. And now one family is suffering from even more loss.

The GOP has not forgotten about Afghanistan. Yesterday, the House GOP announced that they will be releasing a report on the Biden administration’s failures during the withdrawl from Afghanistan this week – and the details are nothing short of damning.

The U.S. government has evacuated more than 800 American citizens from Afghanistan since the Taliban swept to power and U.S. troops officially left the country last August, according to data provided by House GOP investigators and the State Department.”

The figure, which hasn’t been previously reported, highlights the ongoing nature of the efforts to make contact with and ultimately evacuate hundreds of Americans who were unable to leave Afghanistan as the U.S. military rapidly withdrew from the country last summer.”

The data also underscores that hundreds more Americans were left behind in Afghanistan than was previously known.”

A State Department spokesperson confirmed the number of evacuated American citizens, and added that at least 600 legal permanent residents of the U.S. have also been evacuated since American boots left the ground.”

Two weeks after the last U.S. plane left Kabul on Aug. 30, 2021, Secretary of State Antony Blinken told lawmakers that there were only 100 Americans citizens left in Afghanistan who wanted to leave, emphasizing that the estimate was a “snapshot in time.” By February 2022, the U.S. had evacuated 479 Americans from Afghanistan, according to a Senate Foreign Relations Committee GOP report.”

Now, an investigation by the House Foreign Affairs Committee’s Republican staff has found that 800 Americans were helped out of Afghanistan, indicating that the Biden administration either undercounted the number of Americans who wanted to depart the country or saw an uptick in the number of citizens willing to leave.”

If my math is correct, that is over 1400 people, American citizens and permanent legal residents, who were left behind. We knew that “100 American citizens” line was a lie almost from the jump (how Blinken’s Underoos didn’t spontaneously combust when he claimed only 100 American citizens were still in Afghanistan is beyond me), and any honest media would have been beating this administration over the head for abandoning American citizens to a hostile force. We don’t have an honest media, we have bootlickers who are now shocked, SHOCKED, at the total number of Americans left behind. And this report by the Republican House Foreign Affairs Committee members will demonstrate just how willfully stupid and gullible the Biden administration was.

Rep. Mike McCaul, the top Republican on the House Foreign Affairs Committee, criticized the White House and State Department for the chaotic withdrawal of U.S. troops from Afghanistan one year ago, saying “there was no plan” for pulling out of the country.”

“There are many sins, if you will,” McCaul said in an interview with “Face the Nation.” “There was a complete lack and failure to plan. There was no plan and there was no plan executed. And, to your point, you know, even beforehand, I think the State Department probably didn’t have the resources it needed to carry out an evacuation of this size and enormity.”

What will the Biden administration say in response to this report? Oh, they plan on putting out their OWN memo that says everything was Trump’s fault!

The memo argues the GOP report is “riddled with false claims” and puts the onus on former President Trump for striking a 2020 deal with the Taliban — known as the “Doha agreement” — to evacuate the U.S. from the region by May 2021.”

The White House argues top intelligence professionals assessed the U.S. would “ultimately need to send more American troops into harm’s way just to keep the stalemate in a 20-year war from degrading,” and Biden refused to do that.”

The White House also touts the recent strike that killed al-Qaeda leader Ayman al-Zawahiri as evidence the U.S. does not need a permanent troop presence to defend against terrorism.”

Bragging about taking out the leader of al Qaeda while he was living openly in the middle of Kabul is one way to try to defend the administration from their incompetence, especially after proclaiming that al Qaeda was no longer in Afghanistan. I’m not sure this memo “blaming Trump” (what else is new) is going to be a plausible defense for Biden.

And the Afghan women have not forgotten what happened a year ago, when their lives and rights were abruptly shattered. Some brave women actually held a protest in Kabul, trying to demand change, before they were stopped.

About 40 women marched through the Afghan capital demanding rights, before the Taliban broke it up by firing into the air.”

The fighters seized their mobile phones, stopping one of the first women’s protests in months.”

Since the Taliban takeover, women rights’ have been severely restricted.”

The protesters chanted demands for “bread, work and freedom”, carrying a banner reading “August 15 is a black day” – a reference to the day the Taliban captured Kabul in 2021.”

“They didn’t beat us much this time,” one of the protesters told the BBC.”

“They acted differently than earlier protests [when we were beaten]. They fired shots in the air. Though we’re afraid we came out to advocate for the rights of girls, so that at least the Taliban will open schools for them.”

What does Joe Biden care about the struggles of the Afghan women who are locked out of schools, jobs, and forced to cover themselves and stay home? He’s on VACATION, everyone. No comment, no public events, no cares in the world, no thoughts in his brain. That might be the only thing that hasn’t changed in a year.

Joe Biden has forgotten about Afghanistan unless he can make it serve his political purposes. His administration is determined to bury the memory of what happened in Afghanistan because of their failures. The question is, one year later, do YOU remember when Afghanistan fell? And are you going to going to remember when you vote in November?

Featured image via GDJ on Pixabay, cropped, Pixabay license

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  • Kevin says:

    Okay, so Biden so be put to death for his decision to pull out of Afghanistan. His predecessor, The F%@king Genius (TFG), wanted to pull out even earlier. Thank God TFG lost by millions and millions of votes and now is being investigated for espionage and selling America’s secrets. For the past five years I’ve been telling people TFG is the Manchurian Candidate and every day that passes we get closer to the truth of how much of traitor he is. I digress …

    Here’s where the republicans always fail … so, the pull-out was a debacle, the worst event in the earth’s history, the most egregious and worst decision ever made … we get that. That’s the easy thing to figure out which only takes an IQ of about 74.

    What do the republicans want to do about it now? That’s the question. Republicans can behave like chimpanzees throwing their feces on the wall hoping something sticks. Do they want to go back into Afghanistan? Send troops? Conduct a special mission to “rescue” the thousands of American Citizens being tortured raped and abused by the Taliban? What is it? What in the frick do you want?

    Oh, now I remember. The republicans never have an alternative; all they do is act like Chimpanzees.

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