No, I Won’t Stand With Ilhan Omar … EVER

No, I Won’t Stand With Ilhan Omar … EVER

No, I Won’t Stand With Ilhan Omar … EVER

Because Trump said stuff over the last few days that has singled out the four noisy horseladies of the Apocalypse (H/T the late Wesley Pruden), everyone is leaping to their defense. Now we have an idiotic and misguided #IStandWithIlhan trend percolating on Twitter. Count me out. I won’t stand with Ilhan for multiple reasons.

Immigration: She is a fan of Sanctuary Cities. Ilhan agrees with AOC that the detention centers on our border are actually ‘concentration camps.’ Ilhan voted AGAINST the Emergency Supplemental bill that provided additional funds and resources for those very detention centers. She’s all about humanitarian aid you see, unless it’s coming from the Trump Administration. Because it is, all those illegals on the border that she is so concerned about can go pound sand.

Foreign Policy: She slammed those who died and survived the “Black Hawk Down” incident because they are all warmongers just like this current Administration. She doesn’t believe in forced regime change, only change from within. Which is interesting given that just weeks after she was elected to Congress she zipped over to Somalia for a visit and helped get a guy elected President, Mohamed Abdullahi Mohamed, known as “Farmaajo” (“Cheese”), who was STILL an employee of the NY Dept of Transportation in the Buffalo office! Question: Where did he get the money to run for office and how was it that he won after only campaigning for a MONTH?

Domestic Policy: Ilhan is all in for the $15 wage, Medicare for All, and AOC’s cow farting Green New Deal. She is all in on abortion. Capitalism is a dirty word with her. Ilhan, just like the rest of the noisy horseladies, is a socialist through and through.

Immigration/Marriage fraud issues: Where to begin? How about with Scott Johnson’s multiple posts since 2016 that you can find here? How about David Steinberg’s tweets with links to the multiple articles he has written. Again, they’ve been writing on this since early to mid-2016 when she was running for Congress. Where was the media in Minnesota? Hiding their heads in the sand. Fast forward to a few weeks ago when the campaign board found she’d used $3,500 in funds for personal use and suddenly the media started waking up. Of course, the Star Tribune’s article on June 23rd lifted extensively from Scott Johnson and David Steinberg (without attribution I might add), but at least they put it out there that there’s a serious fraud issue with her.

Now that Trump was asked about it yesterday, the media is ALL OVER IT! Well somewhat. Lots of media firefighters leaped to her defense. But some, such as the Daily Mail, have realized there is something there!

“‘I’m not legally married to two people, but I am legally married to one and culturally married to another.’ That’s how Ilhan Omar’s campaign spokesman Ben Goldfarb summarized Omar’s conjugal arrangements in an email in August 2016, when Omar was running for Congress and her advisers were trying to stifle allegations of double marriage — with a man alleged to be her brother.”

Horseshit. She can tap dance all she wants, but the documents sourced by David Steinberg and others show that she was essentially married to TWO men. She wants us to believe that marrying and then divorcing Husband 1 in their ‘faith’ tradition is no big deal. Except for one thing. For many faiths, if you marry in that tradition …guess what? YOU ARE MARRIED.

Via Powerline and David, this chart and their MUST READ post shows that it is likely that serious immigration fraud took place.

Photo credit: Powerline blog

Anti-Semitism: Ilhan Omar has made it abundantly clear that she supports Palestine and wants Israel obliterated from the earth. Her commentary and ‘All about the Benjamin’ tweets weren’t bugs, they are features. The House’s tepid slap on the wrist essentially emboldened her to continue with her anti-Semitic tropes. Her support of CAIR, friendship with Linda Sarsour, and now her resolution supporting the virulent anti-Israel pro-Palestine BDS group whom Legal Insurrection has written about extensively, should be cause to strip her from her seat on the House Foreign Policy committee.

Yes, she really compared BDS to the Boston Tea Party and evoked Martin Luther King as her defense of such a group.

Congressman Lee Zeldin was having none of it.

Yet, because Trump said something, people are flocking to her side.

Yeah, that’s some kind of salute isn’t it. Is she sorry for her anti-Semitism? NOPE

Meanwhile Ilhan did a clappy classless victory dance on the House floor last night.

That attitude along with her denials regarding her possible immigration fraud, her blatant anti-Semitism, and her outright disdain if not hatred for this United States is why I will never ever stand with Ilhan Omar. She is dangerous and should be stripped of her committee assignments and voted out of office.

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  • Scott says:

    Agree 100% Nina, though she will never be voted out of office, because she truly does represent the “wretched hive of scum and villany” (thanks George Lucas) that elected her. Most of her district has a very similar background as her, and anti-semitism is definitely NOT frowned upon in that area.
    She needs to be investigated, and if she did commit immigration fraud, she needs to have her citizenship stripped, and be booted back to Somalia.

  • No one seems to recall that as Secretary of State Hilliary Clinton claimed she could unilaterally strip Americans of their citizenship. There was remarkably little complaint then, yet she was making a threat.

    President Trump simply asked these America-hating scoundrels to go away. Outrage ensues.

    I understand that Hilliary was wrong and there’s no legal basis for deporting the girl scoundrels, but “send her back” is hilarious and I share the sentiment.

    • Scott says:

      He didn’t even say they should go away permanently. He said they should go back, try their hair-brained ideas in the areas they fled, but seem to love, and if they can figure how to make them work, then come back and show us how it’s done.. basically, let them use their ancestral shitholes as guinea pigs for their socialist ideas, not our country

    • Joe Rota says:

      Scott has it right, They were elected, here is the problem not who was elected but how and why. If there was anything illegal done by anyone they should be charged and prosecuted!

  • GWB says:

    Can we start a #IStandWithSendingIlhanHome hashtag? Or is that too long?

  • GWB says:

    She doesn’t believe in forced regime change, only change from within.
    Which is ironic, considering how hard she’s trying to force “regime change” here – from within!

    early to mid-2016 when she was running for Congress
    Actually, that was when she was running for the Minnesota legislature. She ran for Congress in 2018.
    (Yeah, like Barry, she failed upward pretty damn fast.)
    (And, yes, Daily Mail screws it up, too, though I’m not sure if they got the date of the email wrong, or what she was running for.)

    serious immigration fraud
    Pfft. Not serious at all. Now, trying to get MILLIONS of people into this country on the idea of asylum when they have absolutely no basis for the claim…. Now THAT’S serious immigration fraud! (See, she was just working her way up – from 1 to 1,000,000.)

    should be cause to strip her from her seat on the House Foreign Policy committee
    Arguably, her support of CAIR should have her stripped of her seat entirely. But we don’t live in that world right now.

    0mar is a liar, a thief, and a seditionist. She should be voted out, then tarred and feathered and ridden out of town on a rail. But… “we don’t live in that world right now.”

  • Scott says:

    ” (See, she was just working her way up – from 1 to 1,000,000.)”.. reminds me of the comment, paraphrased, “kill one person, it’s a murder, kill a million, it’s a statistic”….

  • John Reece says:

    “Culturally married” to a 2nd person? That’s what the fundamentalist Mormon polygamists in southern Utah (and ‘Big Love’) do. Only the first wife is legally married, the rest after that are married in the “faith tradition”, i.e., they’re legally just cohabiting.

  • Alec Rawls says:

    Ilhan Omar is a member of al Qaeda. She was a CAIR board member. CAIR was created by Hamas, the so-called “Palestinian wing” of al Qaeda. If you are part of a subsidiary of al Qaeda you are part of al Qaeda.

    Standing with Omar = standing with al Qaeda, and the activist Democrats all know it. She has never hidden her sympathy for Islamic terrorism.

  • David Byler says:

    not only will I never stand with this dreg, I simply can’t stand her

  • Nancy Barberis says:

    Isn’t she illegal, Are her comments not treasonous?

    • Nina Bookout says:

      No, Ilhan is a legal citizen of the United States, otherwise she would never have been eligible to run for Congress.

  • w k smith says:

    I can.t stand her and it’s time to send her home to the mid east..

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