No Hillary The Fake News ‘Epidemic’ Wasn’t The Reason You Lost, You Were [VIDEO]

No Hillary The Fake News ‘Epidemic’ Wasn’t The Reason You Lost, You Were [VIDEO]

No Hillary The Fake News ‘Epidemic’ Wasn’t The Reason You Lost, You Were [VIDEO]

Harry Reid’s retirement was a big deal on Capital Hill yesterday. I have to wonder how many of those in the audience were thrilled beyond all measure that he’s finally leaving?

Needless to say, the afternoon was full of fake cheer, glossing over the numerous low points of his career, debuting a portrait that is missing an eye patch, and weird hugs errrr poses.

Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, left, smiles as Senate Minority Leader Sen. Harry Reid, D-Nev., poses her for a photograph during a ceremony to unveil a portrait of Reid, on Capitol Hill, Thursday, Dec. 8, 2016, in Washington. (AP Photo/Evan Vucci)

Okayyy. Somehow I don’t think Hillary is a fan of Harry Reid touching her…but I digress. An important aspect of the unveiling involved Hillary giving a speech. Supposedly Harry Reid was the focus. However, she couldn’t resist her own bit of post mortem analysis of her failed bid for the Presidency.

Yes indeed. Hillary reappeared. No selfies in the woods this time. Just a speech given while wearing a blindingly purple pantsuit. It was kind of an interesting pity party.

In other words… Hey! I get to make a speech and be in the news again! Yay me!!

Wait, stop the presses! Which news would she be referring to? The REAL news or the oh so dangerous epidemic of “fake news?”

Those watching could draw only one conclusion from that bit. According to Hillary, everyone else – including so-called “FAKE NEWS” is to blame for her loss. As for Hillary taking ANY of the blame on herself? Not A Chance.

News Flash Hillary! The reason you will not be, thank heavens, waltzing into the White House in January is because of YOU.

You are the one who blew what should’ve been a cake walk campaign into the White House to smithereens, and boy howdy you did it in style. This insightful analysis, in my opinion, hits the nail on the head.

A. Democrats AND Hillary need to take ownership of their loss. They aren’t as evidenced by Jennifer Palmierie’s meltdown. Hillary certainly isn’t.

B. Hillary never showed up in the upper Midwest, traditionally a place where Democrats win. She didn’t and that’s on her

C. Hillary and Democrats blaming ‘unfair media’ coverage ..and now “fake news?” Wanna compare notes on the majorly negative 24/7 coverage of Trump vs Hillary’s love fest? Uh huh…that’s what I thought.

D.  Instead of campaigning in August after the convention, Hillary went home and took naps. Only appearing at key multimillion dollar fundraisers with Cher and others.

E. Then there was the 9/11 stumble/fainting/pneumonia thing.

F. Advertising. Hillary, take notes. When your ad campaign comes across as condescending and your overriding theme is that Trump is either a big jerk or class clown, you’ll lose votes. And you did.

G. Vision for the country? Vision for the future? Policy issues kept simple or even be fresh and new instead of retreading policies from the ’90’s? Any of those possibly would’ve helped. Ahhh – but too late now!

Hillary, the reason you lost isn’t because of “Fake News.” The reason you lost ISN’T because the media wasn’t your friend, they were and they still are. The reason you lost ISN’T because of some video or that FBI investigation or because you and the Democrats decided it was YOUR turn because you know that Woman card thing.

Nope, it wasn’t any of that. Hillary, you want to know why you lost? Its because just enough Americans and electoral voters, all part of your dreaded ‘basket of deplorables’ saw right through you. Hillary, the fact that you cannot take ownership of your own role in losing the bid for the White House speaks volumes. And quite frankly, makes me very glad that you won’t be taking that oath of office on January 20, 2017.

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  • Rusty Shackleford says:

    She INVENTED fake news!! Anybody remember her dodging sniper fire in Bosnia? How about her speech when the caskets of the fallen in Benghazi were brought home and she told us it was all on account of an internet video? All fake, just like her and His Obamaness’ “legacy”…..

    • Nina says:

      You are spot on. Which is ironic since, according to HER logic, there’s “fake news” and then there is her narrative. Which includes blaming everyone but herself for her loss. 😉

  • Cindy says:

    Very good article..but there are still so many Hillary voters who seem to be in pain. I know we’re not supposed to care but alot of people do. If the right continues gloating and calling peoole snowflakes, etc., things will not change. Trump’s recent decisions are winning over the center left one person at a time. His “Thank You: speeches are helping. We know there are those who will be forever angry about their loss. Please continue to pray Trump will never stop pleading for us to come together. When we repost some nasty comment put out by liberals to enrage us, when we respond to celebrities in a mean way in a tweet, we are PROMOTING hate. Just like the media.

  • jacmo says:

    If the voter fraud that is suspected to have happened in Wayne County (Detroit) is just a symptom of the fraud that is happening nationwide then ‘fake news’ would be a non story because Hillary and democrats overall would have lost in a landslide.

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