New Whistleblower From IRS Spins A Story To The Washington Post

New Whistleblower From IRS Spins A Story To The Washington Post

New Whistleblower From IRS Spins A Story To The Washington Post

Suddenly we have a new whistleblower! This one is from the IRS, and he/she went running to the Washington Post this week after lodging the complaint with Richard Neal (D-Mass), Chair of the House Ways and Means Committee.

This new complaint supposedly centers around a specific audit process that is designed to only audit the President and Vice President tax returns.

Keep in mind that President Trump has steadfastly refused to make his tax returns public, and refuses to turn them over to Congress. So what did Congress do this summer? Launch a lawsuit. Isn’t it interesting that, after the lawsuit is filed, a whistleblower shows up with a formal complaint on July 29th?

Per the Washington Post with it’s gleeful exclusive, here are a few key points:

  • Everyone, in addition to the whistleblower, who talked to the WaPo did so anonymously
  • The complaint supposedly had “potential ‘inappropriate efforts to influence’ the audit program.”
  • Whistleblower is a career IRS official, but wouldn’t give any specifics as to what the complaint was about.
  • Whistleblower alleges improper communication between IRS and Treasury regarding the presidential tax audit program, but no one, not even the WaPo, is able to verify the allegation.

The IRS whistleblower complaint wasn’t big news in July. But it is now. I wonder why? Perhaps because of the other whistleblower complaint floating around? The one that has more tentacles than an octopus? The one where it’s now known that the “unbiased” whistleblower is a Democrat?

Speaking of bias. Check this quote out from the IRS whistleblower.

““Anyone who knows me knows I would not hesitate to do the same, as would most career IRS public servants, regardless of any political preference,” he said. “I take very seriously the duty of career civil servants to act with integrity and perform our duties impartially, even at the risk that someone will make a charge of bias.””

Oh really?? This whistleblower is a career IRS official. Who says he/she has always been impartial and never been biased when performing their duties. We are supposed to believe that the IRS is ALWAYS impartial??

First of all, taxes aren’t impartial and never have been. Secondly, Lois Lerner anyone? Let’s talk missing emails. Let’s talk about how she magically escaped contempt charges and therefore faced exactly ZERO consequences for the IRS targeting Tea Party organizations. According to Lois, NONE of what happened was driven by partisan motives. Boy howdy, do I have a tropical oasis on a glacier to sell you!

It’s lecture time from the new whistleblower!

““I steadfastly refuse to discuss the substance or details of the complaint, but I have some legitimate concerns about reckless statements being made about whistleblowers,” he said. He said such statements “attack the messenger when the focus should be on the facts that were presented. I am concerned also by the relative silence of people who should be repudiating these dangerous attacks in the strongest terms.””

No bias there guys! None whatsoever. Whistleblower literally points the finger at Trump and the rest who are calling the credibility of the whistleblowers (plural) into question. Never mind the fact that everything we know thus far is based upon the GOSSIP GAME! Someone heard something from the 19th person on the party line and it’s the truth!

Gosh, that gossip game is something else.

Meanwhile, whatever you do, don’t attack those supremely brave whistleblowers for showing up with their version of the gossip game…unless you want Adam Schiff leap to your defense.

Quite a number of so-called journalists and others are hoping this means Trump will finally release his tax returns.

Given that members of the House and Senate have sat on this since the end of July, and given that what we DO know about this complaint is based upon ‘someone said something!,’ I don’t think Trump’s tax returns will be released anytime soon.

We are now in the whack-a-mole whistleblower madness. The game is titled ‘Let’s keep throwing whistleblowers at the wall to get Trump, and one of them will FINALLY stick! The opposition has quite the game plan don’t they? Keep digging guys, eventually you’ll get to China.

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  • Wfjag says:

    Let me guess the next revelation – the IRS “Whistle Blower” was a protege of Lois Learner.

  • GWB says:

    the whack-a-mole whistleblower madness
    Also called a “fishing expedition.”

    I wonder, though….
    Given some of the wording, and the lack of specificity in the reporting, I have to wonder if this whistleblower isn’t actually upset by some anti-Trump animus in those about whom he is complaining. That they aren’t protecting the President, but allowing their politics to excuse not protecting a citizen’s privacy.

    It’s just a thought, based on their desperation to find anything on Trump.

  • BRWombat says:

    “Aha, Now We’ve Got Him”® #576. Pathetic.

  • JoeO says:

    The Swamp is broad and deep and its creatures viciously defend their rice bowls.
    In a CYA culture, lying in a “good” cause is rewarded. These people have no honor.

    The distance from “pencil whipping” to false allegations is but a short journey.

  • Kaiser Derden says:

    keep digging guys … THERE has to be a pony underneath it all …

  • Thirdtwin says:

    Two questions:

    How come the Office of Special Counsel, which is supposedly the place where government whistleblowers go to get protection, not involved with either this tattler or the first tattler?

    Why is John McCain’s former staff director, Henry Kerner, heading the Office of Special Counsel?

  • Thirdtwin says:

    Wfjag, speaking of Henry Kerner and Lois Lerner…

    “Henry Kerner, urged top IRS officials, including then-director of exempt organizations Lois Lerner, to “audit so many that it becomes financially ruinous.”

  • talgus says:

    as a taxpayer that supports all “you career civil servants”. time for you all to go. No more careers on at the public money trough. the bureaucracy needs to turn every few years. 10 at the most. the intelligence lifers that are attempting to oust my President need exit papers. Now.

  • askeptic says:

    “…Keep digging guys, eventually you’ll get to China.” – where you’ll be shot.

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