NBA Chickens Out, Kisses Up To China

NBA Chickens Out, Kisses Up To China

NBA Chickens Out, Kisses Up To China

The NBA just proved that they are run by a load of moral cowards.

While the world watches Hong Kong and the cry for freedom that its citizens are trying to gasp out under the heel of Chinese communism and repression, Houston Rockets general manager Daryl Morey tweeted out a simple image that said “Fight For Freedom, Stand With Hong Kong.” That was all.

China saw it. China looked at the NBA, and said, “Wow, what a nice league you have. Be a shame if something happened to those partnerships that China has with the NBA, now, wouldn’t it?”

The National Basketball Association is now China’s most popular sports league and has formed partnerships with some of the country’s biggest tech companies. It also opened NBA retail stores there.”

A Chinese Consulate-General spokesperson in Houston attacked the tweet and “urged” the Rockets to “correct the error.”

“We are deeply shocked by the erroneous comments on Hong Kong made by Mr. Daryl Morey, general manager of the Houston Rockets. We have lodged representations and expressed strong dissatisfaction with the Houston Rockets, and urged the latter to correct the error and take immediate concrete measures to eliminate the adverse impact,” the spokesperson said on Sunday.”

The Consulate-General in Houston is an extension of the Chinese diplomatic mission in the United States.”

Morey’s initial tweet also drew condemnation from the Chinese Basketball Association. “The Chinese basketball association has expressed strong opposition to the remarks, and will suspend communication and cooperation with the Houston Rockets club,” the organization said on Sunday on its Twitter-like Weibo account, per a CNBC translation.”

And the NBA leadership, being cowardly little shits, made Morey delete his tweet, and issue an apology on Twitter.

The NBA issued their own statement as well.

But here’s where it gets worse. The NBA gave out TWO DIFFERENT STATEMENTS. One in English. One in Chinese. Guess what? They don’t say the same thing! Are you shocked yet?

This level of craven gutlessness has actually produced a level of pretty stunning bipartisanship, from both sides of the media, and both sides of the political aisle. With one amazing swoop, the NBA has managed to unify everyone against them, against communist China, and expressing their support for a free Hong Kong.

Let’s remember that the NBA was all about being “woke” when they let their players wear “Enough” T-shirts after a mass shooting, or saying they wanted to stop using the word “owner” because it sounded so slave-owner-ish. This is just another slide into politically correct hot garbage that just happened to finally get everyone’s attention, and created a massive amount of unified scorn for the NBA. It’s actually amazingly heartening to see that level of unity against something that all sides are rightly calling out as beyond shameful.

So, congratulations, NBA. You might have saved your precious access and profit in China, but you also have made a whole lot of your fanbase on both right and left absolutely furious in the United States with your chickenshit actions. Well done. Hope it was worth it.

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  • GWB says:

    formed partnerships with some of the country’s biggest tech companies
    Right there, they’re already supporting Chinese totalitarianism. Chinese tech companies are stealing our tech regularly in order to surveil their countrymen and keep them from freedom at all costs.

    Globalism sure is working out, huh? All these wonderful Citizens of the World growing, growing, growing their businesses in places like China. And perfectly willing to kowtow to the dictators there. THIS is why so many of us think if you proclaim yourself a Citizen of the World, you are, by definition, NOT an American patriot.

    Any wonder that sports today is dying? Attendance is down. Eyeballs on ESPN is down.

    cowardly little shits
    I prefer to think of them as “willing accomplices”.

    the NBA was all about being “woke”
    OK, they are cowardly little shits, too. “Quisling” works, also.

  • Kevin says:

    I can’t wait for your article about tRump agreeing to not say anything about the uprising in Hong Kong. President Trump. I saw in “The Hill” today … in a June phone call with Chinese President Xi Jinping promised that he would remain silent over the ongoing pro-democracy protests in Hong Kong while trade talks were still ongoing. I know the Victory Girls will jump on this quickly!! Thank you for your fair and balanced blogging.

  • Scott says:

    The NBA still exists? Who knew (or cared)… Hockey was the only remaining sport worth watching (outside of Nascar, and even they’ve caved too much to the left), but after the whole Kate Smith thing with the Flyers, even that is questionable… Interesting how they worry about offending the chinese, but have no problem offending any conservatives, or anyone that thinks that all this virtue signaling crap by the players is ridiculous…As GWB points out, none f these sports clowns are American Patriots, they are all communist supporting scum…


  • Matthew W says:

    Oh, that’s that other sport I quit watching years ago.
    Don’t care !!!!

    • SDN says:

      They don’t care if you watch as long as you pay for their stadiums. Make sure you oppose sending them a dime.

  • CaptDMO says:

    What? “Compromised” for the dollar?
    Just like “Social” media corporations, and “Hollywood” with “Socialist” German “activists” right before WWII?
    NBA “opinions” on Chinese poli-Sci?
    Mission creep, in fear of losses, from non sequitur “activists” . -just like NFL with American “social” issues.

    • GWB says:

      Of course, if they would just shut up and play ball….
      And, of course, let people have their opinions off the court/diamond/field, no matter what, because they don’t hold any special significance or special wisdom.

      Wokedom – you might not be interested in the gleichshaltung, but the gleichshaltung is interested in you. Like a damn stalker “interested”.

  • RXC says:

    Great article and completely on point. I have always liked Morey he is a bit of a risk taker but his comment on Twitter is totally valid. China signed a treaty to get Hong Kong back and not isn’t living up to it….typical. I had basically walked away from this BS league some time ago for several reasons (not least of all the product sucks). But their constant lecturing to everybody gets a bit old and now that they have been outed as total hypocrites…. it just about finishes them off for a lot of people. They never learned not to mix sport and politics and now it’s too late.

  • […] After the abject groveling of the NBA, Lebron James, and Adam Silver after Daryl Morey DARED to express his opinion on Hong Kong’s freedom, it was obvious that it was going to take a big name and even […]

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