Nancy Pelosi Says #IranDeal Is “Diplomatic Masterpiece”

Nancy Pelosi Says #IranDeal Is “Diplomatic Masterpiece”

Nancy Pelosi Says #IranDeal Is “Diplomatic Masterpiece”

Conference calls with key Democrats and a variety of organizations such as, have been held in the last couple of days. All in an effort by the White House and President Obama to persuade them to roll up their sleeves and ramrod the Iran Deal through Congress. Never mind that pesky Planned Parenthood stuff; its abundantly clear that the Iran Deal is his top priority. Below that is Climate Change, Cecil the Lion, Medicare, and hanging out with relatives in Kenya.

Now that the dancing is done… The Iran Deal is serious business so pay attention!

President Obama told grassroots organizers on a conference call Thursday to “get moving” on efforts to make their support for the Iran deal known to members of Congress.

“You guys have to get more active and loud and involved and informed,” Obama said on conference call Thursday.

Well boy howdy! That sure lit a fire in their bellies errr Botox! House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi stepped up to the plate and bunted:

Pelosi on Thursday hailed Obama for keeping the global negotiators at the table, characterizing the deal as “a diplomatic masterpiece.” She said House Democrats are lining up behind the deal in numbers sufficient to uphold a veto of the expected Republican effort to sink the deal.

“So where does my confidence spring from? First of all, from the quality of the agreement. Second of all, to the seriousness and thoughtfulness with which my colleagues have approached this,” Pelosi said.

“More and more of them have confirmed to me that they will be there to sustain the veto. They’ve done this not blindly, but thoroughly, and [spent] the last two-and-a-half weeks reviewing the documents. … And it’s really pretty exciting.”

Oh my wow. Where to begin? The quality of the agreement? How in the wide world of botox does she know what the quality of the agreement is? It is ObamaCare on an international level. You know, we gotta pass it before we know what’s in it. Understandably, more than a few people are calling foul on her “masterpiece” comment:

Yes, we all know that Nancy is an idiot of the first order. Yet somehow she still has relevance and manages to sway people to her way of thinking. Perhaps its out of sheer fright that her face might move?

Nancy P

Meanwhile all is not lost. There are those in Congress who are doing their level best to protect America and Americans from this debacle. Secretary of State John Kerry was, rightly so, treated with massive skepticism over the last few days. As discussed yesterday, Senator Ted Cruz is one who is going to bat for our country. Another is Senator Tom Cotton (R-AR), who, on Wednesday, eviscerated Sec of State Kerry about the Iran Deal AND the side deals that NO one has read. Not. Even. John. Kerry.

Really listen to the questions that Senator Cotton asked. Pay close attention to the answers from Kerry, Department of Energy Secretary Ernest Moniz, and General Dempsey. The entire 7 minute dialogue should tell all Americans one thing and one thing only. This deal isn’t a “diplomatic masterpiece,” it is a diplomatic disgrace.

We cannot afford to throw this great Republic onto the ash heap of history for a deal with the devil. The American people should expect that our Constitution be upheld. Which means every single detail of the Iran deal AND all the side deals with must be shared with us all prior to Congress resoundingly saying NO to Obama, Kerry, and to Iran. Our national security, our country, our very being is at stake.

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  • Appalled By The World says:

    Pelosi will look oh so gorgeous in a burkha once the traitors in DC roll over and surrender to Iran rather than be nuked by the very weapons they themselves placed into their claws. Of course the Pelosis, Kerrys and their god of diplomacy Obama von Bismarck won’t understand at all what their allies in the Axis of Evil will then do to them.

    Then again the Iranians, being more sensible than any so called Democrat, will know a rat when they see one and will likely lop off the head of Pelosi-a fitting end for one of the most odious characters of this regime filled with odious characters.

  • Xavier says:

    Hope you’re keeping a list of those who betray America.
    You may need several pieces of paper, though.

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