Nancy Pelosi Invites Planned Parenthood Abortion Ghoul To #SOTU

Nancy Pelosi Invites Planned Parenthood Abortion Ghoul To #SOTU

Nancy Pelosi Invites Planned Parenthood Abortion Ghoul To #SOTU

It’s been quite evident that tonight’s State of the Union will be quite the show. We have Democrats inviting illegals, other Democrats such as Kamala Harris offering prebuttals (whatever the hell that is), and still others deciding to dress all in white because virtue signaling. Meanwhile Nancy Pelosi decides to to celebrate abortion by inviting Planned Parenthood to the show.

That’s just swell Nancy. Totes adorbs in fact. NOT.

Here you are Nancy yelling for Northam to step down over his blackface/KKK debacle. But have you said one freaking word about his abhorrent remarks concerning abortion? Nope, in fact you stated you know nothing!

Nancy, your silence on the murder of babies and in fact your pandering to an organization that murders hundreds of thousands of babies a year is as abhorrent as Northam’s remarks are. Your silence is as heinous as the evil cheering by the abortion ghouls in the New York legislature the other week. Your silence makes you as complicit as the rest if the Rhode Island bill passes into law.

As far as Wren’s self congratulatory tweet?

Voting rights has nothing to do with the murder of babies.

Immigrant rights?

Women’s rights? What about the rights of those babies? Last I or anyone else knew, murder is not a women’s right. Far from it.

Senator Ben Sasse of Nebraska put forth a bill that would protect all babies born from infanticide. And yet Senator Patty Murray (D-WA) blocked it.

What possible reason could there be for Murray to block this? Well, she managed to come up with one. She claimed the bill wasn’t needed because “there are already legal prohibitions on infanticide.” Really? Tell that to the state governments of Virginia and New York, who both seem to be dancing along the line on this one.

Not only are both states and Rhode Island dancing on the line, NY passed it into law and Rhode Island is getting closer to passing it.

Remember folks, Northam et al is proposing that a baby be murdered after it is born if the mother suddenly changes her mind. That is called infanticide.

Abortion is murder. Infanticide is murder. Period Full Stop.

Yet here you are Nancy. You are showing us very clearly that you are a fan of the culture of death that is called Planned Parenthood. You are showing us very clearly that you absolutely don’t care about life in the womb or out of it.

President Trump was right to make abortion an issue. Little did he or any of the rest of us realize that you, Nancy, and all the rest of the Democrats would throw off your masks and let us see that you’d rather embrace evil instead of life.

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