SOTU 2019 DNC Communications Director Smoked By Harris Faulkner

SOTU 2019 DNC Communications Director Smoked By Harris Faulkner

SOTU 2019 DNC Communications Director Smoked By Harris Faulkner

The SOTU 2019 has all of the players out on every possible network trying oh so very hard to get their narrative to stick. That is why the Democrat National Committee sent their poor, unarmed Communications Director Xochitl Hinojosa to face the steel trap mind and laser focus of Harris Faulkner. I am a Faulkner fangirl.

Xochitl Hinojosa is a “smart girl” in the same fashion as Marie Harf, Jessica Tarlov and, you should pardon the expression, Hillary Clinton. By that I mean, showed up to class with homework completed, got straight A’s and was teacher’s pet. Could spit back verbatim every word the teacher said. Completely unable to be creative, form a coherent argument or push back against the teacher. I am sure Harris Faulkner did her homework, but her Dad is retired Army officer/aviator and that takes a special discipline which he, clearly, passed on to his daughter.

On to the interview, Sweet Jesus help me. First off, Faulkner asked Hinojosa what the Democrats would be listening for in SOTU 2019. Silly, Faulkner. Democrats don’t listen. They resist. And Hinojosa is off and running. Trump divisive. Trump didn’t pay people. Orangeman bad. Blah, blah, blah.

The real fun began when Hinojosa said, “I’m from the border. We’re not criminals.” And the battle was joined. Harris Faulkner has a house near Nogales. She talks to people too. But, what is this, “We’re not criminals”? Trump has never said people from Brownsville, Texas were criminals. Sounds like Miss Hinojosa identifies more as a Mexican woman than an American woman. I could be wrong, but I’m not.

Harris Faulkner was too funny when she said, “I said wall and you said unity. Also an interesting word.” I got the impression Miss Faulkner was losing patience with her chew toy. Miss Hinojosa, incapable of being creative and pivoting, spit out, “Walls don’t work.” Walls don’t work, rinse, repeat, ad nauseam. Walls don’t work, fences don’t work, barriers don’t work. Did y’all see that Cory Booker announced his (gonna fail) 2020 Presidential Run in front of a … fence. Gah, these people think they are smarter than us “C” students.

Anyhoo. Here is the video from Harris Faulkner’s Outnumbered Overtime:

Like a Red-tail Hawk eyeing a chipmunk. Swoop city.

The spin is what’s important. Walls don’t work. Trump lies. Orangeman bad. If the Democrats ever hire people capable of creative thinking, we could be in trouble. Enjoy SOTU 2019. License

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  • windbag says:

    It’s time to respond to the lefties’ “Walls don’t work” nonsense with the question “Are you stupid?” We’ve got to call these people on their stupidity. Polite accommodation for the past few generations has only emboldened them to further idiocy. When Faulkner did challenge her, the lefty had nothing to counter with. Lefties have nothing but emotional rhetoric and we need to expose that.

  • Skillyboo says:

    Well, no walls hasn’t stopped human trafficking, drugs or anything else from crossing our border think we might try something different, like a wall,

  • RE says:

    I just do not see a name there. Sorry

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