Nancy Pelosi Conveniently Has Daughter Filming On J6

Nancy Pelosi Conveniently Has Daughter Filming On J6

Nancy Pelosi Conveniently Has Daughter Filming On J6

How convenient. One of the last BIG REVEALS from the J6 Committee was that Nancy Pelosi was on camera blathering about all those idiots running around the U.S. Capitol. In fact, her tone and verbiage was VASTLY different that day than it has been ever since.

Never-before-seen footage presented at Thursday’s Jan. 6 select committee hearing shows Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) and Senate Democratic Leader Charles Schumer (N.Y.) making urgent calls from secure locations during the Capitol riot.

“We have got to … finish the proceedings or else they will have a complete victory,” Pelosi tells someone on the phone at 2:23 p.m. while walking through the Capitol, with an alarm audible in the background.

Multiple outlets reported the videos were taken by Alexandra Pelosi, the speaker’s daughter, who is a documentary filmmaker. ABC News reported she accompanied her mother on Jan. 6 for a documentary project.

Wait just a minute, the Capitol has been breached and it’s so concerning by that time that Nancy is only WALKING through the building? And again, she had her daughter there filming a documentary? A documentary about what? Pelosi’s continued animosity against Donald Trump? 

“I hope he comes. I’m gonna punch him out,” Pelosi said. “This is my moment. I’ve been waiting for this. For trespassing on the Capitol grounds, I’m gonna punch him out and I’m gonna go to jail, and I’m gonna be happy.”

Quite frankly, I would’ve loved to see her try to punch Donald Trump. Speaker of the House or no, the Secret Service would’ve had no choice but to take her skinny ass down. 

As noted above, if everyone was SO concerned about their safety, why were they just strolling through the building??

Meanwhile, here’s another bit of the day that was filmed that is raising red flags. 

Seriously, Ray Epps is on video screaming for people to go to the Capitol. He has NEVER BEEN CHARGED. Yet Nancy’s daughter films Ray Epps and her son/grandson calmly asks, “what if they try and run the Capitol?”

No, nothing suspicious about this whatsoever. I mean, Ray Epps is on video enticing the crowd the night before to consider getting into the Capitol. Furthermore, he was RIGHT NEXT to at least one if not two of the very first people to go into the Capitol. Yet he has never been considered a suspect, and as this Politico report shows, he’s been treated with kid gloves by the DOJ and the January 6 Committee. I guess just standing on the Capitol steps but not crossing the threshold isn’t trespassing when it comes to Ray Epps. 

But SURE, nothing to see here, move along folks! 

Finally, another thing to note as you watch the “exclusively obtained footage” that Alexandra Pelosi handed to CNN, Nancy declares that folks might have to literally step around ‘poo’ left on the House floor. THAT’S something that no one has ever heard about before. Seriously, if someone had taken a dump on the House floor, you can damned well bet that would’ve been ALL OVER the evening news and ‘PooGate’ would’ve been a continuing story even now! Furthermore, Nancy declares that she was told it would take days to clear the U.S. Capitol. DAYS?

The Capitol was cleared by that afternoon and Congress was informed at 6pm that they could go back into session within the hour! 

The panel then showed a video taken just before 6 p.m. featuring Pence on speakerphone with Pelosi and Schumer. The vice president said he had been informed that both chambers would be able to reconvene in an hour.

Needless to say, even as we know that Nancy was well aware of the potential threats against the U.S. Capitol and Congress before January 6, I find it incredibly convenient that on that day her daughter and grandson were present and filming a documentary. If everyone was so concerned about genuine threats, how come Congress went into session that day?

IMO this isn’t a coincidence. It’s just too damned convenient that Nancy, an election denier herself, has her daughter filming her on J6. The J6 Committee, clowns all, thinks this video is total evidence of Trump’s culpability. Instead, what it shows is yet another round of political games by the Democrats. 

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