Mueller Report – Yes, I Can Question Mueller’s Integrity

Mueller Report – Yes, I Can Question Mueller’s Integrity

Mueller Report – Yes, I Can Question Mueller’s Integrity

Hallelujah! The Mueller Report has finally been submitted to Attorney General William Barr. We, the news consuming public, can now go from breathless news alerts of “Is it ready?” to breathless news reports of “What dirt is in it?”. And, that’s just the news readers and opinion chowderheads. All of the anally post impaled Democrats are fighting for the available microphones to call for “transparency” and the release of the complete report. We poor bumpkins are also being told that Robert Mueller’s integrity is beyond reproach and cannot be questioned. Oh, I so beg to differ.

The ever great Thomas Lifson, addressed this in his American Thinker post, “Do critics of Mueller owe him an apology now?”:

Now that the news is out that there will be no indictments at all related to the actual mission of the Mueller special counsel appointment, those of us who criticized him (including President Trump) are being told we should suddenly reverse ourselves and praise him as a man of integrity. Some even ask whether we owe him an apology.

Lifson then goes on to list some of the reasons that Mueller should never have been appointed, which also show his lack of integrity. Among the reasons Lifson cites are:

1. Hiring Andrew Weissmann, an ethically challenged lawyer to be his number two in the Special Counsels office.

2. Hiring a plethora of Hillary fans and, in my humble opinion, operatives in the bureaucratic coup against President Trump to investigate President Trump.

3. Mueller didn’t shut down the whole tire fire after finding out that the Steele Dossier was a fantastical opposition research project bought and paid for by the Democrat National Committee and the Hillary Clinton Campaign.

4. No Democrat operative lines of inquiry were pursued.

5. The overly aggressive pursuit of Jerome Corsi. I would add the unnecessarily aggressive military show of force in the arrest of Paul Manafort and the clown Roger Stone.

Does that sound like someone with integrity? Or, does that sound like a longtime political player who knows which side his bread is buttered on?

Spare me, Lord, all that shinola about Robert Mueller being a Republican and a Marine. Puh-leeze! Not all Marines have honor and integrity and even fewer Republicans have either of those values. I think Thomas Lifson left out something really, really important in his list. Let’s take a walk down memory lane for a moment and remember how James Comey worked after he was fired to get a Special Counsel appointed.

So James Comey was fired on May 9, 2017 at the recommendation of Rod Rosenstein. Several days later, he gives documents to a friend to disseminate to the public to protect his (Comey’s) reputation. On May 16, Robert Mueller interviewed with President Donald J. Trump to once again become the FBI director. On May 17, Rod Rosenstein appointed Robert Mueller to be the Special Counsel into Russia Collusion or whatever this shit show is about.

In order to be seen as having a scintilla of integrity, wouldn’t Robert Mueller have been ethically obligated to inform both President Trump and Rod Rosenstein about his contacts with each of them? Hmmmm.

So, now the excrementious, isn’t that a great word, Mueller Report has been delivered and the media is orgasmic that they finally have something new to talk about. The Democrat Presidential Candidates are fundraising on the Report and San Fran Nan and the Congress are working hard to find spin worthy ideas.

Here is my take: The Mueller Report is fruit of the poisonous tree devised by a bunch of political goons to try to thwart the will of the American People. Robert J. Mueller is not a straight arrow, Republican/Marine. Robert Mueller has zero integrity and it is my First Amendment right to shout it to the mountains. What do you think?

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  • CSS says:

    My thoughts exactly Toni. Well said. It’s kind of like how we are supposed to believe McCain was an honorable man through it all just because he is now pushing up daisies. Plenty of fertilizer there. Hogwash!

  • John Casteel says:

    Don’t worry, Toni, the Dims will be destroying Mueller in far more heinous ways than any Republican, conservative or libertarian ever would. Hero to zero at warp speed!

  • Skillyboo says:

    If the whole investigation (witch-hunt is more accurate) is based on illegal gathering of evidence, as some have claimed, then shouldn’t all convictions that resulted from it have that evidence deemed inadmissible and the victims have their convictions overturned?

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