#MTAT: Greg ‘Body Slam’ Gianforte Wins House Race, Everybody Loses [VIDEO]

#MTAT: Greg ‘Body Slam’ Gianforte Wins House Race, Everybody Loses [VIDEO]

#MTAT: Greg ‘Body Slam’ Gianforte Wins House Race, Everybody Loses [VIDEO]

The special election for U.S. House in Montana is finished. Greg Gianforte, with the aid of nearly 40% of the early voting in prior to Wednesday’s body slam debacle that Gail wrote about here, eked out a win over Rob Quist by a margin of 6%.

Voters here shrugged off the episode and handed Republicans a convincing victory. Mr. Gianforte took slightly more than 50 percent of the vote to about 44 percent for Mr. Quist. (President Trump won Montana by about 20 percentage points.) Mr. Gianforte’s success underscored the limitations of the Democrats’ strategy of highlighting the House’s health insurance overhaul and relying on liberal anger toward the president, at least in red-leaning states.

This was a special election set up when Ryan Zinke was appointed as Interior Secretary by President Trump. Needless to say, the race was weird from the start. Legal Insurrection’s William Jacobson summed it up perfectly.

Rock’em Sock’em Republican candidate Greg Gianforte, best known for “body-slamming” and ego-shaming a reporter for The Guardian, defeated Democratic Candidate Rob Quist, best known as a nudist resort socialist Cowboy poet and singer.

Yeah, I’d say that description nails it. Here’s the thing, the Democrats tried to make this race about Trump. They tried to make this race about healthcare, and they tried to make this race about themselves. The media was complicit in this. Then again, the Montana Republicans, IMO, didn’t field a good candidate even BEFORE his rumble with the Guardian’s Ben Jacobs.

It’s also worth pointing out that this is the THIRD time since President Trump’s election that a special election has been held and it’s the THIRD time the Democrats have lost in races they were so very certain was a lock for them.

Yes, let that sink in. Meanwhile, Gianforte apologized.

Great. Terrific. Glad he apologized. However, he still faces charges and will have to be in Montana in June to deal with the ramifications of his actions.

So who really won in Montana? In my opinion, no one did. This race ended up as a referendum against the media.

This race ended up as a referendum against Democrats and business as usual in Washington DC.

Meanwhile the excuses for Gianforte’s actions were flying. The thing is, no matter how much we dislike the media, no matter how much we dislike the left or the Democrats, getting physical in response to someone rudely hammering questions at you and getting into your space is NOT the answer!

This from Laura Ingraham is interesting.

Especially when she tweeted this earlier:

And also asked what would most Montana men do if someone body slams them for no reason?

Guess what? I can answer that.

If you are going to run for office, then you’d better be prepared to have the SELF-CONTROL to handle rude, pushy, and vile people getting in your face. Gianforte went off on ONE reporter. What will happen when it’s a group of reporters hounding him? And make no mistake, it will now be a game for the media to see who will be next to make Gianforte lose his cool. Ben Jacobs may even try again as it seems this tweet didn’t age well.

National Review’s Ian Tuttle is correct. We have a political violence problem that we should be condoning, not contributing to.

Greg Gianforte may have “won” the House seat in Montana. But in reality, we all lost because civility, decency, and self-control have been thrown out the window.

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  • ejism says:

    Walking away does not always change bad behavior. MSM has been getting more aggressive through lies and promoting violent protests. If someone doesn’t put a stop to MSM practices, body slamming a jackass reporter will be the least of this country’s worries.

    • Nina says:

      No, it won’t necessarily change the bad behavior. However, it’s a strong possibility that getting into a physical altercation will only encourage others to try the same as the MSM and others seem to salivate at the thought of making conservatives lose their cool.

  • VALman says:

    Might we be returning to the days when there were fist-fights on the floor of the House? The way things have been developing I wouldn’t be surprised, not at all.

  • GWB says:

    The reporter deserved what he got.
    That doesn’t make Gianforte right in delivering it.

    But the level of “right” we’re talking about here is gentlemanly, civilized behavior. A standard to which the left refuses to adhere.

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