MSNBC Accuses Elizabeth Heng of Being “Sexist” Because GOP

MSNBC Accuses Elizabeth Heng of Being “Sexist” Because GOP

MSNBC Accuses Elizabeth Heng of Being “Sexist” Because GOP

MSNBC’s Kasie Hunt went in for the kill yesterday when she attacked Elizabeth Heng (R-CA) and her latest campaign.

Elizabeth Heng is a California Republican is running against incumbent Democrat Rep. Jim Costa in state’s 16th congressional district.

Why was Kasie accusing Heng of being a “mean girl”? See the following campaign ad below:

Enter Kasie Hunt. The Republican candidate is sooooo mean!

So, according to the “woke” crowd at MSNBC a campaign ad featuring a man in heels is sexist? The wit and humor is once again, completely lost on the liberal media.

Heng and Costa have thrown ads back and forth at one another in the fight for a house seat. Last month, Costa ran a campaign ad that featured Heng on a milk carton. This also wasn’t the first time Heng has come under fire for her campaign ads. Back in August, Facebook pulled her ad which included the story of her American immigrant parents who lived through the atrocity of communism and genocide that ravaged Cambodia in the early 1980s. This ad, apparently, contained content too “shocking, disrespectful or sensational” for the platform, to quote Facebook directly.

“It is unbelievable that Facebook could have such blatant disregard for the history that so many people, including my own parents, have lived through. I’m sure it is shocking for some people to hear about this kind of injustice, but this is reality. This is why I wake up every single day with the fight and determination to have a voice and make a difference in my community. Neither Facebook nor any other company in the tech industry get to silence our stories. We’ve seen it over and over again with Republican candidates and organizations. This kind of censorship is an attack on the freedoms that we have as Americans to express what we believe in, and we must hold Facebook accountable.”-Elizabeth Heng

Heng is a native to the Central Valley and is running in opposition to the platforms supported by her opponent, Costa, to include the money pit known as the “bullet train to nowhere“. Heng’s ad, in my opinion, was a tongue-in-cheek commentary taunting Democratic voters that if they want the same results (which have been so successful, by the way), go ahead and vote for Costa who is walking in Nancy’s “shoes”, following her “footsteps”. Clearly, this is all they’ve got? I cannot even imagine Hunt and her colleagues at MSNBC coming up with this ridiculous notion of a man wearing heels as being “sexist”. But Heng is “sexist”, of course, because she’s stumping for the GOP. It doesn’t matter if this “sexist” woman talked with other women about domestic violence, right? Meeting with Denise Brown-sister of Nicole Brown Simpson who was “trapped” in her relationship with that slime bucket, O.J., and addressing other women on domestic violence issues does not make a “champion of women”, according to MSNBC standards. Being a child of immigrants doesn’t matter. Elizabeth Heng is still a sexist “mean girl” because she put a man in heels and threw a jab in at Queen Pelosi. I feel a brain bleed coming on.

Photo Credit: The Fresno Bee

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  • MikeyParks says:

    Anything we can do that irks the Dems is a good thing. Keep it coming.

  • GWB says:

    Back in August, Facebook pulled her ad
    FarceBook needs to be hit with failure to disclose a campaign contribution.

    The word “sexist” is simply a religious term, now, meaning “heretic” or “apostate”. The same with “racist” and “homophobe” (note “homophone” is not yet a problematic word).

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