MLB Shenanigans Are Not Biden’s Doing, Psaki Says

MLB Shenanigans Are Not Biden’s Doing, Psaki Says

MLB Shenanigans Are Not Biden’s Doing, Psaki Says

The consequences of their own actions are going to be rolling in for the MLB very quickly here.

As we have learned, a small group of players, plus massive media disinformation about the new Georgia voting law, plus corporate sponsorship pressure, all came together to pressure MLB Commissioner Rob Manfred into moving the All-Star Game out of Atlanta. Manfred, who is an idiot and an abject social coward, capitulated to the “woke” minority who wanted to punish Georgia.

Rational people, who actually looked at the voting bill in Georgia, realized that the MLB had put themselves in an impossible hole. The Georgia law has been so badly maligned in the media that only those interested in the truth would actually look at the bill and realize that it isn’t a big deal at all, and actually falls in line with most other states and their voting laws.

Well, the MLB has apparently made a decision, and the All-Star Game will be moved to Denver. Yes, Colorado is a mail-in ballot state, but…

Yes, when you register to vote in Colorado, you must show ID. THE HORROR. JIM EAGLE. Or something. And there are still polling locations, and they have rules which sound so familiar…

Remember, Joe Biden opened his big mouth and supported moving the All-Star Game out of Atlanta in order to punish Georgia – a state which he WON in 2020.

The White House is desperately trying to avoid any responsibility for what MLB is doing, in order to avoid the blowback. Cue the spin queen, Jen Psaki.

So, Psaki wants to claim that Biden was just “supporting” whatever the players and MLB decided to do. Hey, Jen? The MLB mentions Biden BY NAME on its own website as a reason why the All-Star Game is being moved. And Psaki made her comments before Denver was chosen as the new location. I am looking forward to the White House reporters asking her about the president’s opinion on Colorado election law at the next daily briefing. And when I say “reporters,” I mean Peter Doocy, who often seems to be the only person in the room interested in asking hard questions of Psaki.

Commissioner Manfred is a fool who is moving the MLB through a minefield that they didn’t have to cross. Leaving aside his utter stupidity in keeping the asinine “runner on second at the beginning of extra innings” rule that no baseball fan should approve of, Manfred didn’t have to move the All-Star Game. He could have politely listened to the small group of activist players who spoke up, and then handed them all printouts of every other state in the Union’s voting laws and asked them to compare and contrast. He could have pointed out how the All-Star Game locations are chosen years in advance. He could have pointed out how the All-Star Game was also going to honor the late Hank Aaron this year, and given that he played for the Braves, having the game in Atlanta was fitting and appropriate – though some who claim to speak for what Aaron would have wanted are pleased about the move. Because playing in Denver is going to be so much more meaningful and a pure stand against “voter suppression,” uh-huh, okay, sure.

But Manfred did nothing but cowardly grovel under the slightest of pressure, and now he will have to reap the whirlwind. People are tired of politics in sports, and if you think the hardcore social justice warriors won’t find the next thing to try and take the fun out of when it comes to sports, you are wrong. You fed the alligator, and it WILL come back again. Manfred’s actions now have Republicans openly asking why MLB needs an antitrust exemption that the other professional sports leagues DON’T have. Good question. Does Manfred have an answer for that?

Corporations who want Republican tax breaks and the wokeness of the left are going to need to make a choice – pay what the left says is your “fair share” and don’t look for Republicans to save you (enjoy begging Democrats like AOC for extensive tax breaks), or keep out of politics in order to stop alienating people. You know, those people who are your potential customers and fans. Trust me, Republicans buy baseball tickets, overpriced hot dogs, and jerseys. If you want us to stop, Commissioner Manfred, then by all means, keep this up. We can tell when our money isn’t wanted.

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