Michelle Obama : “I Was An Angry Black Woman”

Michelle Obama : “I Was An Angry Black Woman”

Michelle Obama : “I Was An Angry Black Woman”

Michelle Obama continues to rake in the dough with speaking engagements. Last night, she took to the stage at the Essence Festival in New Orleans.

Yes, she just said she was once an “angry black woman”.

As I got more popular, that’s when people of all sides — Democrats and Republicans — tried to take me out by the knees.

And the best way to do it was to focus on the one thing people were afraid of — the strength of a black woman.”-Michelle Obama

Took the words right out of my mouth, thank you very much.

And there we have it folks, Michelle Obama is the victim once again. They all tried to go Tonya Harding on her and “take her out by the knees”. The graceful, delicate little flower that she is.

Look, we grew up in Chicago politics, y’all. Chicago politics is rough and tumble.

Power is a corrupting thing. And people could do some corruptive stuff. And we got to see that up close and personal.”-Michelle Obama

Chicago politics are also corrupt. And yes, your husband, the neighborhood “rebel rouser”, “organizer”, was part of that circle of corruption taking his Saul Alinsky “Rules For Radicals” right up to the nation’s capital. You’re right, Michelle. You are smart. You both are strategic. You both are cunning. You both knew what you were doing, we will give you both that credit where credit is due. You have not united this country but were instrumental in building the chaotic chasm that we see today. It’s ironic that democrats would like to credit the Obama administration’s economic policy to the numbers we are seeing today and not Trump’s economic policy but yet they are quick to blame the hate, the violence and the intense division directly on the Trump administration. Setting the tone in The White House DOES have residual effects and honey, we are seeing them unravel right before our very eyes.

I knew that I would have to earn that grace (as First Lady). I knew I had to come in and roll up my sleeves, ready to work.”-Michelle Obama

She had to “earn that grace”?! Oh, Lord have mercy on our souls! Really? Since the moment she stepped into The White House in 2008, Michelle Obama had the media and press fawning all over her and kissing her ass. She graced magazine covers, she was deemed a fashion icon and designers tripped over themselves to provide her with the next (ugly) outfit to wear to whatever gala she attended. She had the celebrity buy-in and all flapped their traps about what an amazing First Lady she was. Nobody ever criticized her for her heritage. Ever. If anything, people were extra careful to not say anything about her because she is black. Michelle Obama had GRACE handed to her on a silver platter. She didn’t have to exude class or command it because that grace was automatic.

And what’s this business about Michelle having to “roll up her sleeves and work?!” Come again, how many shopping trips and vacations did she and Barack go on? How many of our hard-earned taxpayer dollars went to fund their “much needed” respites and to airlift their dogs to Martha’s Vineyard? They dined on meals cooked by private chefs and their girls had nutritious, substantial, healthy lunches at their prep school while our Kindergarteners ate slop. Yeah, Michelle Obama “worked” hard. She wrecked school lunches, did multiple magazine photo shoots, interviews and TV appearances and when she was all done with those, she went on vacation.

A full ride off the backs of Americans, vacations, unconditional adoration, free designer clothes-even though before 2008, she was apparently was “ashamed” to be an American. Michelle Obama claims she was never an “angry black woman”. Her comments at the Essence Festival give us the subliminal clues that indeed, she was…and always will be.

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  • Skillyboo says:

    Was? When was she never angry since she became a public figure? Whenever you have to explain yourself as not being someone or something you haven’t changed you’re just attempting to mask the truth. She has the added bonus of being Black and anyone who disagrees with her will automatically have the racist tag attached to their name.

    • GWB says:

      She has the added bonus of being Black
      A Black Woman don’t forget. She can call you racist AND sexist, all in one fell swoop.

  • GWB says:

    What you mean “was”?

  • GWB says:

    As I got more popular
    Ummmm, no. You were never really ‘popular’. You might have become a tabloid cover page/Oprah talkshow sensation, and gotten a lot of airplay and fawning adulation from the media. But you were never actually “popular”.

    You both are strategic. You both are cunning.
    Nah. I still think he was an empty puppet, being held up as a mask in front of those who really were driving things.
    Michelle is conniving and cunning, I think. But not ol’ Hussein.

    ready to work
    Ummm, ready to work at *what*? The First Lady is not an elected nor appointed position. It isn’t a position at all. But Michelle thought we were electing a team. *smh* (Hillary did too, btw. I see a trend here.)
    Plus, what Lisa wrote.

    the next (ugly) outfit
    You spelled “fugly” wrong.

    But “angry”? More “entitled” and “arrogant”, honestly. All the things you would expect from someone who’s never actually had to achieve to put bread on the table, and believes she’s part of the technocracy.

  • seshan says:

    She is one of the most racist and ungrateful bitches ever. She spent $ 94 million in vacation and travels during the 8 years OBOZO was President. She was paid almost $ 350,000.00 year for a no show job as hospital administrator in Chicago before OBOZO was elected. And now the signed a 60 Million contract with NETFLIX and another $ 100 million with spotify. They are on their way to become billionaires very soon. I do not know what she has to complain about. One of the most class less and mean first lady ever. She was an accidental first lady

  • HOWARD STERN says:


  • D3F1ANT says:

    “I was an angry black woman”


    Well…in as much as you are a “woman.” Jury is still out on that one. But we already know you’re angry and black.

  • gnome says:

    OK – but you’ve got to admit she pulled off “bag lady wearing found objects” successfully on behalf of some of America’s top dress designers.

    Melania just looks like your typical ordinary top fashion model by comparison (and even in isolation).

  • njc says:

    Oh, don’t worry dear. You still are.

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