Medicare For All: Pete Buttigieg Calls Out Elizabeth Warren’s Artful Dodging

Medicare For All: Pete Buttigieg Calls Out Elizabeth Warren’s Artful Dodging

Medicare For All: Pete Buttigieg Calls Out Elizabeth Warren’s Artful Dodging

I will say this. Pete Buttigieg isn’t the only one who thinks that Elizabeth Warren has been artfully dodging questions about how her Medicare for All plan will pay for itself. Yet, last night while appearing on CNN with Jake Tapper, Buttigieg called her out.

First of all, I busted out laughing at the thought of Lizzie “I’m not an Indian, I just pretended to be one for DECADES” Warren being straightforward on anything. Once I caught my breath and composure, which took a good ten minutes, I managed to read the rest of his commentary. And started laughing again.

Lizzie Warren is a politician through and through. So being evasive is a feature, not a bug. Secondly, Buttigieg isn’t the only one who has wanted answers from her. The WaPo wants answers.

“Two weeks after Colbert resisted former vice president Joe Biden’s attempts to downplay his false war-hero story, the comedian this week gave Sen. Elizabeth Warren (Mass.) a talking-to over a question she refuses to answer. It’s about whether she would raise middle-class taxes to pay for her expensive Medicare-for-all health-care program. At each of the last two debates, Warren has been pressed on this and declined to directly answer. Each time, she has pivoted to how the middle class would see its overall costs (including taxes and health-care expenditures) decline.”

As to how all those expenditures would decline, she doesn’t have an answer for that either. Wanna bet it involves finding money from all the taxes that would be thrown at us to pay for the idiotic Green New Deal and plant worshipping crap? But I digress.

Stephen Colbert took her to school the other night.

She has been clear on multiple occasions that taxing the rich into extinction is her goal. All those Wall Street rich folks who are donating to her …buyer beware.

Middle class families will see our “costs go down.” What costs? Copays? Deductibles? Healthcare insurance premiums? She doesn’t explain. Instead she goes into a riff about how she’s spent YEARS studying all the reasons why people go broke in regards to healthcare costs with a side salad of, healthcare is a RIGHT Y’ALL!

But again, she doesn’t answer the questions. Which should send red flags flying. Instead, the WaPo tells us that lowering our $4,000 in deductibles while our taxes would increase by $1,000 – $2,000 in taxes is a fair trade-off. NO, no it is not.

As pointed out here, and with the following graphic. The math just does not add up.

Photo Credit: Foundation for Economic Education

Where will the funds come from to pay for everyone’s healthcare? Lizzie really doesn’t want to answer that. Why? Because as soon as she says the word TAX, she knows she’s toast. So she twists herself into a major pretzel to avoid that pesky word.

“Again, Warren deflected. “What families have to deal with is cost, total cost. That’s what they have to deal with,” she replied. “What we’re talking about here is what’s going to happen in families’ pockets, what’s going to happen in their budgets. And the answer is Medicare for All. Costs are going to go up for wealthier individuals, and costs are going to go up for giant corporations. But for hard-working families across this country, costs are going to go down, and that’s how it should work under Medicare for All in our health-care system.””

Unfortunately, folks who don’t follow politician-speak closely will only see that costs will go down. To them it will mean their healthcare budget will go down. Except that Lizzie doesn’t go further into explaining who and HOW all this healthcare will be paid for. Just as with Obamacare, maybe our copays went down. But our deductibles (as we here at Victory Girls can attest to) went up. WAY WAY UP.

But NOOOO!! It’s not a tax increase! Except, that it is.

Pete Buttigieg was right to call Elizabeth Warren out for her artful dodging, as she absolutely does need to tell us WHO will pay for her Medicare for All plan. That said,I’m enjoying the fact that Pete dared to call his political better on the carpet on live tv.

Feature Photo Credit: DonkeyHotey via Flickr, cropped and modified

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