Native American Hoaxer Elizabeth Warren Says Mike Pence Isn’t A Decent Man

Native American Hoaxer Elizabeth Warren Says Mike Pence Isn’t A Decent Man

Native American Hoaxer Elizabeth Warren Says Mike Pence Isn’t A Decent Man

Elizabeth Warren keeps trying to score political points and continually gets smacked with her own rakes. Prime example is her jumping onto Cynthia Nixon’s “Mike Pence isn’t a decent guy” bandwagon. And now everyone, including Liz, is redefining what “decent” really means.

Here’s the back story on the Cynthia Nixon/Joe Biden kerfuffle.

During an appearance at the Forum in Global Leadership at the University of Nebraska-Omaha on Thursday, Biden described the vice-president in the most basic of terms. He simply called him a decent guy.

As pointed out, if you really watch that speech objectively, one would realize that Biden was talking personally about Pence given they’ve been friends for years. Well, Cynthia Nixon got her panties in a bunch. 

Cynthia Nixon indignantly called Pence “the most anti-LGBT elected leader” and asked him to “consider how this falls on the ears of our community”. For good measure, Nixon “snitch tweeted” (a term I just learned) Biden’s wife at the end of the tweet. I guess Jill Biden is to be expected to keep her Joey in line, or something.

Joe backtracked his remarks. Which I think was a stupid move. Given that Biden is one of those who likely running for President in 2020, it’s logical that all the other candidates are going to be asked about this.

The use of the word decent is really odd here. Biden’s use of that word in describing Pence is now becoming a 4-letter word. Think about it. The Democrats are now going to use that word to point fingers at their opposition and essentially state that, if you are decent, you should be against Trump 100%.

Which is why Lizzie refused to name ONE person in the Trump Administration as “decent.”

“It’s a tough question,” Warren said. “The Mueller investigation has already produced 34 indictments or guilty pleas out of people in the president’s inner circle. Ten Cabinet officials have left, four with huge scandals and others with threat of scandal at the door. This is the most corrupt administration in living memory. That’s why we gotta be in this fight.”

In other words, Lizzie is setting herself up as “better” than Biden and much much more “decent” than Pence or anyone else in the Administration because Trump! Scandals! Collusion!

Let’s chat about Elizabeth Warren and decency with some help from David Axelrod shall we?

Starting at about 4:45 in, Axelrod brings up that darned Native American issue. One he points out that she’s likely sick of.

Her response? She LOVES her family! She heard about all this from her family.

In other words, all these years of claiming she was Native American whether at Harvard or with her application to the Texas Bar is her family’s fault. Yes folks, that’s exactly what she is implying. Note that while she does say she shouldn’t have checked those boxes, she immediately follows up with “but what I try to do is be a good friend to Native Americans…” And points to her Housing bill that is supposed to fully fund housing on reservations.

Essentially she’s claiming to be a nice person so quit hounding her!

Is she sorry? No. Does she want this issue to disappear? Absolutely. Given her refusal to point blank say she is wrong, would SHE be considered “decent” by her own definition? NOPE.

This is where we are folks. Decent is being redefined by the left because of their virulent hatred of all things and all people conservative.

There is nothing in regards to Pence’s behavior that points to him being indecent on any level. Yet because he doesn’t follow the left’s lead on LGBTQ crap, he is being labeled and marginalized.

The left’s thought police have spoken. Decency is now a bad word. And Lizzie Warren, who is still searching for her own decency, will use that in a futile attempt to score points.

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  • John Powell says:

    Leftists believe that a person’s moral worth is determined by their political opinions, not by irrelevancies like whether the person is honest or how they treat others.

  • Bandit says:

    I’m torn between having Fauxcahontas win the Dem primary and never having to hear another word out of her ignorant, sanctimonius trap

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