Media’s Single-Minded Focus On Trump While Ignoring Major Stories Is YUUGE Problem [VIDEO]

Media’s Single-Minded Focus On Trump While Ignoring Major Stories Is YUUGE Problem [VIDEO]

Media’s Single-Minded Focus On Trump While Ignoring Major Stories Is YUUGE Problem [VIDEO]

Take a look at any roundup of news and you’ll see a laser sharp focus on dissecting every move President Trump and the Administration makes. Case in point: the multitude of stories from yesterday’s press conference.

I counted about 35 different news reports before I gave up. The stories ranged from whining that he called the press out, call the WAAMBULANCE!, to critiquing his actual performance (a symphony CNN…SERIOUSLY?), to snarling that he is turning their lovely status quo on its head. Oh and apparently ESPN has the SADS because Obama’s tradition of the NCAA March Madness bracket got dumped.

The media is so focused on Trump et al that other news of significant importance is being given short thrift because ZOMG!! An upstart reporter new to the WH Press Corps got to ask a question first!

Guess what guys? The questions asked were…you know…relevant to the topic at hand!

One would think that the questions the media SHOULD ask would be about Israel, Palestine, and the Middle East right? Oh no. They are ticked off because they didn’t get a chance to climb all over Trump regarding Michael Flynn’s resignation.

Get over yourselves guys.

Here’s an idea for the majority of the MSM who are so butthurt over losing their privilege.

How about a greater focus and REAL reporting on THESE stories?

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s U.S. Visit:

This is a much needed start to repairing the damage done by the Obama Administration. His comments concerning the 2-state solution for Israel and Palestine along with his warnings concerning terrorism should be of concern to us all.

Speaking of Terrorism: San Bernardino

The AP quietly buried this story well below the fold. It seems that the pal of the San Bernardino terrorists pled guilty to purchasing the weapons those terrorists used to attack and kill 14 Americans on December 2, 2015. But that’s not the entire story.

A. He colluded with them on plans to attack a gridlocked freeway

B. They also planned to launch an attack on Riverside College.

C. Terrorist Farook started teaching Marquez about Islam back in 2005. They watched videos and read the official Al-Quaeda magazine.

D. In 2007 Marquez converted and became a Muslim

Rizwan Farook was an American citizen, born in Chicago. His wife, Tashfeen Malik, was an immigrant from Pakistan. I haven’t seen any information on Marquez’s citizenship, but he moved to Riverside in 2005 and subsequently committed immigration fraud by entering into a sham marriage with a member of Farook’s family. There is a lot of “diversity” here, but also a common denominator: Islam.

Russia And North Korea:

While the intelligence communities at the NSC, the State Department, et al had their knives out for Michael Flynn and others, the question is – what did they know and when concerning North Korea’s latest missile launch and Russia parking a ship off the East Coast that is designed to intercept critical intelligence communications? Or is the top line of the intelligence community so used to the last 8+ years of playing politics instead of DOING THEIR JOB, that they just don’t care?

Illegal Immigration:

The over the top breathless reporting by the MSM regarding all those immigrants being ripped from their homes and sent out of the country. But do they bother to point out that those deported are


Obamacare Is Imploding From Within:

Humana just announced they are dropping out of Obamacare entirely by 2018, and Aetna’s CEO continues to bluntly state that Obamacare is in a ‘death spiral.’ 

Certainly the media is “reporting” on all these stories. However, its an ‘Oh look Squirrel!!’ type of scenario. The MSM points out areas of concern for about 5 seconds and then swings their focus right back to 1001 Ways To Make The Trump Administration Look Bad. And they wonder why no one trusts them anymore.

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  • parker says:

    Despite my issues with Trump’s character, I am coming to think, in his own stumbling manner, that this is the Reagan assault of the 1980s on the entrenched ‘progressive’ strangle hold of the DC bureaucracy.

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