Pelosi Wants An Apology For Breaking COVID Rules

Pelosi Wants An Apology For Breaking COVID Rules

Pelosi Wants An Apology For Breaking COVID Rules

You thought Nancy Pelosi was entitled? Hypocritical much? Flaunting her status and privilege?


It seems Nancy Pelosi is quite upset about being caught on security camera maskless, getting a wash and a blowout at a closed salon in her San Francisco district. She’s very angry… at the salon, for not telling her that this service was not allowed, and for then ratting her out. And she deserves an apology for being “set up.”


“I take responsibility for trusting the word of a neighborhood salon that I’ve been to over the years many times,” she said Wednesday while addressing reporters in the city. “When they said they were able to accommodate people one person at a time, I trusted that.”

“As it turns out – it was a setup,” she added. “So I take responsibility for falling for a setup.”

Seriously? SERIOUSLY??? This is how she wants to play it? Blaming the salon for “setting her up”?

Let’s just say that there are a few problems with this strategy.

First, let’s play the “what if?” game.

“Climbing the walls” doesn’t even begin to describe the pants-wetting hysteria that would have followed if Melania Trump had done this. It would be the lead story on every cable news show not on Fox News. Twitter is already hyped up over the fact that Melania Trump allegedly used a private email account in the White House, as if this is on par with Hillary Clinton using a homebrew server as Secretary of State. Can you imagine if she had been maskless in a hair salon, and then BLAMED the salon???

Secondly, let’s talk about the mask wearing. Pelosi claims that she wouldn’t have been wearing a mask at that moment because she’d just gotten her hair washed. That’s not how this works, Queen Nancy!

In fact, it’s a rule across multiple states that you have to wear a mask at all times in a hair salon – even when you are getting your hair washed! Or colored! Or whatever! For Nancy Pelosi to sneak a breath is one thing. To openly claim that “she doesn’t do that” because it’s dumb because you’re getting your hair washed – well, no shit, Madam Speaker, but that’s the rule that THE GOVERNORS OF THE STATES have set. You want to argue with Gavin Newsom about this? Please do! In the meantime, you got righteously busted, and you HATE it.

Finally, Nancy Pelosi wants an apology. An APOLOGY. For not knowing the rules in her home district. Because the salon accommodated her, even though that stylist shouldn’t have done so. For breaking the rules that everyone else is forced to live under – rules that don’t apply to Madam Speaker and her wash and blow out. She wants an apology because she got caught, and now she’s on the hot seat. And it’s so much easier to blame the little people for your own sins, when you feel as if that indulgence should have been yours all along. The “master strategist” of the House got “set up,” and she wants to dodge the blame.

It bears repeating: this kind of behavior is WHY Donald Trump is president. The elites get a pat on the head for breaking the rules. Regular people get no such grace. Pelosi got caught, and she’s angry because her privilege won’t save her from the blowback, despite the media’s attempts to cover for her.

But what really makes Pelosi mad is that she’s going to have to find a new salon and stylist. You don’t get to throw your salon under the bus to cover your ass, and then have your assistant make you another appointment in three weeks. I expect Pelosi might have some bad hair days as she looks for a new stylist.

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  • Yankee Doodle says:

    As a local, I posted my thoughts in the comments last night. Since then, folks are even more annoyed. A nearby local bar owner, whose bar has been shuttered since March, is ready to open, damning the consequences.

    Meanwhile, the actual owner of eSalon is apparently now being Doxxed to hell, her kids being threatened, by Pelosi’s brown shirts, just for revealing the truth.

    And they wonder why Trump is under polling by 5-8%

  • Bevo says:

    We are surrounded by the leftist anti-America idiots who DEMAND to be treated as “more equal” than the people. Most of them are politicians, union teachers and all of the lame and weary in government jobs where they cannot ever get fired.

  • GWB says:

    Because the salon accommodated her, even though that stylist shouldn’t have done so.
    I’m not sure the salon accommodated her, as the salon’s stylists are evidently independent folks who lease the space and such from the owner. The stylist called the owner to tell her what was going on – but I’m not sure if that was before or after the wash. There’s also been no word (that I’ve seen) on whether the stylist told Pelosi it wasn’t allowed.

    And, yes, this is yet more evidence of the true privilege in our country today: the political class is our modern American nobility.

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