Media Ignores New Facts In Hillary Clinton Emails Case

Media Ignores New Facts In Hillary Clinton Emails Case

Media Ignores New Facts In Hillary Clinton Emails Case

The media is working overtime to ignore newly declassified information showing that Patrick Combetta of Platte River Networks created a Google gmail account and sent Hillary Clinton’s 30,000 plus emails, many of them classified, to it.

According to the new information via The Daily Caller, the FBI found that a gmail account, was set up by Paul Combetta. He then forwarded all her emails from her 2010 laptop to that account. In other words, all of Hillary’s emails INCLUDING CLASSIFIED emails were wandering about Google servers for who knows how long!

If the name Paul Combetta seems familiar, it should be. This is the guy who refused to testify in front of Congress, and pleaded the 5th instead. This is the guy who, while under scrutiny by the FBI, applied BleachBit to Hillary’s servers and misled the FBI on numerous occasions.

The laptop of Hillary’s that he used to migrate all her emails to the gmail account while supposedly migrating all her stuff to the new server is nowhere to be found.

Something else fishy about all of this new evidence that has come to light. It wasn’t the FBI that discovered all of this. No, it was Charles McCollough, the Intelligence Community Inspector General and the investigator on his team, Frank Rucker.

When they took everything to the FBI and presented it to Peter Strzok, did the investigation go any further? Nope. Strzok didn’t seem to care about the new information, and as we know James Comey told us – ‘nothing to see here, move along.’

Is the media covering this? Other than Fox News, they aren’t. Oh wait, CNN did. But they are telling us that this is no big deal and no, China didn’t hack Hillary’s emails at all. You see, James Comey told everyone that there wasn’t any “direct evidence that China hacked Hillary’s emails.” Did they dig deeper to find out of there were stealthier intrusions into her servers? Did the FBI dig into the CarterHeavyIndustries gmail account to find out if China had snuck into the files? Not that anyone can tell. Furthermore, the actual email address used is suspicious because it mirrors the name of a major Chinese company that happens to be based in a province well known for housing multiple hacking schools. But sure, tell us again that China didn’t try to get into Hillary’s emails and servers?

The entire report with the new information from Senator Chuck Grassley’s office is worth your time to read.

This timeline is highly informative. 

“August 20, 2012: Paul Combetta, a Platt River Networks (PRN) employee, creates

June 2013: Clinton’s PRN server (an upgrade from her basement server) becomes active.

February 2014: Clinton aide Monica Hanley mails Clinton’s old laptop to Combetta to transfer emails from 2010 off of it. Combetta migrates the emails to the new server using the Carter Heavy Industries gmail account as an intermediary, according to the FBI. Combetta was supposed to wipe the laptop and mail it back to Hanley, but there is no evidence that Combetta wiped it or mailed it, according to the DOJ IG.

Summer 2014: Combetta puts Clinton’s emails on Mills’ and Samuelson’s laptop the more typical way — by uploading PST files. Mills directed him to set to delete all mail after 60 days, but he doesn’t do it.

March 2015: Days after a House committee issues an order requiring all of Clinton’s emails to be preserved, Combetta “had an ‘oh shit’ moment,” according to the FBI, and retroactively deletes Clinton’s old emails using Bleachbit.

September 17, 2015: Combetta is interviewed by Strzok voluntarily. He denies deleting emails.”

The rest of the timeline can be found at the link, including the fact that Combetta was given immunity even after repeatedly lying to investigators. Not only that, but the FBI ignored repeated questions from McCullough and Rucker regarding the information they found.

As we all know, Hillary was …less than pleased that her use of basement servers and her calculated careless handling of highly classified information was called into question.

No, it wasn’t with a cloth. It was Bleachbit as you well know.

What we are seeing here is that the main investigators at the FBI, Peter Strzok and James Comey among others, along with people at the DOJ were doing their very best to NOT investigate Hillary Clinton.

Again, where is the media on this? Their silence is deafening, and can only mean one thing. They will always be faithful to The Queen, the rule of law and national security be damned.

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  • Kevin says:

    Most of America is past emails … why don’t you focus on tariffs/trade wars that are damaging farmers and small businesses, what about paying people to attend a political rally (read anything lately about Spanky and his talk to workers at the Shell plant), freedom of speech and why a sitting president (or any president) would ask a foreign power to block their entry, or the epidemic of mass shootings and why it is rare in other countries who statistically have just as many mentally ill individuals as the US. What about a sitting president spending a significant amount of time golfing (you didn’t let Obama rest on that one … why the hypocrisy … especially when tRump is so egregiously spending so much more time golfing … wait, maybe that’s a good thing.) What about talking about a president that will interject himself into every insignificant and issue so below the office of the presidency (Cuomo Fredo, Antifa, how he was cheated by the Academy for not being recognized for the Apprentice, and oh there are so many many more examples). I remember when Obama got involved in the Henry Gates/Police officer incident in Boston. VG wrote a scathing article about how Obama got involved. This is daily occurrence for the obese pathological lying troll in the White House. The right went berserk over Obama’s involvement. What about addressing why a sitting president can barely get more than 40% approval ratings with an economy booming? Lies? Blatant lies? Lies being told where there’s no reason to tell a lie? A pathological liar. Oh the list is so long and so significant. But wait!!!! Hillary’s emails rise to the level over all of these? That should tell you that you’re ability to assess and analyze information is tainted by your blind loyalty to a man/troll/party than keeping a narcissistic, pathological lying, troll who is emotionally stunted and has the maturity of a 13 year old boy (and I’m being generous) in power than actually helping out the nation. The republican politicians are so scared shitless of this mentally sick man that he could tell them to eat his shit and they would. Oh wait, he does that every day when he lies on twitter and none of them say a word. Complicity … there’s a word that will come back to haunt republicans in 2020.

    • GWB says:

      Wow, a whole passel of trolling stupidity.
      Every single clause you pasted in is wrong.

      • Kevin says:

        So what is wrong in my post other than saying, “everything?” I’m actually genuinely curious as to what you see as incorrect or wrong given that I could link 50 articles or more to everything I mentioned. I know, I know, I know … you’ll say my links are the “main stream” media lies. Sadly, everything you reference to your points comes from a web blogger in the basement of some house in Wisconsin who happens to be friends with the person that works in your local grocery store who turned you on to this messiah.

        • GWB says:

          You’ve actually upped your troll game from your last few attempts.
          But you’re still trolling.

          • Kathy says:

            Thank you, GWB. That guy was so tiresome.

            I am so tired of these trolls on a lot of stuff I read. One thing that I’ve read multiple times is that Dems/socialists/liberals/etc are paying lots of trolls these days.

    • Scott says:

      All your drivel isn’t even worth reading, let alone responding to Kevin, but as to the emails, the fact that “most of America is past emails”, In addition to being totally irrelevant, is, to the small extent that it’s accurate, related to the fact that 1. many people these days have the attention span of a fruit fly (thanks to intentional dumbing down of our educational system, as well as the electronic addiction so prevalent among millenials), and 2. the success of the democrat propaganda arm, otherwise known as the main stream media, in convincing an under-educated populace (again, not an accident) that risking National Security by intentionally mishandling classified information, and then ignoring court orders, as well as standing govt policy to destroy evidence related to the mishandling, is not a crime, or at least not one worth looking into / prosecuting…

      The reality is that if any of us had done the things that the twitchy bitch of Benghazi had done, we’d be UNDER a federal pen by now.
      As GWB points out, everything you wrote above is crap, and much more accurate a description of both Obama and Hitlery.

  • Harlan says:

    I’m pretty sure that we’ve reached the statute of limitations on anything involving hillary.

    Realize of course, the clintons are spashul and must be regarded as such.

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