Media Pushes Gun Control, Americans Maybe Not

Media Pushes Gun Control, Americans Maybe Not

Media Pushes Gun Control, Americans Maybe Not

In the wake of recent massacres in El Paso, Texas, and Dayton Ohio, the media and the liberals (but I repeat myself) are on a rampage for gun control.

And it’s not just the Democrats, either. Republicans, whom we had considered staunch allies in the fight for our Second Amendment rights, are compromising and pushing unconstitutional gun control measures, ineffective background check “enhancements,” and due process-eroding “red flag” laws that many times trash the rights of innocent people. Even “assault weapons” bans seem to be on the table, even though studies find zilch to support the gun grabbers’ contentions that such bans reduce violence.

The Trump administration is already in talks with key US Senators on gun control. And Trump is trumpeting (pardon the pun) the potential success of his “deal,” because DEAL!

Trump said last week that he had “tremendous support” for possible new measures to tighten background checks on gun buyers, claiming that even Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, R-Ky., a traditional opponent of such laws, was backing the effort.

“I spoke to Mitch McConnell yesterday. He’s totally on board. He said, ‘I’ve been waiting for your call,’” Trump told reporters Aug. 9 before leaving the White House for his summer retreat in Bedminster, New Jersey. “I spoke to senators that in some cases, friends of mine, but pretty hard-line senators … hard-line on the Second Amendment.”

“And they understand, we don’t want insane people, mentally ill people, bad people, dangerous people, we don’t want guns in the hands of the wrong people,” Trump said.

Yeah, fuck your gun control with a barbed wire-wrapped cricket bat dipped in hot tar, ground glass, and rusty nails, assholes. Not happening.

Pat Toomey, who as I remember it, was the Republican Great Hope when he forced Pennsylvania nutjob Arlen Specter to become a Democrat after the latter dragged in the polls during the GOP primaries in 2010, has decided that the best way to reduce violence is to revive his legislative proposal that pretends to do “something” about gun violence by extending background check requirements to gun shows and the Internet.

Anyone with an FFL who sells guns at a gun show already has to perform background checks, and this goes for the Internet too, so while Toomey claims his proposal would protect private sellers and buyers, the requirements already exist, so the only transactions this idiotic bill would impact is private ones.

How about no, Pat? Is no good for you?

The media is deep in this game, advancing the narrative that everyone who is anyone is for more gun control. CNN’s home page a few days ago was glaringly pushing the gun control agenda, and the outlet wasn’t even attempting to hide it. Is CNN even considered a real news organization any longer?

Not with its home page looking like this.

CNN screen capture: 8/15/2019, 4:42pm EST

The entire homepage is filled with nothing but propaganda.

Washington mulls gun control!

New polls are STUNNING in favor of gun control!

Rest of the world is amazed we haven’t passed gun control yet!

RINOs squeal for more gun control and self-righteously signaling their virtue by leaving the NRA and advocating for laws to erode the rights of innocent people because “being right no longer feels righteous.”

But are Americans really flocking to gun control in droves, or is this another media effort to push a political agenda?

Churchgoers are flocking to armed self-defense classes in the wake of mass shootings, and companies that train normal, everyday churchgoers to take responsibility for their own safety and security are more active than ever, according to the Associated Press.

Reuters recently reported that Hispanics in El Paso are flocking to take armed self defense courses as well.

The vast majority of people at the classes were Hispanic; El Paso is a predominantly Latino city. Police say the accused gunman deliberately attacked Hispanics in the Walmart.

Michael McIntyre, general manager of Gun Central, one of the largest gun shops in El Paso and the host of the class, on Friday said his store tallied double the usual number of sales in the week following the attack, something that did not happen after previous mass shootings in Texas.

I couldn’t be happier that Hispanics are finally realizing the value of being able to take responsibility for their own safety and the safety of their children! Although, it’s disappointing to see that many of them, like Guadalupe Segovia, still don’t understand the concept of a fundamental right. “‘I think weapons should be a privilege and for safety, not to go and kill people,’ Segovia said.”

At least it’s progress.

Support for gun control after a mass shooting tends to increase and then level off, and it makes sense. The emotional reactions after some jackass decides to commit mass murder tend to override common sense and logic. The politicians subsequently react to the hysterical squealing of opportunistic gun control groups and rush to pretend like they’re “doing something,” and the media, seeing an opportunity to exploit the hysteria, begins to push gun control.

Meanwhile, the NRA is mired in its internal struggle and scandals, and will probably compromise yet more of its members rights away, as it has done throughout the decades in hopes of appearing “reasonable” to the left and claiming that without its participation, the latest gun control measure could be SO much worse!

Whether Americans will truly get behind more gun control remains to be seen, but you can be sure of several things:

1) The media will continue to push every gun control measure it possibly can with misinformation and spin.

2) The numerous astroturf gun control organizations will continue exploiting every mass shooting, publicly waving a bloody shirt, but squealing in sheer glee internally.

3) Politicians, including our President, will advance the gun control agenda toward the endzone as long as they believe that Americans want more infringements on our rights.

4) The media will ensure that you only see reporting that confirms their biases about the country’s support for more gun control.

If I were you, I’d go out and purchase a few new firearms today, if at all possible.

And keep your ammo dry.


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Marta Hernandez is an immigrant, writer, editor, science fiction fan (especially military sci-fi), and a lover of freedom, her children, her husband and her pets. She loves to shoot, and range time is sacred, as is her hiking obsession, especially if we’re talking the European Alps. She is an avid caffeine and TWD addict, and wants to own otters, sloths, wallabies, koalas, and wombats when she grows up.

  • GWB says:

    we don’t want insane people, mentally ill people, bad people, dangerous people, we don’t want guns in the hands of the wrong people
    Then adjudicate these m*f*ers into a prison or a mental institution! How hard is it to actually get those people “off the streets”?!

    Because – and you might want to sit down while you ponder this – even worse problems accompany any effort to achieve “red flag” laws without proper due process protections. (I outlined a bunch of falderal here and following.)

    and this goes for the Internet too
    Sorta. Technically it’s the guy you have to ship it to – who is a FFL – who does the background check before you can pick it up. If you’re at risk of screwing up your background check, the internet is the worst way to buy – you have to PAY for the gun, then wait for it to be shipped, THEN wait for the NICS check, THEN you have to figure out how to get your money back if you fail.

    private ones
    Like when you gift a firearm to your wife/gf. Or when you have to sell your grandfather’s estate. Or, in most of the “closing loopholes” legislation, when you lend it to a friend to go hunting.

    New polls are STUNNING in favor of gun control!
    Which is why they push so fast for this after a tragedy. Because in two weeks the polls will reverse. In two weeks, the media saturation will wear off and people will let go of their “DO someTHING!” feelings.

    I think weapons should be a privilege and for safety
    So, you don’t think ‘safety’ is a right? And, understand, if they’re a privilege, then it will work like in Mexico, where only the elite and the cartels have firearms.

    emotional reactions … override common sense and logic
    And THIS is why we have a Constitution and NOT a democracy!

    including our President
    Remember, he IS NOT A CONSERVATIVE. He is an old-school Democrat, who loves to make deals to achieve something.

    But, these are the same people who think we can talk with pirates and terrorists to make the world a safer place. So I don’t see much hope for recovering their sanity.

    • Hate_me says:

      Concur with everything except the suggestion that safety is a right. Defending oneself is, but the world is inherently dangerous. None of us (except for one’s children, perhaps) are entitled to another’s protection from the myriad dangers of life.

      • GWB says:

        Concur. I perhaps over-simplified the statement, as I was thinking “the right to keep yourself safe is a right.”

  • talgus says:

    in a state where freedom is a G-d granted right that is acknowledged by the government, there will be IDIOTS that misuse that freedom. the only way to zero this is to put all of us in prison. free healthcare, 3 meals a day and only the police and guards have guns. media Utopia. Not for me. I like my rifles just the way they are.
    Red flag laws are guilty (lose your property), and afterwards you can petition the government to undo your guilt and maybe get your property back. all on the word of who, those you have had a failed relationship with?? sounds like SWATing gone wild.

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