Former McCain Campaign Aides Excluded from Funeral Services [video]

Former McCain Campaign Aides Excluded from Funeral Services [video]

Former McCain Campaign Aides Excluded from Funeral Services [video]

John McCain’s funeral services are being held this weekend in Washington, DC, but several former campaign aides are excluded. 

John McCain, we hardly knew ya. What a lie that would be, if sincere. It only takes a short glimpse into his dying wishes to sort out the “Maverick” who was John McCain.

McCain demonstrated true war hero guts during his time in captivity in Viet Nam. Then he demonstrated true super-sized egotistical narcissism while riding that good will throughout the rest of his life. It is with this quality that he was often able to fool many people into thinking he was just an independent thinker, standing on principle. But he didn’t fool me.

His final words and his apparent final wishes are as far as anyone needs to go to clear up any doubts they have about the character of John McCain.

From McCain’s final statement:

We weaken our greatness when we confuse our patriotism with tribal rivalries that have sown resentment and hatred and violence in all the corners of the globe. We weaken it when we hide behind walls rather than tear them down, when we doubt the power of our ideals, rather than trust them to be the great force for change they’ve always been. 

(I’m confused – was Obama his ghostwriter on this?).

It’s true, no one could escape five of years of being a POW without some ill effects. McCain’s affliction seemed to be his belief that no matter what he did, because he had survived, everything he did was always and forever justified by his demonstration of iron will under the most horrendous of circumstances. Those five years of hell that he endured is what makes it difficult to criticize John McCain. How can we honor his service but despise the person? It is an uncomfortable position, but when that person exploits the tragedy of such unfortunate circumstances, with an expectation that he is beyond rebuke, the respect does not hold.

Earlier this week, McCain’s final words were published in which he used lofty language to bash the current president. This is an Obama tactic, so that may explain why Obama is an honored guest at McCain’s final services, but Trump is not. It’s also being reported that certain people are not on the carefully procured guest list for services to be held in Washington, DC. Whether that is a direct order from McCain, or something his family picked up and carried to the goal line remains to be seen. But does it really matter? I doubt they would do it if they thought it wouldn’t be in line with his wishes.

So far the Un-invitee List includes campaign manager Steve Schmidt, senior advisor Nicolle Wallace, long-time strategist John Weaver, and former running mate Sarah Palin. At one point in time or another, Schmidt, Wallace, and Weaver all had a falling out with McCain. Schmidt and Wallace had cooperated with a tell-all book author after the campaign crashed. Weaver left the campaign when he disagreed with the way McCain was campaigning – he said he felt it diminished him.

None of these three have responded to the non-invite, but all of them, especially Nicolle Wallace must be seething to be placed in the same persona non gratis status as Palin. They all dumped on Palin, but Wallace is best known for throwing Palin under the bus – before the campaign was even over. Sorry, but Sarah is fully justified every time she references that the campaign had bad people at odds with the objectives of a run for the White House. Wallace did John McCain no favors in his campaign, or after.

Palin, on the other hand, has been beyond this world gracious in the face of all the vengeance thrown at her from McCain and his people.

[F]ormer McCain aides were disapproving of the exclusions. “If she’s good enough to be VP, she’s good enough to be at the funeral,” said one former aide.

McCain expressed regret that he had chosen Sarah as his running mate, saying he should have chosen Joe Lieberman instead. Well, why didn’t he? (He claims he couldn’t get Lieberman through the RNC, but if he is such a fighter, why did he let this go? Weak!). This is one of the areas most revealing about McCain’s character. He picked the little known Alaskan governor because of what she could do for him. She had a growing positive reputation in the Republican party, a pretty countenance and great legs. She was picture perfect to present an attractive, literally in the physical sense, Republican ticket. Little did he know that she would actually draw more crowds and love than he ever would or did. She was the one who was the true Maverick – stealing his moniker (innocently! -the people took it from him and granted it to Sarah), and he hated every minute of it.

To this day, you cannot find an ill-word that Sarah Palin has ever said about John McCain. In reality she would be completely justified in doing so. He was not man enough to return the favor or affection. That wouldn’t be so bad, except that his brand has always been that he is man enough to stand alone. Supposedly he had a spine of steel and nothing could dissuade him from his principles – and that his principles were conservative. He was a liar.

There are many things that have irked me about John McCain over the years but two that compete with each other for top billing are his trading in on his war hero status and his treatment of Sarah Palin.  His treatment of Sarah cut worst, because she is me. As he abandoned her, so too me, and everyone else who had finally connected with a down to earth, truly For the People politician. McCain tried to use her for his own ambitions, not for the country as he claimed. He was a self-centered hypocrite, and people let him get away with it. He even got me to vote for him because of it.

I don’t mourn his passing, but I wish his family no ill will. He did not go gentle into that good night, but what else would we ever expect from John McCain?

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  • Jill M says:

    Finally, someone said what I had been thinking. IMO John McCain was a bitter old man. I would think that instead of keeping up with the jones’s and trashing the President, he would want to spend his last days and nights with his family and hopefully with his God. My father was buried alive in Iwo Jima and spent his entire post military life in pain from his ordeals overseas. He was a hero to me but he did not flaunt it publicly as some have done. I won’t mourne the senator from Arizona, but feel compassion for his family as the disease that took him was devastating. My own brother passed at a young age from cancer and it was a nightmare.

  • rbj says:

    “We weaken our greatness when we confuse our patriotism with tribal rivalries”

    And yet here he is engaging in a tribal rivalry by insulting the current president. Both Obama and W had their campaigns insult McCain worse, and yet they get to give eulogies.

    I think we are not so much entering an era of flawed leaders, but leaders whose flaws can no longer be airbrushed out.

  • Kate says:

    Sarah Palin. The ONLY reason I voted for McLame.

  • scott says:

    My mom (God rest her soul) always told me “if you can’t say something good about someone, don’t say anything at all”…
    So taking that advice, my comments on John McCain and his passing are…………………………………….

  • joan says:


  • Dietrich says:

    I agree wholeheartedly. I would add anybody remember the Keating 5?

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