Teen Vogue – IngSoc for High Schoolers

Teen Vogue – IngSoc for High Schoolers

Teen Vogue – IngSoc for High Schoolers

The radically leftwing dumpster-fire known as Teen Vogue is at it again. Notorious for cheerfully promoting anal sex to teens, they also aim at gelding teen brains through language.

Teen Vogue quotes Newspeak Czar

“Using gendered terms — such as “ladies [and] gentlemen” — is highly presumptuous, especially in today’s society, in which many persons are aware that they don’t identify as male or female and therefore are uncomfortable with this type of language,” Dara Hoffman-Fox, LPC, explains.

To help our nonbinary friends feel more included and safe around us …”

It is the rare teen who gets through high school or college ignoring peer-pressure. Even before the Internet and the phrase “going viral”, teen fads would spread at light speed. From fashion to slang, the ironic phase of being rebellious by acting like all your peers usually fades about the time a young person embraces the real word of adult responsibilities.

However, we are now witnessing teens being pressured into behavior designed to cripple their critical thinking. The scolding language used above about the formal phrase “ladies and gentlemen” is presented as settled fact. Who has decided the phrase is “presumptuous”? I don’t remember a vote electing Hoffman-Fox Newspeak Czar.

Honestly, how many people are sincerely “uncomfortable” with the phrase?

Those people who use their offense as a weapon to control others don’t count.

Maolings have no irony gene

Here are a few of the list of language demands least you be guilty of CrimeThink™

• Parent or pibling instead of mother/father
• Child instead of son/daughter
• Kiddo instead of boy/girl
• Sibling instead of sister/brother
• Nibling instead of niece/nephew
• Partner, significant other, or spouse instead of girlfriend/boyfriend or wife/husband

This isn’t about public speaking when addressing mixed-sex groups or when asking about the unknown – e.g. “Employees can bring their spouse to the retreat.” It is about controlling, and demeaning, familial relationships.

We’ve just met, and you want to know if I have any siblings. I’m not going just say “Yes” and drop the conversation. I will answer, “Yes, I have a younger sister.”

We can avoid erasing women and nonbinary people from everyday conversations by using gender-neutral descriptions.

I’m a proud wife, mother and grandmother. Yet, unironically, Hoffman-Fox and ilk are demanding my sovereignty as a woman be erased by adhering to terms like “pibling,” even in private, in the name of “inclusion”.

No one expects the Newspeak Inquisition

Teen Vogue as IngSoc

Just because a nonbinary person isn’t present doesn’t make it OK to use binary language. … Hold those around you accountable.

Most of us were raised to be polite and civil with others. If someone expresses discomfort, our first instinct based on that training is to apologize and accommodate.

Stop it. If you suspect the person getting in your face because you are using “gendered language” or have “mis-gendered” someone, challenge them. Don’t be rude or profane, just be firm in your objection. Refuse to give your power to them. Because, when you scrape away all the excuses, this is about power and who will be in control over you.

Stop faking reality

“Don’t you see that the whole aim of Newspeak is to narrow the range of thought? In the end we shall make thoughtcrime literally impossible, because there will be no words in which to express it.” 1984 – George Orwell

What is language but a tool of the mind to grasp and describe the reality around us? Narrow the language to train minds not to consider ungood subjects. Bully people into using unclear terms long enough that clarity of thought is impossible.

The best thing you can do for your teen (besides blocking Teen Vogue on their devices) is to let them know they are capable of being polite and compassionate while refusing to submit to demands issued by a dangerous cult. Work with your teen on the art of rhetoric, the definitions of fallacies and how to use logic. Most of Newspeak acolytes have so bought into the new language taboos they are unable to coherently put together a declarative sentence let alone argue effectively.

Obfuscation or emotional outburst from them is the usual result when their assumptions are challenged.

You or your teen may not change the Maoling’s mind. But you will affect any surrounding witnesses.

In this cold civil war, control of the language is paramount. Don’t give up.
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  • GWB says:

    Parent or pibling instead of mother/father

    Kiddo instead of boy/girl
    No, that’s reserved for a diminutive that parents and other close adults use.

    Nibling instead of niece/nephew
    Da fuq?

    nonbinary people
    Most of the folks you’re labeling as “nonbinary” are NOTHING OF THE SORT. I actually *know* a truly nonbinary person (chromosomal issues gave them both sets of genitals). The folks you ae talking about are “confused“, not ‘nonbinary’. I’m willing to make allowances in my interactions with them, but I will NOT destroy the English language so they can be made to feel ‘special’ and ‘non-marginalized’.

    Look, if you’re writing a paper and it’s non-specific (“all parents of students…” instead of “all mothers and fathers of students…”), sure. You use generic language. It’s why we have it in English. (And, yes, we probably should have a gender neutral for the children of your siblings, so you don’t have to write “nieces and nephews” every time. But ‘nibling‘? Hell no.) But we don’t use it so we can avoid offending the 1%.

    this is about power and who will be in control over you
    Control the language, and you control the ones who communicate.

    You or your teen may not change the Maoling’s mind.
    Sometimes you may have to fight even when there is no hope of victory. Because truth is truth, no matter what the post-mods claim.

  • Jim says:

    “Using gendered terms — such as “ladies [and] gentlemen” — is highly presumptuous, …”

    Well I suspect it is presumptuous to use these traditional labels in relation to a certain section of society as these ”progressive”’/liberal types are neither ladies or gentlemen in manners, thought and, often, deed. They are boorish, puerile [derives from the Latin for boy, puer and means childish and immature] as well as ignorant and intolerant in their attempts to dictate a pseudo equality which is bound to fail as people are inherently unequal and different in nature, though human Laws may demand they be equal in opportunity and due process. In regard to due process these fools operate in bullying packs, e.g. Antifa and their predecessors, the SA, thus they deny due process to any who challenge them.

  • Wfjag says:

    So, Hoffman-Fox is a “LPC” – Licensed Professional Counselor – a credential, the standards for which vary so much from state to state as to be nearly meaningless. She or ze or zit implies that because zit has a credential – one without any especially rigorous educational, testing or experience for award – that zit’s personal opinions are Commandments or Holy Writ. IMO, the proper response to such a nit wit zit is scorn, ridicule and sarcasm. I am not zit’s therapy for zit’s gender identity problems. So, Sod Off!

  • Dave says:

    Personally, I thing this kind of wordology is terrible. The English language is a living language; gleefully borrowing from all languages, and minting a new terms when needed. However, having new words forced upon the general population for politically-correct purposes will result in backlash.

    No official etymology exists for “nibling” – it’s a word made up word, with internet references that go back to 2010 (at least). See the following links.


  • Dave says:

    I don’t like PC-speak. In fact, I will go out of my way to not use it. However, there “is” and internet etymology for the word “nibling” – see below links. I’m not saying this makes it all better; it’s not.

    From Urban Dictionary (2003): https://www.urbandictionary.com/define.php?term=niblings
    From StackExchange (2010): https://english.stackexchange.com/questions/6414/is-there-a-single-term-for-nieces-and-nephews
    From Reddit (2013): https://www.reddit.com/r/todayilearned/comments/1hgkwp/til_the_plural_genderneutral_term_for_nieces_and/

    • Dave says:

      Sorry for the double-post. My first attempt didn’t show up after I clicked “Post Comment” so I thought it got lost in the ether.

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